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    Leaving phone plugged in bad for long term battery life?

    I've always heard that you get better long-term battery life when you only let your phone get down to around 40%, rather than say waiting till it's down to 10-20% or charging it when you are still at 80%. I've also heard the same about not always charging your phone to 100% This seems to be...
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    Microcenter Memory/CPU/Mobo bundles

    Does anyone know if the discounts at Microcenter for memory and motherboard can be "stacked"? For example you get $30 off a mobo if you buy it with a CPU, but they also have a deals where you get $5-20 off memory if you buy it with a mobo. Do these both apply at the same time?
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    Sandra, where are the charts?

    It's been many years since I used this program but I used to like how it had charts of other CPUs (at their stock performance) that you could compare your OCed CPU to (at least theoretical performance anyway). I just downloaded the newest version and it shows my CPU on the chart but no other...
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    Bad motherboard or CPU?

    I went to start up my PC today and the fans spin up but I don't get a single beep like I normally do when starting up my PC, and my monitors don't display anything at all (not even BIOS stuff). The fans all spin up though. I swapped out video cards and confirmed it's not my video card (my 660...
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    Thief $10

    Get Games has Thief (Steam key) on sale for $10 right now. Not bad for a game less than 5 months old. It's too bad PC gaming is so expensive huh? :p
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    BF3 20 bucks on Origin

    BF3 is for sale for $20 on Origin right now, which is a really good deal even if you do have to use the steaming pile of crap that is Origin. :p
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    PC not booting, mobo or CPU?

    I got a new SSD in the mail today so I decided to clean out my PC while I was installing it. I also decided to re-apply thermal paste to my CPU while I was at it, and clean the dust out of my video card. After putting everything back together my PC no longer boots for some reason. The HSF and...
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    Earbuds with sturdy connector?

    I wear earbuds for exercising and listening to podcasts (where sound quality isn't really important), but I am finding the mini-TRS connectors break within 3-6months every time. One of the speakers always stops working. It's pretty easy to fix or buy a new set, but if possible I'd prefer to...
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    Good QUIET 120mm case fan?

    Can anyone recommend a good quiet 120mm case fan? I need to buy a few for the new case I am getting. Above all else I want them to be quiet, but not to the point where they don't push much air. :) If they are cheap that's always a bonus too. Thanks.
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    Wireless inconsistent pings

    So I started having problems the last few weeks having a very inconsistent ping to my router over wireless (ranging from 1ms to 400ms, and even some dropped packets). This was happening from 3 different wireless cards/devices at any area of the house, including when the router was literally 6...
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    Longest lasting drive you've owned?

    I'm curious, what is the longest lasting HDD you have ever owned and used on a regular basis? (ie not just a drive sitting in a PC you never use). I am still running a 80GB WD Caviar drive (PATA), which I bought in early 2002. It's very slow compared to modern HDDs, but I'm just amazed it...
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    Win7 7100 static IP won't stick

    I am having a strange problem with Windows 7. I use static IPs on my network (to allow specific port forwarding, QOS, etc), but for some reason Windows keeps "forgetting" that I have chosen a static IP. Every 5 hours or so it seems to change to dhcp/automatic IP address, and I have to go back...
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    Visiontek/lifetime warranty?

    My Visiontek 3870 died overnight last night (completely dead, monitor blank) so I am thinking about RMAing it since it has a lifetime warranty. The only thing I'm concerned about is whether they'll deny the RMA because I have removed the heatsink a couple times to apply arctic silver (instead...
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    Windows XP can't see USB flash drive?

    I'm having a very strange problem with my 2nd PC right now. For some reason my flash drive isn't showing up in My Computer/Windows Explorer. The strange thing is I can see it in Disk Management (under control panel>computer management). So I tried assigning it a new drive letter, but it...
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    C2D power consumption vs S939 AMDX2?

    I'm planning to upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram soon (looking at an E8400, and an ASUS P5Q mobo), and I was just wondering how the power consumption compares to this old socket939 X2 4200+ I'm currently running. It's not a big deal if I have to get a new PSU too, but I'm curious if I could get by with...
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    X850XT vs 8800GT power consumpion?

    I currently have an X850XT and am looking for something relatively cheap to give me a nice speed increase. The 8800GT seems to be the best card right now (also would consider a HD3850). I'm not looking for extreme performance either, just something to tide me over for awhile and let me play...
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    X850XT vs 8800GT power consumpion?

    I currently have an X850XT and am looking for something relatively cheap to give me a nice speed increase. The 8800GT seems to be the best card right now (also would consider a HD3850). I'm not looking for extreme performance either, just something to tide me over for awhile and let me play...
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    Internet works, mozilla/IE dont?

