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  1. hossdaddy

    cpu overheat ??

    Hey guys, my rig is in sig, I was just chilling with chrome open watching a youtube video and my pc shut off. When I restarted it, it fired right up but a bios message said that a cpu over heat threshold triggered the shutdown. With the watercooling I never get above 70c(idle is between...
  2. hossdaddy

    dressing up nvme drives

    Hey guys, I have spent a tidy sum getting my rig up to speed lately. But, I find that the sticker on my Barracuda nvme drive is spoiling the show. Now I realise that I can remove the sticker but, has anyone here thought to dress it up with a cool head spreader or something? If so please add...
  3. hossdaddy

    How do you handle sloppy fan stickers?

    Hey guys, I recently completed my rgb setup but unfortunately they came with poorly placed stickers in the middle of the fan which has resulted in a wobbly look on 3 of them. I tried to use a sharpie on it while its spinning but that made almost no difference. I am pretty sure I am not the...
  4. hossdaddy

    RGB question

    Hey guys new to this. Can I plug and rgb fan into a 4 pin plug on the motherboard for a power source but, then plug the controller into the proper controller hub?
  5. hossdaddy

    Cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher

    Hey guys, like many of you I have spilled a beer on my Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard. I took all of the kep caps off and tried to clean them as best I can but several are still quite sticky. I found Linus's video on cleaning it in the dishwasher. have any of you tried this? If so how did...
  6. hossdaddy

    Deep Cool Gamaxx L240 liquid cpu cooler

    Hey guys, I hope you are staying safe during this crisis! Anyway I was just wondering if there is any software for this cpu cooler I am using? I looked on the website and I can't find anything but it doesn't seem complete. Do these types of coolers just run at one speed? How do i control...
  7. hossdaddy

    5700 xt vs. rtx 2070 super for a new build

    Hi Guys I am speccing out a gaming system for my buddy and was wondering what your thoughts are. The CPU will be a Ryzen 5 3600 with 16 gigs of 3200mhz ram. Here in Canada the 2070 super is about $679 and there is an evga 5700 xt THICC for $519. I know there were some driver issues around...
  8. hossdaddy

    Asrock rebates

    Sorry if this not where this should go. I bought an Asrock board for my daughters pc and it cam ewith a $30 mir. just got around to reading the mir form and it says they needed to receive the mir within 10 days of the invoice date. Is this common? Seems almost impossible to get the rebate...
  9. hossdaddy


    Hey guys im running my 1070ti and just seeing whats happening with the 5700xt pricing. Is there any point in upgrading? I mainly play PUBG. TIA
  10. hossdaddy

    GX950 help

    Hey guys I purchased a bnib Asus ROG GX950 a few months ago and finally started using it. Love the feel but, one problem I cannot find any software to control dpi & sensitivity etc. The Asus website have not released software since 2012. I have tried the asus armoury suite but it doesnt...
  11. hossdaddy

    Ryzen cpu temps

    Hey guys, first post in forever! I just upgraded to a 3600 for my main rig and put a 2600X in my daughters machine. I installed a hyper 212 evo on it and it seems to idel @ 31-33c and routinely spikes to 42c+. Does this sound normal? What are good gaming temps for this setup? She plays...
  12. hossdaddy

    VIA HD Deck Windows 10 64 bit problem

    Hi Guys, its been a while but, i need some help. I recently gave my son my old Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H motherboard in a gaming rig. The onboard audio was working fine when I used it but I cannot find a working copy of the VIA HD Deck anywhere. The one that most internet search direct me to do...
  13. hossdaddy

    New build trouble help please

    Hi guys I just assembled tmy new build and i will not post. Here is the build: intel i5 7600k gigabyte z270 gaming k3 Gskill I get 5 long beeps when it tries to post, but I checked the error codes and there isnt one for that number/type of beeps. Please help. TIA!
  14. hossdaddy

    Upgrade time input requested

    Hi Guys, well it has been sometime since I upgraded my system(the intel rig in sig) I am looking to upgrade the mobo, cpu and ram. Here is what I was thinking. I do plan on overclocking. cpu: Intel Core i5-7600K mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z270-Gaming K3 ram: HyperX FURY 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4...
  15. hossdaddy

    ASUS M5A97 win 10 compatibility

    Hey guys, its been a while for me but I need your help. I am trying to install the Ai Suite to over clock the cpu in my back up rig below, since I updated to win 10. The Asus website does not have anything to download. Do any of you know if I can use another version of this so I can oc the cpu?
  16. hossdaddy

    New owner of an ROG Xonar Phoebus and need help with settings?

    Hey all I am looking for some guidance on how to setup this card for fps games specifically CSGO. I was using an XFI Titanium that dies so I thout I would give the Xonar a shot. What settings are you guys running this at for games like COD and CSGO? TIA!
  17. hossdaddy

    Should I upgrade my gpu?

    Hey guys I am running a Gigabyte gtx 670 windforce since the day they came out which is what 3 yrs now? If I were to upgrade what would be the best bang for the buck? While I am not really pushing my current setup I dont like letting my equipment get so old that they are virtually worthless...
  18. hossdaddy

    odd issue with new build

    Hey guys I helped a friend spec out the following build last week; AMD FX-4100 Zambezi 3.6GHz (stock oem cooler) MSI 970A-G46 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 EVGA 01G-P4-3650-KR GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB Western...
  19. hossdaddy

    What's with the drastically small number of AMD cpu threads??

    I mean seriously?
  20. hossdaddy

    Help me decide.

    ok I am getting a free upgrade to a 7950 from Asus after they could not fix my 7850, Thanks Asus fyi 9 day turnaround including shipping time is outstanding. So, I have it sold for $375 plus I am returing a card for $130 so I have $500 to spend. How should I spend it; A - eVga gtx 670 @ $399...
  21. hossdaddy

    What sound cards are we using these days?

