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  1. OFaceSIG

    Exchange OpenVPN access. US via Europe and vice versa.

    I'm looking for someone who is hosting their OWN vpn at their home to exchange credentials with. I'm thinking about setting up a specific OpenVPN to give someone access to my US IP address in return for access to their European, or UK IP address as well. I don't want your Nord account etc. I...
  2. OFaceSIG

    OnePlus 8 freezing up

    Anyone else have a OnePlus 8 (non pro) that the screen locks up until you hit task switcher button? Mine does that at a minimum once a day. I'll be typing a sentence and then the screen stops typing the characters. I hit the task switcher button and then the rest of the sentence appears...
  3. OFaceSIG

    9600k for $175 Warm-ish?
  4. OFaceSIG

    New four bangers unavailable?

    Has anyone actually seen the 3300x for sale anywhere?
  5. OFaceSIG

    Jeez 10900k really?

    I don't know who this processor is for.
  6. OFaceSIG

    Pfsense 2.4.5 high memory consumption

    Anyone else recently upgrade to Pfsense 2.4.5? I upgraded last night and my memory usage went from 10%-ish of 2GB to 75% consistently post upgrade. This is all very different from 2.4.4.
  7. OFaceSIG

    Bose factory outlet sale on ebay *warm*

    The Bose factory outlet is selling new and refurbed items for decent amounts off. I know Bose is loved or hated brand for most, but for these prices I do believe the performance of some their products well worth it.
  8. OFaceSIG

    FreeNAS to FreeNAS offsite backup?

    Anyone ever rig up two FreeNAS's to back up to each over the internet?
  9. OFaceSIG

    Pico PSUs from Minibox the only option?

    Are Pico PSUs from Minibox the only compact PSUs? Don't get me wrong I've used them for years and they rock the house for low power builds. I don't know any others that make a ton of SKUs the way they do, 80w, 120w, etc. But I'd like choice if possible.
  10. OFaceSIG

    Cold tonight!

    Looks likes it's gonna be colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra tonight in Dallas and most of the country. (Screw you Miami! lol) What are y'all gonna be playing tonight?
  11. OFaceSIG

    Warm? Intel 660p

    The phison based drives are better hut this guy is cheap.
  12. OFaceSIG

    Asus Xonar DGX + Win10

    I just picked up a used DGX more on a whim than anything else. I hadn't ever used a Xonar and I saw they had fairly recent Win10 drivers so I figured what the hell. Anyone else used one in Windows 10 yet?
  13. OFaceSIG

    Elistests going to elite

    Everytime I want to give elitests a bit more credit they prove me right, again, and again, and again.
  14. OFaceSIG

    pfsense RRD graphs suck after 2.4 upgrade

    So I recently built a new pfsense box and went from 2.3.x in 32-bit to 2.4.x with 64-bit. Holy crap what happened to the awesome RRD graphs? Everything else is awesomesauce in 2.4 except the graphs! What happened? Anyone else feel this way post 2.4 pfsense?
  15. OFaceSIG

    Low wattage appliance builds, router/NAS

    I just completed my third hardware build for pfsense. Pfsense is going to require aes-ni for version 2.5 so I decided to get ahead of the curve. The Ivy Bridge i5 3470T was the cheapest and lowest wattage AES-NI processor I could find at the time. I got it all together. Specs are in my sig...
  16. OFaceSIG

    Ryzen 3 true quad core?

    Does anyone know if Ryzen 3 will be a true quad core? I ask because much of the issue with Ryzen and gaming comes from the intra-core communications latency on the 8 core packages. I have a feeling a quad core die to help with this issue. I know the memory controller latency is also a large...
  17. OFaceSIG

    Unlocked phones with hotspot carrier check

    Does anyone know of any other unlocked phones that don't check with the Carrier when you attempt to use the hotspot? For example I know the Nexus 5 does not. However that phone is EOL. Any newer phones that do the same thing w/o having to be rooted?
  18. OFaceSIG

    TV review sites

    Anyone recommend TV review sites? It's hard to find sites that consistently review televisions using the same standards and tests.
  19. OFaceSIG

    UPS for outdoor/garage

    Does anyone know of a UPS rated for outdoor use or in a garage that isn't uber expensive? I need to back up my FIOS fiber terminal in my garage.
  20. OFaceSIG

    bulletproof AP

    Anyone know of any bulletproof APs that just kick ass and don't suck? I'm currently running a Cisco Meraki unit that sucks anus. It randomly drops ALL the clients and then reconnects them 30 or so seconds later. It's really annoying and potentially hazardous to my work. If I'm firmwaring...
  21. OFaceSIG

    Muskin reactor 1TB SSD $220

    The egg has Muskin's reactor 1TB SSD for $220 shipped. Egg Item#: N82E16820226596 Plus it's made in 'Merica!
  22. OFaceSIG

    Can't download chrome!

