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    Windows Experience Index fails after Bulldozer hotfix

    As the title states, I ran the WEI on a clean install of W7 with an 8120 and it ran fine. I installed the two hotfixes from Microsoft for the FX cpus and now at the end it says the WEI could not finish because of a driver or problem, etc. The only thing that's changed has been the installation...
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    CPU sides corroded?

    *edit* NM, I'm going to exchange it.
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    Rattle sound in psu

    Hello everyone, just got back from QuakeCon on Sunday and this was the first time I've traveled with my pc(Thermaltake Lanbox Lite). Anyway, after I got home I noticed that when I took my computer out of a bag I heard a sound like a screw slide to the end of the case. When I opened the case...
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    NEC 2490WUXi-BK vs 2490WUXi-BK-SV vs 2690WUXi-BK

    Which one out of those 3 would you pick and what exactly is different about the 2490WUXi-BK-SV compared to the 2490WUXi-BK? Also, where would be the best place to get one of these? Newegg is out because of their finicky dead pixel requirement. Thanks. Quick background info, had the LG...
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    No signal from 9600GT

    I've had my 9600GT for about 3 weeks now and its been great except today the monitor is not receiving a signal. I replugged in the cables and reseated the card but still nothing. My hdd sounds like its booting into the OS as it should and there aren't any new strange beeps from the mobo. Any...
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    X1900XT problems after 8.3 drivers

    Hello everyone, hopefully someone can help with this as it is driving me crazy. Last night, updated to the 8.3 CCC and went to bed. This morning was playing Shadowgrounds and at this one point in the game after playing for about 10 minutes or so the screen went black and the monitor went into...
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    Bios problem, please help!

    For some reason whenever I do a windows update and restart my computer, windows(and linux) cannot see my network adapters on the motherboard(see sig). Anyway, usually restarting it again will fix but sometimes not. Today, I had this happen again so I decided to update the bios from 1305 to...
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    Getting a 24" LCD soon need advice

    Well, I'm need to get a new monitor soon as I got an opportunity to sell my old Dell 1901FP. I was originally planning on getting the 2407WFP-HC but after reading about this ghosting fiasco, I am looking at other choices. Yes, I read through most of the topics dedicated to these monitors but...
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    For those with the Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS

    I just received my case recently and although it shows the BTX upgrade kit on the box as an "option," I didn't get one with my case. I ordered it from Newegg and when I looked at several reviews for the case they showed that they received it with theirs although they were reviewing the aluminum...