    Hey guys! I am a hardcore gamer, very little movies and music. I have an aging Creative Xtremegamer sound card that has been having random crackling freakouts. What should I be looking at as a replacement?
  22. hossdaddy

    OS question

    hey guys, I have a legit copy of win 7 professional 64-bit, which also comes with a 32bit copy. Can I install both on 2 separate computers and still get proper updates etc? I guess I should clarify this I want to run the 64 bit on my main rig and run the 32 bit version on the backup rig. Could...
  23. hossdaddy

    Crash problem??

    Hi guys its the main rig in sig. Last night I was in a mw3 server waiting to rdy up and my screen went black and machine froze but stayed powered on. I had to do a hard restart. It ran ok after that but after the screen went black the monitor displayed a message saying no video. Ideas? I...
  24. hossdaddy

    Calling all gtx 570 owners....

    ok guys I just got a nice Gigabyte Windforce gtx 570. What Nvidia driver version are you all using. I would like to overclock as well. TIA!
  25. hossdaddy

    Would changing ram effect an overclock?

    Hi guys I recently upgraded my ram kit from a 2x2gb gkill ripjaws 1333mhz @ cas 8 to a 2 x 4gb mushkin redline 1600mhz cas7 kit. I got a bsod out of the blue last night. I have oc'd teh cpu (rig in sig) using the Asus suite with the mobo. Should I re-run the oc to keep things happy with the...
  26. hossdaddy

    gtx 570 psu??

    hey guys im running an Antec NEO 620w, is that enough psu for my new gtx 570? Just at desktop I got a low voltage warning on the 5v rail for the first time ever?? update; while playing mw3 the 12v rail dipped to 11.43v.
  27. hossdaddy

    AM3+ mobo unlocking

    ok I am looking for a new am3+ mobo, but have read that the sb950 has issues with unlocking this older series. What board should I go with so that I can unlock my X3 720? Here's a few I'm looking @ ASRock 970 Extreme3 Socket AM3+ AMD970FX+SB950 Asus M5A97 EVO Socket AM3+ AMD 970/SB950...
  28. hossdaddy

    Need help diagnosing pc problem

    Hi guys, I built a nice i5 machine for my Nephew back in April as follows Intel i5 2400 Asus p8h67-m le g.skill ripjaws 2 x 2gb kit wd 500gig caviar blue corsair builders series v2 500w sapphire radeon 6750 win7 64bit Home edition It has been runnig flawlessly since the initial build. Last...
  29. hossdaddy

    sound card help

    hey guys, I currently have an x-fi xtremegamer soundcard in my main rig, but lately its been acting weird(i heard a loud pop and teh sound went all wonky, I re-started and it sounds sort of ok) Its 3 yrs old, and lately I have seen a ton of refurbed xgamers available. Is it dying slowly...
  30. hossdaddy

    Need help picked a new monitor

    Hey guys rig is in my sig. I am mainly a gamer and play Black ops mostly and many other steam games. So, I have an opportunity this week to upgrade my monitor for $100 and I think I'm gonna jump on it. I am looking for a 24" preferrably, 2ms, thats it mainly. I am looking at these 2 so far...
  31. hossdaddy

    Can I do any better? $800 build.

    This is a gaming build for my buddy in Iowa. $800 is probably the highest he would go all in. he is looking to order within the next week or so. He doesn't want to oc but will probably unlock the cores if possible. Its a brand new build, so nothing being re-used, save the kb mouse headset...
  32. hossdaddy

    Cleaning your mouse pad

    Hey guys I have a nice SteelSeries QcK mouse pad but its starting to get dirty. How is everyone cleaning them? TIA!
  33. hossdaddy

    Upgrade question

    ok I maybe getting an i7 2600k and thus and looking at a p67 mobo. My question is ram related. I would be using the ram kit from my sig g.skill ripjaws 2x2gb 1333mhz, and plan on overclocking the cpu since it is apparently one helluva overclocker. How much would this ram hold me back for...
  34. hossdaddy

    lack Radeon 6750/6770 reviews?

    I know they are re-branded 5750/5770's but it would be interesting to see what the performance is like. Anyone else feel this way?
  35. hossdaddy

    Upgrade for my nephew

    Hi guys for my nephews birthday I am helping him do a major upgrade for his work related pc. He bought a puke box from bestbuy 5 yrs ago so I hope to re-use the case and dvd burner(I am assuming ide here). He uses maya and some other development software, he has a degree in animation...
  36. hossdaddy

    Gigabyte has full list of AM3+ mobos

    GIGABYTE First to Market with AM3+ “Black Socket” Motherboards Enabling Support for AMD Next Generation CPUs for Current AMD 800/700 Series Chipset Motherboards See here.
  37. hossdaddy

    sound card question

    ok so I have an x-fi xtremegamer card but also have a corsair hs1 headset which hooks via usb. Is there anyway I can use the processing of the card and output to the headset?
  38. hossdaddy

    sound card question

  39. hossdaddy

    upgrade & now issues

    hi guys I just upgraded my mobo and ram to whats in my sig. I did a fresh install of my os. But, now when I watch stuff on it hitches approx every 5-10 secs. I have tried 2 different browsers. I am wondering if I need to re-install the nic driver. Thoughts? TIA.
  40. hossdaddy

    when is ram cpu brand specific?

    ok I am looking into a ddr3 ram kit but I keep seeing brands saying designed for intel i5. Does this mean it won't work for an amd setup? I hate how junior this question sounds but I am trying to minimize issues. TIA.