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    P8Z77-V LK LAN issue

    So my motherboard LAN went out the other day. I'm guessing after a thunderstorm a few days before. I wasn't using the rig all week. I got a LAN card I had lying around and stuck it in and everything is working fine but the onboard LAN chip (Realtek) is CRAZY hot, like I can't put my finger on it...
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    can't make posts

    Haven't been around for a while but last like 5 times I've signed in I haven't been able to make posts.
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    Did I win the lottery ?

    So grabbed up a 4820k and x79-deluxe yesterday and did some trial and error using linx with avx. 4.6ghz at 1.2v and 4.8ghz 1.344v stable so far with maximum temperature of 75 with my nh-d14. Potential 5ghz with air I'm thinking and definately on water. Is this common for 4820k. This thing runs...
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    780ti lightning

    I know I'm probably super late to the party and there's likely already a thread on this but... 1404 mhz boost ! @ 1.187v ! Has to be the best binned 780ti in existence. Insane clocks.
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    Patriot Viper 3 Red X.M.P. Profile

    OK so just got a new set of 4x4gb viper 3 1866mhz 9-11-9-27 1.5v ram. For some reason the X.M.P. profile says 1777mhz 9-11-9-26 1.5v. When u go into memory and pcie check in bios it says 1600mhz running at 1866mhz and memory speed in the tweak section says 1866mhz. Also, cpuz is reporting...
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    3x144hz on single 780

    Is it possible to run 3x144hz monitors in surround mode at 144hz. 120hz is good enough as I run mine at 120hz anyways for better color. I thought hdmi 1.4 could do 120hz and dual link dvi obviously can, but can single link dvi or display port put out 120hz ? Figured I'd have to get an hdmi 1.4...
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    GTX 780 issue

    Not sure if this is drivers or something wrong with my video card. Could be thats its supposed to be this way and I'm just OCD. Getting really bright sun rays in bf4 and in borderlands 2 any guns that are corrosive or anything that have the green glow have it excessively so its kind of blinding...
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    144hz Issue

    Just got a 144hz monitor and I'm having a weird issue. If I set 144hz on desktop and launch bf3 or bf4 I get red screen and hard lock and system restarts. If I set 120hz game launches fine and the option for 144hz is available in game. But if I click apply same thing happens. If I set 120hz on...
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    7950 Flash Issue

    So I'm running a 7950 non boost as my primary card and a 7950 boost as my secondary. Figured I'd give it a shot and get the boost off the second card by flashing the bios from the first card onto it. So did it no problem, ya windows wouldn't boot. So switched over to other bios got into windows...
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    2560x1440 or 2560x1080

    Going to by a monitor in an hour. Or The super wide is the same panel as the lg one. Purely for gaming. be quick lol
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    GTX 680 4GB FTW+ vs. 7970 dual x

    So I just downgraded from my 780 to a gtx 680 ftw+ 4gb as I'm not gaming to much anymore and I wanted a little extra coin for paint and stuff in the new house. A friend of mine is offering me my old 7970 dual x and $50 for my 680. I know the 7970 is capable of about 1175/1750 over clock which is...
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    7950 xfire vs. 780

    So I know someone offering me 2 reference 7950 boost cards from sapphire for my gtx 780. My question is should I do it ? Everyone says the frame time drivers don't fix all games yet, but the games I play are crysis 3, bf3, bioshock infinite, etc. (more popular newer titles). I will definitely be...
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    Physx on 600/700 series problem

    Has anybody come up with a fix for the physx issue in borderlands 2. It seams to me it acts exactly like when I had an AMD card and ran physx on high. Drops to 30s fps during firefights. Downloaded fluidmark and its clear my physx is working (14fps with it off 85fps with it on). I've seen this...
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    Can't Make A Decision (RAGE)

    OK so I got my tax refund and I want to do a little upgrade and here are my options: 1) My friend is willing to trade me a sapphire dual x 7950 for my dual x 7970 and throw in $100 cash. In which case I would buy another 7950 for crossfire. This would be the best bang for buck option...
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    Zotac AMP! gtx 670 BIOS

    Just wondering since my Zotac AMP 670 has a reference 680 pcb with stacked power connectors, like the EVGA FTW 670 if I could flash the EVGA FTW bios on my card. I know it would make no difference normally but my card is a clocking BEAST and I cant find a 1.21v bios for the AMP 670. It never...
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    7970 Dual X power commectors ???

    So I bought a 7970 dual x from sapphire yesterday and it has dual 8 pin power connectors ! I'm assuming this is a good thing. Funny thing is its not even oc version. I thought it was only the vapor x that had dual 8 pin. Here is my model # 11197-11-40g Does anyone know anything about this ? Did...