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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Have a reference Vega 64. Tossed a water block on and ran fine but temps were high. Pulled block, reapplied paste and now does not power on. I was very carefully but shit happens.... Saw a video of some one repairing a card with the same issue and am hoping there is a master here capable of...
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    (Found)HP Omen 15t Restore flash drive iso

    Well, software I used to clone my hdd to my m.2 ssd didn't copy my restore partion. Found out after I wiped the hdd for game storage. :( HP charges a ripoff $40 for a 16gb restore flash drive! Long shot. Anyone have such a drive and can upload an iso of it? My Model is a 2017 AX250WM model if...
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    Iphone Sim unlock service

    Anyone know a reliable sim unlock service for iPhones? Having a hard time finding one that can unlock an iPhone 6s locked to a small shitty regional s carrier. If it was from one of the Nationals I would be fine!
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    need help with new Gigabyte z77x-ud3h and 3570k

    New install and doesn't complete boot. Readout start up and gets to 95 or 96 and restarts indefinitely. Pulled video card and all drives and tried different dimm slots. Bad board or ???
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    Aqua Computer fans, need your help.

    Ok, I had a Cuplex XT Di, and two Twinplex XT's on my 680i. Upgraded to a 780i so I was sol on using a Twinplex on my NB because of the NF200 chip. Ended up selling my XT Di but am having a hard time selling my two Twinplex's due to the G1/8 holes. I have a G1/4 tap but looking at the blocks, I...
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    EVGA Lifetime warranty does not cover New/Sealed purchases from Ebay

    Just was wanting to let everyone know that New/Sealed EVGA items are not covered under the EVGA Warranty, even though it does not state so in the terms. EVGA themselves telling a custumer he is out of luck...