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    Dell U3415W discussion - 21:9 UltraWide (3440x1440)

    1. Yes 2. Whitout any problems. So just get it if you can get a good deal:)
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    How do you guys like the ultrawides for gaming?

    Slightly, just what i wanted, the desk is 60cm deep btw.
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    How do you guys like the ultrawides for gaming?

    So far i love my Dell U3415W, i used to have 3x 24inch 1080P in nvidia surround, but 43:18 with a slight curve feels more natural. There are some games that sadly wont run at the full screen like Starcraft 2 and HOTS ( yes you can stretch the 16:9 image to full-screen but that looks weird ). Im...
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    Corsair RM750x Power Supply vere very positive about this PSU, very stable voltages, very low ripple, inaudioble ( 24dB(A) measured from 10cm away at 500 watt load i think im getting the 650 watt...
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    The acer monitor is finally tested by The review will be up soon i suppose, but the test results are already available. the price seems to be about 150 euro above the LG and samsung monitors, big change for this to change however as it are all pre order prices. I made a...
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    full review online R9 390x R9 380 and R7 370!

    In the link below you can find a detailed review of the new cards with some surprising results. Yes its dutch but the graphs speak for themselves, if you have any question i can translate that specific part...
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    Some questions about the AMD Fury cards.

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, before you read this keep this in mind i am NOT!!! a fanboy from any camp, no AMD, no Intel, no Nvidia no Playstation, no Xbox, no apple etc etc i just buy whatever i think is the best product for the price at the moment that i need/want a new product. So yesterday...
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    Indeed, its funny sometimes however both camps have their pro's and con's. Lets hope amd will show us something mindblowing, even its just the price. I still cant handle the fact the 980 TI costs 750 euro, yes i have it but spending the same amount of money as a PS4 and XBONE together on...
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    GTX 980 Ti bottleneck?

    Actually, you wont get the max out of your 980 TI, so upgrade your cpu/system or get a lower end card, unless you think the 980 TI is sexy as helland you want one no matter what:)
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    Hey guys, im not new here at all, im just a passive user of this amazing forum. I just had 1 question on my mind: Why are Amd and Nvidia so harsh against each other, and defend their ''camp'' with true or false statement just to try to win the argument which are non arguments most of the times...
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    Fury won't beat 980Ti, much less Titan Here you have one;);), nah seriously i hope they make something great with the new cards, we can use some competition, 4K gaming at 120hz still isnt happening soon but thats what we want:)
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    Fury won't beat 980Ti, much less Titan

    Amd is currently in a positions you dont wanna be in as a company. I think the rumors that the new fiji cant defeat the 980 TI are true. Why i think that is becouse if that would not be the case, AMD would let us know that their new flagship will sweep the floor with the 980 TI to make sure...
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    Titan X sli with 750w psu

    On they tested Titan X sli aswell, their system used 574 watt from the wall with an 5960x at 4GHZ on far cry 4 at 4K res.!-stroomverbruik