    My brother's laptop is having a rather bizarre problem. The internet seems to be working perfectly fine, but for some reason mozilla/IE won't load any websites. I am able to ping addresses inside our LAN, and outside. I can also ping names (like, so DNS seems to be working as...
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    Motherboard/chipset fan?

    The past few weeks my chipset fan on my ABIT K8N motherboard has been making annoying noises and is running very rough. I took the fan out and spun it around manually and it moves in little steps rather than spinning smoothly like it's supposed to. So the solution to this seems easy enough...
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    linux DNS server?

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    bad laptop power adapter?

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    Searching by mp3 id3 tags?

    I have my mp3s commented with rating 3, rating 4, etc. Is there a way to search to find only mp3s with a certain thing in the comments? I'm trying to burn a data disc full of mp3s, but i only want to burn things rated 4 or 5. I know you can search by the comment tags in winamp, but i need to...
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    Mobo/vase temp too warm?

    My new Abit K8N is running at 120F load which is WAY hotter than any other mobo i've had. Also I'm getting alarm noises from it, and the CPU and fan alarms are disabled. Should i be concerned with this temp? Is there anything that can be done to make it run cooler? I already have the case...
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    Set affinity permanently?

    Is there some sort of program that allows you to permanently set affinity for certain programs/games? Ever since i got my new motherboard i've had to manually set affinity on my games, otherwise they run in super-fast motion. I'm getting sick of starting up a game, and instantly alt-tabbing...
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    Problems overclocking X2 3800+

    Until recently i had an MSI Nforce3 Neo2, and had my X2 clocked at 2500mhz quite easily (just a small bump in vcore). Today i got my new Abit K8N Nforce4 board, and i can't get my X2 above 2.3ghz for some reason. I even tried setting my RAM to DDR266 (i have DDR400) thinking it was the RAM...
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    Dead Motherboard?

    In the past few weeks i've had a problem where upon booting my computer nothing happens. The monitor doesn't even get a signal, but all the drives, HSF, etc start spinning. I fixed this by resetting the CMOS the first 2 times it happened, and that seemed to fix the problem. Now today, i'm...
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    bad laptop power adapter?

    My laptop would no longer charge a few weeks ago, so i ordered a new power adapter for it on ebay. I left my laptop on about 20hrs a day, and the adapter got VERY warm, and just 2 weeks after buying the new adapter, my laptop will no longer charge again, so i think this new adapter is dead...
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    Removing AMD "thermal pad"

    What's the best thing to use for removing the thermal pad gunk from my A64 X2? It's really sticky/difficult to remove. I want to try some AS to see if that works better than the amd stuff (that and i'm going to be getting a XP-90C soon)
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    Using multi-threaded programs on just one core?

    Well, this isn't strickly an AMD question, but it's close enough :) Is there a way to run programs that support dual cores (read: tmpgenc3) on just one processor? I'd like to able to encode vcds/svcds with one core, while playing games on the other (most games are single-threaded so i'd want...
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    x2 3800+ mobo with agp?

    Hi, i want to upgrade my processor/mobo soon and the X2 3800+ seems like a great buy. The only problem is i don't want to upgrade my video card, since it still runs everything fast enough, and i don't play games as much anymore (i want a new processor mainly for divx/vcd/svcd/mp3 encoding)...
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    Netstat pause?

    I am having this problem:,295199,sid63_gci974189,00.html I tried running "netstat -a -o" like suggested, but the -o option doesn't exist in win2k. When i run "netstat -an" i get a huge list, but it just skips past the...
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    Norton Ghost corporate multi-cast?

    Hi. I have a Win2k Server that i'd like to store an image of my other computer on (winXP), and i'd also like to be able to restore this image over the network on upon booting the winxp machine. Can someone tell me exactly what i need to do to accomplish this or point me in the right direction...
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    SMB shares on a win2000 domain?

    I'm fairly new to linux and was wondering if you can set up samba shares so that computers on a windows2000 domain can access them? I have read a lot about joining win2000 domains with samba 3.0 (im using 2.x.) and it seems to be very difficult. There's no way a newbie like myself is going to...
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    linux DNS server?

    I have a linux DNS server set up through webmin. I set up a couple forwarders, and set to point to the linux box. I also set the linux box's own dns server to point to itself ( I can ping fine and can also ping websites fine FROM my linux...
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    Noob linux question

    I've been googling for the last half hour trying to figure this out; how do you run a .sh file? Also how do you check what version of linux you have? I have Fedora 3, but i need the exact version like 2.6.10-1.760 so i can get ntfs partitions mounted.
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    Making CSSource/HL2 vids?

    I know how to record and playback a demo and everything, but how do you get this into video form? I assume there is a way to export bitmaps of your demo like in CS/HL? Can someone help me out with this. I'd love to get some videos of some CS:S ownage. :cool: