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    See the World Through the Eyes of a Tesla

    Yep...I was like this is cool...then, wait a minute, that's Summit Hill Dr....all the way out to the West Hill's exit and to West Town Mall.
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    Intel Tells Us Charlie has got it WRONG

    When they respond this quickly, the answer had to come from the marketing, management and PR departments -- NOT engineering or manufacturing. Which begs the question, have they even talked to manufacturing before putting out the press release? My personal guess would be that the rank and file...
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    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    The power connector on those Dell's SATA drive is totally standard and the power connector on the DVD drive is the standard connector that has been used on laptops for years. The power is sourced from the motherboard -- but a $3 SATA Y-split from Amazon solves the problem nicely. Additionally...
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    Dam these Concrete Blocks for Electricity

    TVA Racoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility Hydroelectric pumped storage makes much more sense for large volume operation.
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    Windows 10 Buggy Updates? Our Patching Is Simple, Regular, Consistent Says Microsoft

    Which is why business machines need to be running Win 10 Pro or Enterprise and pointed at a WSUS server for updates rather than directly to Microsoft, with the "Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations" group policy enabled. This gives total control of which updates are...
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    After 25 Years, Military Told to Move From Expendable to Reusable Rockets

    I call troll on this one. Getting nervous about your Boeing stock? The time and effort required for the refurbishing process on the Falcon 9 continues to grow shorter and less involved with each launch as they continue to tweak and improve their designs. The manufacturing of the Merlin rocket...
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    After 25 Years, Military Told to Move From Expendable to Reusable Rockets

    Regardless of anyone's feelings on Elon Musk or whether or not this will drive business to SpaceX, the point is that SpaceX has proved that reusable rockets are possible and make sense. This is essentially a warning shot from Congress that other companies like Boeing had better be taking note...
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    3D-Printed Gun Files Can Be Shared without Legal Penalty

    As long as you are making a gun for you own use, you ensure that it has the required amount of metal to be detectable in a scanner, you are not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm, and the weapon itself is not otherwise in violation of the NFA, then it is perfectly legal to do so (through...
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    Growing Rat Muscles onto Robot Fingers

    This video proudly brought to you by Delos Incoporated.
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    Net Neutrality Rules Expire Monday, as Lawmakers Push for Paid Data Prioritization

    I am a Tennessean and a Republican -- and in my opinion Marsha Blackburn is a total idiot and corporate shill. I think she actually does understand what she is proposing -- but her campaign is bought and paid for by the big telecom companies, so what do you expect? She needs to be voted out of...
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    Windows Media Player Is the Next App with a Target on Its Back

    I still use WinAmp almost every day for listening to music and I still have archives of almost every version from the first release to the last! Actually spoke with Justin Frankel at one point many years ago when we were trying to get him to license his MP3 integer decode routines to us for a...
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    FCC Broadband Speed Map is Back Online

    It would be an interesting map...if it was even close to correct. Two of the providers they list for my address do NOT service the area. Additionally, the speeds they list for the ones that do are nowhere near correct.
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    IBoot source code for iPhone leaked online

    I disagree totally. If this makes it easier for people to copy/clone the iPhone and forces Apple to reduce their prices, I'm all for it. I'm in favor of whatever results in the lowest prices and widest selection for consumers. Personally, many of the business practices of companies like Apple...
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    IBoot source code for iPhone leaked online

    IMHO this is amazingly good news for the consumer, as it should make jailbreaking and modification of the iPhone much easier.
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    False Hawaii Nuclear Alert Not a Mistake

    The best drill is one where you don't know it's a drill. It tends to help pinpoint the weak spots in the system VERY quickly. Given the current political climate with regards to North Korea, I personally suspect the guy who issued the alert did it because he was instructed to, which I have zero...
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    Augmented Reality Tech Lets Doctors See Under Your Skin

    In some cases, showing a surgeon exactly where to cut would be a very useful thing. No two human bodies are exactly the same. Having an overlay that showed with at least relative accuracy the actual position of organs, blood vessels, etc. could potentially make many surgeries less risky simply...
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    Augmented Reality Tech Lets Doctors See Under Your Skin

    This is similar to a technology I worked on several years ago -- the Luminetx VeinViewer -- which scans and overlays an image of a patients veins onto their arm in realtime for use in venipuncture, just way more advanced. Pretty cool stuff really. Honestly, considering that I worked on the...
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    FaceApp Forced to Pull “Racist” Filters That Allow “Digital Blackface”

    Regardless of whether liberal or conservative, people these days are way too thin skinned and get offended by the silliest crap imaginable. If something is done with intent to offend, insult or degrade, it is an entirely different matter than something that is done innocently, as humor, as an...
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    Intel to Discontinue First-Generation Thunderbolt 3 Controllers

    Lead free solder is far inferior to leaded -- especially where reliability, vibration resistance, and thermal changes are involved. The EU needs to get over itself and recognize that, handled properly, products containing lead are NOT necessarily a bad thing -- unless you are eating the circuit...
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    Do You Want Skynet?