    I can't download chrome for **** right now. Anyone having this issue? It's really annoying as I just did a fresh install of 10 and I want my chrome!
  23. OFaceSIG

    Chromecast 2 + ethernet adapter

    Does anyone know if the new Chromecast 2 supports the chromecast ethernet adapter they released a few months ago? I can't find firm word anywhere online.
  24. OFaceSIG

    white label drives?

    Does anyone know who makes these guys?
  25. OFaceSIG

    Motherboard RAID on AMD chipsets.

    Has anyone been running RAID1 on motherboard RAID on AMD chipsets? What happens when a drive fails? Can you replace a drive and rebuild like a server does or do you have to dissolve the RAID and start over?
  26. OFaceSIG

    Software RAID within VMware?

    I'm going to build a vsphere box. I have a question. Can you software raid storage presented to the hypervisor? Instead of using motherboard RAID to create a RAID1 array can I present two vanilla hard drives to ESX and then present mirrored storage to VMs?
  27. OFaceSIG

    Nexus 5 vs MotoX

    Which is the better unlocked phone, Nexus5 or MotoX? Opinions and facts will be appreciated :).
  28. OFaceSIG

    I.S.O. office 2010 std iso

    Have an MSDN key my work gave me long ago. Well like an idiot I didn't download an ISO it and now our MSDN doesn't cover office anymore. If anyone out there has an office 2010 std ISO I would love a copy. PM me if you have any leads. Thank you.
  29. OFaceSIG

    video card stands

    My EVGA X79 sli board was terribly designed and sandwiches my two 290 R9s right next to each other. I know there are extension cables that allow you to run a video card away from the motherboard now. But does anyone know specifically of any stands that are separate from the computer case and...
  30. OFaceSIG

    evga x79 sli sleep mode issues

    Anyone else have an EVGA x79 SLI board that refused to enter sleep mode in windows 8.1? I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is occuring.
  31. OFaceSIG

    Radeon drivers 13.12

    Has anyone tried Radeon drivers 13.12 with Hawaii cards and BF4 yet? Last time i upgraded past 13.2 stuff went haywire and things got worse. I'd love to upgrade as long as it doesn't make things worse in BF4 for me. Using the rig in my sig.
  32. OFaceSIG

    My Lockbox password recovery

    Does anyone know how to get past the password in the "my lockbox" application? I got a PC at a garage sale that only had a bad power supply. that has since been fixed and now I'm trying to record this lockbox just out of my own morbid curiousity on the drive.
  33. OFaceSIG

    crossfire profiles still necessary?

    I may have missed the boat on this one but are crossfire profiles still necessary? I searched AMD's site and the newest one is 13.5.
  34. OFaceSIG

    win 8.1 runs like crap in virtual box

    So on the rig in my sig I'm trying to run win 8.1 in virtual box. I have latest version of virtualbox installed and win8.1 runs like crap. It's stuttering, and terrible. Fedora operates the same way. The only thing that runs stably is win XP but I don't have much need for an XP VM...
  35. OFaceSIG

    any new MOCA standards on the horizon?

    I currently use MOCA bridges throughout my house because they are awesome. It helps that my FIOS router had one built in so I had to buy one fewer to use MOCA in the first place. I currently get 60 Mbps throughput on them which is great. It's more then enough bandwidth for the majority of...
  36. OFaceSIG

    HT vs Windows Scheduler

    I'm sure this debate has already happened and I'll gladly take a redirect if it already has. What is the advantage of using hyperthreading and allowing the processor to schedule multiple threads on it's cores versus no hyperthreading and letting the windows scheduler do the same thing?
  37. OFaceSIG

    Windows networking stack

    Does anyone know how the post XP/windows vista and on Window's networking stack prioritizes connections? For example if my laptop is on wifi but I sit down and plug it into my switch does Windows start using the hardwired Ethernet by default or does it keep using the wifi until there is a...
  38. OFaceSIG

    THX True Studio pro surround isetup

    So with CMSS-3d you were supposed to put windows at 5.1 and then turn on CMSS-3d headphone in the creative control panel. Is this the procedure for THX true studio pro as well?
  39. OFaceSIG

    60hz versus 120hz and high refresh rates

    So I'm trying to wrap my head around 60hz and 120hz and refresh rates. I realize that 120hz looks much smoother in general versus 60hz but my question is where do refresh rates come into play? Before 120Hz I always bought faster and faster refresh rate monitors. Now I have 2ms monitors, the...
  40. OFaceSIG

    2011 i7 safe operating temps

    Anyone have a good idea as to the safe operation temps for a 3930k? I've been googling all over and getting numbers all over the place. Thanks in advance.