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  1. J

    running monitors and sub together off pc soundcard

    So one of my klipsch bookshelves is blown yet again. That leaves me to using my Swan monitors again, which means i can't run them with my denon receiver, which means i am stumped on how to use my sub. If i'm using my PC soundcard, which has a channel for a sub, would that works for outputting...
  2. J

    3 monitors extended desktop mode

    i have a 6900 series ati and 3 displays 1x Dvi display 1680x1050 1x DP display 1080 1x hdmi display 1080 I want to use all 3 in extended desktop mode. Plan is to plug dp into mini-dp, hdmi into hdmi, and dvi into dvi. Will i have issue? Not looking to do gaming or anything, just...
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    I add a link, and it gives me the recommended tags automatically -- wonderful. Next, i want delicious to automatically show me other links with a similar tag bundle. To me, that is the #1 reason you would use something like delicious. The only way i see to do this now is to look at the link...
  4. J

    windows 8 grey login screen

    Any way to change the login screen for windows 8. It is currently an ugly grey -- can't seem to change it.
  5. J

    Flash crashes in Firefox

    Everything updated -- Firefox freezes randomly and 40 seconds later flash plugin crashes. I don't expect a solution here, but would be interested to see if anyone else has similar issues. I don't really care to use chromewwdwadawdawdwadwawdaw
  6. J

    Replacement battery or whole new laptop

    I have a thinkpad t500 which, while a little on the heavy side, still does the job for me -- with the exception of battery life. The 9cell I bought with it back in 08 gives me only about 1.5 hours. Bought a cheaper 6 cell off Dr. battery and it is just as worthless. New official thinkpad 9cell...
  7. J

    metro in the living room - needs tablet companion

    Hi guys, I just got windows 8 installed -- first time using metro. First impression on metro: I like it. It is an appealing visual experience versus the dull point and click experience i'm used to. I can definitely see myself using the mail client, news aggregator, and weather. I don't do...
  8. J

    iis http binding question

    Hi all, I'm running an SBS 2003 domain with a windows 2008 server being used for sql and sharepoint. To get to the sharepoint site locally, i type http://myserversname and it takes me there. What i want to do is be able to make my own http addresses so for example, if someone types...
  9. J

    CRM Software suggestions

    single user, nothing too complex, but should be able to interface with outlook. Looking to keep it under $150... any suggestions?
  10. J

    vga adapter

    what kind of vga -> dvi adapter do i need to use my vga monitor with the ati card in sig? I have one but i'm guessing it is missing pins because it gives a blue tinged screen on my vga monitor. Thanks in advance.
  11. J

    corrupted WHS 2003 install, want to recover data from whs 2011

    i had whs 2003 installed with 2 drives, 3 tb off an hp mediasmart. The os must be corrupt cause i cant get into it. I have whs 2011 installed on another computer. Is it possible to restore the whs 2003 data from whs 2011? I understand the data is spanned over my 2 drives -- that's why i can't...
  12. J

    play video on motion detection

    anyone know of any software that can use a webcam to detect motion and play a video (mp4) when the detection happens?
  13. J

    volume up and down with spdif output (coax)

    i've got this weird issue with my volume. I'm running coax digital out to denon av receiver, playing on speakers. Audio plays but at inconsistent volume level ... no rhyme or reason just increases and decreases volume.
  14. J

    origin missing taskbar icon

    why has this happened? the missing icon is origin.
  15. J

    critique my bf3 rig, please :)

    finally ready to get a desktop again :D 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc games, battlefield3 i hope! 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? want to keep it under 800 all said and done, not set in stone though.. really just...
  16. J

    windows classic on win7 > aero

    just switched to classic... so much better than aero on the eyes. i find my computing experience more pleasurable on classic than aero. also, font rendering looks better imo. it is all in the careful use of color contrast i think.
  17. J

    best defrag solution?

    i have a 320gb hard drive that i've done probably 7 windows reinstalls on where the old windows folder gets moved to windows.old. Point being, this thing hasn't been freshly formatted in ages. from what i understand, its better if often used files are clustered together, so i'm asking, what...
  18. J

    delete address taskbar history?

    running windows 7, can't figure out how to delete my address history from the address taskbar. Ccleaner won't do it. Uploaded with
  19. J

    media monkey vs foobar2000

    mediamonkey shits on foobar2000. Sure, foobar is lightweight has cool plugins, minimalist etc but mediamonkey is the shit when it comes to managing and playing stuff. i just love it.
  20. J

    weird shit happinin on my pc

    about 1 weeks ago i get a virus alert popup from security essentials saying i have the vobfus virus and that it removed it. However, when i restart my computer i login from windows login screen and then i get a black screen -- explorer doesn't start. manually running explorer.exe just gets me...
  21. J

    "Downloads" button on firefox?

    I find myself always wanting to access my downloads window, but Tools->Downloads is too slow, and ctrl+j is lame i would like to have a button or something i can click on firefox to bring up the downloads window.
  22. J

    dfi sli-dr chipset fan died, can i replace it?