    Of course, eventually the AI will learn that the best way to continue maximizing their reward scenario is to eliminate the idiots who keep changing the reward parameters....
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    Former Google SVP Says Android Photography Is Years behind iPhone

    I've compared the quality of picture taken by the Galaxy S8 to my own Moto Z Force and, except in low light conditions, the actual picture quality looks better on mine than the S8. The resolution of the captured images is higher as well and allows for more zooming on the final image without...
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    Apacer PT920 COMMANDO PCIe SSD

    They should have at least made it with a Picatinny If they would just package the SSD inside an actual Anderson stripped upper, they could sell TONS of them! :)
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    The LG G2 really isn't that slow for most things -- especially if you are running a build without all the manufacturers crap. I'm running Lineage 14.1 (Nougat) on my G2 and it works amazingly well.
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    The Government May Not Let Amazon's Big Deal with Whole Foods Happen

    Simple answer: whatever provides the best quality products at the lowest prices to the consumer is the best solution. Period. Whether or not the provides jobs or helps support mom & pop shops is immaterial. If they can't compete on a level playing field, they should go out of business. Most...
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    With the exception of gaming rigs and business workstations, anyone who spends even $1K on a computer annually is a total idiot (and likely an Apple owner -- which, IMHO, is often the same thing). For the average home user, a decent Dell desktop with a Core i3, 8Gb and a 27" monitor can...
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    Which is why I always disable/block OTA's on every phone I own. The lack of an onboard SD card is a big deal to me -- because that is where photos and videos go when we are on vacation, etc. Without the extra 64Gb micro SD in my current Moto Z Force, I would be severely hampered.
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    The Government May Not Let Amazon's Big Deal with Whole Foods Happen

    The point of anti-trust law is to allow competition and to thereby help the consumer. It is not there to protect small mom & pop businesses or to protect business models that are becoming obsolete. If the merger of Amazon and Whole Foods allows them to better compete with smaller local...
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    I keep a cell phone for well over two years generally -- and then retire the old ones to be my secondary phones for testing/development purposes (or just use them on WiFi as in-house SIP phones; no data plan). A case in point would be my old LG G2 (came with Jelly Bean way back when) -- which...
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    Intel Threatens to Sue Qualcomm over Windows 10

    I'm still using a 1991 Philips mechanical keyboard both at home and at work (I think they were actually built by NMB). They still have a 5-pin AT interface on them, connected to an AT to PS/2 adapter, connected to a IoGear GUC10KM PS/2 to USB adapter. Both work perfectly and my main one at home...
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    Intel Threatens to Sue Qualcomm over Windows 10

    First, based on the slides, this appears to be a nearly pure software emulation with possibly some hardware virtualization assistance. In that case, Qualcomm themselves would be totally in the clear, as all they are doing is providing a platform, Microsoft appears to be the one writing the...
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    Dear Microsoft: A 64-Bit OS Is Better Than a 32-Bit OS

    I still work on and support a product that is still in production that requires the use of 32-bit Windows due to a lack of 64-bit drivers for the hardware in question (drivers that will never exist, per the manufacturer). We reload every machine we get in and sell with a fresh copy of Windows 10...
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    Microsoft: "No Known Ransomware Works against Windows 10 S"

    Hmmm.... Windows 7, which Microsoft wants to kill off, is the most vulnerable to WannaCry. Windows 10, which Microsoft is pushing, is not vulnerable to WannaCry. Windows 10S, which forces you to get everything from the store (which Microsoft gets a cut of), is supposedly invulnerable to Malware...
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    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    Most of the "new ports" aren't truly that big a deal. X299: Integrated graphics? Nope PCI-E? 3.0, just like everyone else, and only some CPU's will have a reasonable number of lanes. SATA? 8x 6.0Gbs, just like usual Optane? uh, so far a big "who gives a shit" M.2? old hat U.2? nice, but...
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    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    Of course, the counterpoint to all this would be that the reason Intel chips have held there value so well the last few years has been because the next generation chips have shown so little improvement over the previous generation! Which is not a good thing, but is simply a sign of the...
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    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    Ditto. Linus (Torvalds) is like the Highlander -- "there can be only one"!
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    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    The X299 part was planned. The entire i9 "enthusiast" series feels like a quickly thrown together Xeon rebadge as a contingency plan to Ryzen actually working. The higher end 12+ core count chips however appear to be a total knee-jerk "paper launch" in response to ThreadRipper. Essentially...
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    Motherboard Manufacturers Say Intel Core i9 Limited to 4.3GHz on LCS [RUMOR]

    Which may mean they may not truly exist yet and Intel is strictly paper launching them as a response to AMD's Threadripper. Honestly, the more I see, it looks like Intel was expecting the Zen architecture to be another Bulldozer fiasco (i.e. looked great on paper but couldn't even get close in...
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    Computer Science Students Should Learn to Cheat, Not Be Punished for It

    This is both wrong and right at the same time. You need to be able to write original code from scratch but you also need to be able to take someone else's existing code and adapt or modify it. This is what the entire open source movement is largely based on -- and as long as you include the...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    Honestly, almost none of the engineers I work with bother to pay any licensing fees to be "professional engineers" and probably less than half ever took the PE exam after college -- by most, it was generally looked upon as a "why bother". I've worked as a software engineer for over 25 years and...
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    AI Building AI to Make Better AI...that will Likely make Skynet

    Run...I hear synthesized banjos!