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    full review online R9 390x R9 380 and R7 370!

    In the link below you can find a detailed review of the new cards with some surprising results. Yes its dutch but the graphs speak for themselves, if you have any question i can translate that specific part...
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    Some questions about the AMD Fury cards.

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, before you read this keep this in mind i am NOT!!! a fanboy from any camp, no AMD, no Intel, no Nvidia no Playstation, no Xbox, no apple etc etc i just buy whatever i think is the best product for the price at the moment that i need/want a new product. So yesterday...
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    Hey guys, im not new here at all, im just a passive user of this amazing forum. I just had 1 question on my mind: Why are Amd and Nvidia so harsh against each other, and defend their ''camp'' with true or false statement just to try to win the argument which are non arguments most of the times...