    I don't want to buy an aftermarket kit, since that would involve removing the heatsink which i dont want to do (done it before, pain in the ass). Ideally i would keep the heatsink attached and replace the dieing fan. Is this possible? Otherwise, i think i would like to buy some kind of spot...
  23. J

    win 7 - opening firefox from taskbar when d/l manager is open

    So im dling some files and i close out firefox for whatever reason. The download manager stays open as it should. Now i want to start firefox again, from the pinned icon on the taskbar. Clicking on it just brings up the d/l manager ! i have to manually go to the program in my start menu, not...
  24. J

    reinstall windows 7 while keeping all files

    hi, i want to reinstall win7 while keeping all my files (i dont want to have to backup my files, cause that would take superlong and i don't have patience for that). i know that some installation options allow for this, but im not sure which one that is, and im not exactly sure which...
  25. J

    what do i need to use a my sub w/ monitors

    i've got some Swan D1080MkIIs which i really enjoy but i also have a hsu stf-2 that i want to take advantage of. i'm using a usb dac to output analog to my monitors, i'm under the impression i just need some sort of splitter device to split the analog output so that i can plug one into my...
  26. J

    sata->esata->my whs, while powered by another computer?

    I have a bluray drive in my htpc which i want to connect to my hp whs via esata. What i want to do is leave the bluray drive in my htpc, have it powered by the htpc, and tehn use a sata->esata cable to connect it to my hp's esata port. As long as the htpc is on while i need to use the drive...
  27. J

    mount my bluray drive on my whs over network?

    I have a bluray drive in my computer that i want mounted on whs as virtual drive. Is that possible?
  28. J

    hp media smart whs - adding optical drive

    i want to add a bluray drive to the hp mediasmart whs i just ordered. Haven't got it yet, so i was wondering if someone can tell me if i can use one of the hdd bays to put in an optical drive. I want to be able to rip my blurays straight onto my whs with MyMovies for WHS. I hesitate to use a...
  29. J

    dinovo edge quality what happened?

    I have a dinovo edge thats like 4 yrs old and its great. Recently i bought a second one and it sucks! its like a different keyboard build quality wise. Anyone else notice this?
  30. J

    MCE video quality

    i'm using 64bit home premium windows 7 mce and the video quality seems a bit off. I'm using geforce 9200 chipset integrated video, hdmi out @ native res of TV. it just doesn't seem like the quality is all that great compared to my ps3. Could it just be MCE or maybe my video card sucks?
  31. J

    pfsense, giving gaming the ultimate priority?

    just got my pfsense router setup, went through the shaping wizard, found it to be pretty limited. i only have a 6/.5 connection. I want to make it so gaming gets ultimate priority. i don't care if everything else slows to 56k speeds. My quakelive needs ultimate priority :cool: whats the...
  32. J

    need QoS router for gaming, dd-wrt isn't cutting it

    i play pc fps games where ping is crucial. I have other people using my connection wirelessly which causes my ping to spikes. I've tried the qos features on dd-wrt, they don't seem to work. Do the "gaming" routers on the market work? ideally i would just build a pfsense box or something, but...
  33. J

    "burn" pfsense or m0n0wall live cd onto USB drive?

    i have a netbook with no cd drive that i want to run pfsense or m0n0wall on. I want to install it to the hdd. So i download the live cd and use unetbootin to put it onto a usb drive. No go. Nothing seems to work. any ideas? it gets to a grub boot screen and when i type boot it says that that...
  34. J

    dsl direct running direct line to modem

    i just ordered at&t dsl direct. I don't have a home telephone #, and i want to run a new wire to the modem so i can avoid the internal wiring of the house. I opened the nid, and i see 2 jacks from 2 old telephone lines we had. if i unplug the wire from the test jack, i see some clear...
  35. J

    new phones for sprint?

    where are all the new phones for sprint at ces? there seems to be zero interesting announcements besides a couple lg phones.
  36. J

    MSE - can it work on sbs 2003?

    for the last 3 yrs i haven't run any antivirus on my sbs 2003 system cause i really don't want to pay for one. Will MSE run on it?
  37. J

    Owner's manual for Swan speakers?

    i got my D1080MkII's the other day. My first set out active monitors. I'm running them from my Zero DAC. They sound great, but it is true they lack on the low end, but i'm finding i really don't mind. The speakers came greatly packed, with white gloves to handle them. But i didn't get an owner's...
  38. J

    what's a good transfer rate for usb 2.0 external hdd?

    Just curious what a good transfer rate when transferring from the external drive -> internal drive via USB 2.0 connection. I was getting 22.5 MB/s according to Vista when transferring from my external 5400rpm laptop hdd to my internal 7200rpm laptop hdd. Is that a good rate?
  39. J

    Swan M200MkII pricing?

    Why do you guys suppose the price is $229 now? I'm hearing they used to sell for $190? i would get the updated model but that is too expensive ($400). how likely is it that we'll see a price drop ?
  40. J

    how do i get it to where i dont need filters for dsl

    i have a house in the process of being built. it will have dsl service, the phone company has yet to run the phone line to the house. I'm guessing they will only run it to the outside of the house, then the electrician is responsible from there. I have a room in the basement where everything is...