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    LG 38UC99 - 37.5'' 3840x1600 75Hz IPS FreeSync

    Didn't see it mentioned here - Size: 37.5'' Resolution: 3840x1600 Ultrawide 24:10 Pixel density: 111 ppi Panel type: AH-IPS Curve: 2300R Gamut: 105% sRGB Freesync range: 52-75hz got a sample early, they already measured all kinds of parameters, including response, input lag...
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    LCD and TFT Monitor News Some really crazy stuff here, thanks to Tftcentral who have access to some of the panel makers Roadmaps. Some details are not fully clear yet but here's whats coming LG.Display: 37.5'' 3840x1600 IPS Samsung: 31.5'' curved 2560x1440 144hz SVA? 31.5'' 7680x4230 41 & 49''...
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    LG - 144hz 1080p IPS coming, A-TW polarizer returns

    News from Tftcentral twitter: Finally, looks like LG is getting into the 144hz IPS game. "Only" 1080p so far, but that means there soon will be alternatives in this segment exclusively inhabited by TN panels (and the FG2421). If you look at some user comments, there is still high demand...