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    Surround Gaming on 20/3020 Monitor Setup?

    I'm ready to upgrade my LCD and video card setup and I'm considering a 20/30/20 setup for surround gaming. I'm interested in this for driving games (Dirt) where the bezel configuration would be more natural than a 24x3 (24/24/24) setup for example. I've always thought this would be...
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    Anyone have Dell Sales Rep Contact?

    I'm finally going to pull the trigger on purchasing a Dell 3008wfp. I can't reach the old contact Lisa listed in the forums from earlier this year. Anyone have a rep that will hook me up for this monitor?
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    Dell 2405 next to Dell 19" in portrait mode

    I'm trying to create a new setup with a 2407 and 2x 1907's in portrait along side the 24" monitor. This configuration would be perfect for coding without the exhorbant expense of the 30" screen. It would also be great to see multiple computers with these monitors...something a single 30"...
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    Westinghouse LTV-27W2 27" $690

    I found this deal on Crutchfield: Anyone think I can do better buy getting one of the BM stores (Walmart, Target, Bestbuy) to PM this deal? Which retailer would even bother price matching this deal? Thanks.
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    HOT! Maxter DiamondMax 10 250GB PATA $109 No Rebate FRY's

    My friend just picked up one. DiamondMax 10 250GB PATA with 16MB cache. $109 with NO REBATES. At Fry's in San Diego. Probably through CA as well.
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    Will Intel 865P chipset support 64bit computing with a P4 630?

    Does anyone know if the P4 630 64bit functionality will work with a 865P chipset? I'm planning to upgrade my board to an Asus P5P800 with 630 chip. If it doesn't, I would probably be better served by a 5xxJ chip.