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    GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Launch Review Roundup

    For RTX, 2070 Super appears to be the best value..... But I guess for $200 more that extra 10fps of the 2080 super might be worth it to some. Sure as hell note though...
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Nope, still dead. $300 paper weight. Not sure what I am going to do now. Used the last of my funds getting all my water cooling parts and finishing this PC... Is there a market for borked cards?
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Will put the card back together after work and see if I can try it on a friend's PC. Thanks everyone!
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    There was resin. Went over board with a magnifying glass and don't see anything suspect... Case is a Phanteks Shift X so have to use the pcie riser card. If that is damaged somehow will that keep the GPU from powering up?
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    That's what I thought. Unless something happened to a surface mount chip during assembly... Board does not power up, no light and no fan. Removed block and replaced stock heatsink and still nothing. Switch bios too.
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Have a reference Vega 64. Tossed a water block on and ran fine but temps were high. Pulled block, reapplied paste and now does not power on. I was very carefully but shit happens.... Saw a video of some one repairing a card with the same issue and am hoping there is a master here capable of...
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    Western Digital Launches Budget WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD

    Hmm, cheap Steam drive.....
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    Post Release Reviews of Anthem are Still Mixed

    And it's fucking free. Have had a lot of fun playing Warframe....
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    How Facebook Tracks Your Ovulation and Heart Rate Through Apps

    Wish I could get my wife off that disease....
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    High Inventory Levels of PC DRAM Cause Contract Prices to Drop

    Quick! Stop production to drive prices up!!!!
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    Playing Chicken: Kentucky Fried Intel Core i9-9900KFC Processor Listed

    Sure the FC doesn't stand for F*ck Consumers?
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    Obsidian Reveals Outer Worlds Combat Details

    Looking forward to this.
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    Sprint Sues AT&T over Its Fake 5G Branding

    I'm all in for what Sprint is doing, just wish they would improve their network before throwing stones lol.
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    SoftBank Dumped Its NVIDIA Stock

    Wow, what a shame. Sad to see this happen to such an ethical upstanding company...
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    Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players, But Replaced Titanfall 3

    Really loved Titanfall 2. It's a shame the devil bought Respawn and now we are not getting 3. F2P games with lootboxes are the equivalent of "Ow my balls" from Idiocracy.
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    NVIDIA DLSS Boosts Performance by up to 50% in the Port Royal Benchmark

    Hahahahaha! I'm sure Nvidia didn't cut any corners to get this frame improvement lol. Not like they have ever done that before lol. Let's wait and see what it does in an actual game and not a canned rendered video, I mean benchmark.
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    Apple: You Can't Sue Us for Slowing Down Your iPhones Because We're "Contractors"

    Funnily enough, I have never had a phone have problems with battery causing crashes and whatever else they are claiming. I have had shitty battery life though. Guess apple designed their shit wrong?
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    PlayStation 5 Could Emulate All Previous Generations of PS Consoles

    And lose all that subscription money from PlayStation now? Nah
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    Players protest Epic's Metro Exodus

    Was going to buy it but now will wait until released on Steam.
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    Facebook Paid Teens to Test Even More Invasive Apps

    Like when the world ends and we are scrounging to live? Otherwise I doubt it.
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    Department of Justice Charges Huawei and Its Executives with 23 Crimes

    Well, when you can be jailed for anything and everything in China, is it surprising people would do whatever is asked of them?
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    Intel Core i9-9900T 35W CPU Listing Appears Online

    So like max boost of 3ghz?
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    Ubisoft Changing Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC Following Forced Relationship Furore

    It's a game, people. Not real life... where was all the outrage for Chasing Amy when Alyssa stopped dating women and started dating Holden???
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    "Resident Evil" TV Series in the Works at Netflix

    Yes, but more than likely they take something from the movies, and the 1st one was the only somewhat decent one with the rest way different than game world.
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    "Resident Evil" TV Series in the Works at Netflix

    Be like the first movie only please...
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    Facebook Willingly Encouraged Kids to Unknowingly Spend Money

    But game devs don't know when you take a shit or drive by a McDonalds.....
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    Here Is the AMD EPYC "Rome" C-Ray Demo

    Makes you wonder what would have been if Intel hadn't cock blocked AMD all those years ago with shady shit.
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    First-Ever 2020 Toyota Supra Sells for a Whopping $2.1 Million

    I got good milage with my 88 all Trac turbo... You can't tell me they couldn't come up with a modern 2jz or 3sgte equivalent and not use a BMW motor? FFS they could have used a Toyota V8 and got that power....
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    First-Ever 2020 Toyota Supra Sells for a Whopping $2.1 Million

    Why not bring back the 2JZGTE??? Amazing engine, bullit proof and can take horsepower like no tomorrow. It has to cost them more using another manufacturers engine.... Hell a 400hp 3SGTE would have made more sense.
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    Family of Teenager Killed in 116-MPH Tesla Crash Sues Company

    I don't blame the parents at all. They are grieving and hurt. That said, I blame the media for disproportionately showing Tesla car fires to the hundreds of gasoline powered cars that catch fire, and the lawyers feeding them bullshit to get a payday.
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    Multiple Carriers Pledge to Stop Selling Geolocation Data

    Bullshit. Free source of income.
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    NVIDIA Demonstrates Issues with Non-Validated FreeSync Monitors at CES 2019

    I'll be curious to see end user results later this month.....
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    Verizon and T-Mobile Shame AT&T for Marketing Its 4G Network to Consumers as 5G

    They did the same thing with HSPA+... Called it 4G
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    Resident Evil 2 Gets a Demo This Week

    I wonder if this will retain the two stories of the original...
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    Pull the thong out and rinse the sand out. You'll feel much better.
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    Google Shifted $23 Billion to Bermuda in 2017 as Part of Tax Avoidance Scheme

    Nope, just remove itemization benefits for non essentials. No more itemizing dinners, Armani Suits, fucking $100 hair cuts, etc....