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  1. DeChache

    How much CPU power do I really need for ZFS

    The time has come to rebuild my home NAS its old and doesn't really support enough ram for consistent performance. I've been running on a L5630 with 16GB DDR3 ECC for the last year or so and it does its job but cache hits and paging can get back and considering I use it mainly to back ESXi...
  2. DeChache

    Wireless Bridge Recommendations

    I got my parents a Roku and a netflix subscription for Christmas but the wireless coverage in their living room is mediocre at best. I want to put a wireless bridge right beneath the living room in the laundry room where the wifi signal is strong. (The main router is in the basement) What...
  3. DeChache

    Need Advice: Update to esxi 5.0

    I have a single ESXi host in production I would like to upgrade to 5.0. I am struggling on the best way to do that. The best conclusion I have come to so far is to put 3tb worth of disk into a linux system I have and scp all the vms over to that box do the upgrade and then scp back. Is there any...
  4. DeChache

    Low Cost Direct Attactched storage

    I work for a smallish public university and we have an enterprise VMware cluster but I have to pay per instance to use that clusters. I have 2 Dell Poweredge 2950s that have been repurposed into esxi hosts for my departments low use and testing systems. I am getting to the point were I need some...
  5. DeChache

    The Great Dell Revival

    Well wasn't sure where I wanted to put this but I wanted to put it up. My parents Dell Dimension 4600 Link To Specs and let me tell you this thing was a beast Fast forward from the stone age to today. The machine is on its last leg if you try to do anything but look at the desktop it likes...
  6. DeChache

    What would you do

    The group I work for has an intuitive to virtualize everything we can on the new VMware cluster we spent booku bucks for. All the information I can gleen on the cluster is There are 80 cores available (But I think this is pure PR BS because as far as I know you can only use the cores...
  7. DeChache

    Userint Fails to Run after Win7 added to Domain

    The title is goofy but I wanted your attention. I have a computer that I am trying to run Windows7 Enterprise on. But every time I add it to the domain. I can log in fine with AD credentials and the local admin account works fine. But the first time my user trys to login the system is...
  8. DeChache

    A Couple ???s

    1) Do I need to worry about TLER in raid 01 configurations. 2)Can I get recommendations for a Card for RAID 01. I just need 4 sata ports.
  9. DeChache

    How Much Power do I need for untangle

    I want to build an untangle box for use at home. The problem I am having is deciding how much hardware I need to throw at it. I have it narrowed down to two options basically. 1) Intel Atom 510 with 2 gig of ram. 2) Intel Mini-ITX i3 system. 2 gigs of ram. Both systems will be using a...
  10. DeChache

    Convert Server 2008 R2 to VMware VM

    I have a test box that needs to go into production on the Virtual Cluster here at work and it is running on Physical Hardware and it needs to be moved to a ESXi 4 Virtual Server. The Vmware converter will not do a hot conversion of 08 R2. Has anyone here figured out how to move Windows server...
  11. DeChache

    What AnitVirus For Single Server In A Small Business

    I have a client that is adding a POS system to their small business. I have the POS system setup on Windows Server 2008 and they have 2 workstations running Windows 7. What antivirus would you recommend to me to use in this case. I'm new to the small business consulting world and I am at a...
  12. DeChache

    Stumped Remove Wireless Profile From Win 7

    Got pulled in to finish setup on 3 Win7 Laptops. The previous tech used his credentials to log onto wireless and didn't remove the profile. Once the machine was added to the domain I can no longer remove the wireless profile. I can just view and all options are grayed out. Anybody lend me...
  13. DeChache

    Trouble Joining Win7 Pro to a Win 2K3 domain

    I am in the process of testing Win7 with my work network however I can not get my test box(which is also my desktop) added to the domain every time I try to add my computer to the domain it spins for a second and then tells me my account is locked out. A quick look at the domain controller tells...
  14. DeChache

    Help Me Upgrade My Power Mac G4 Digital Audio

    I recently decided to get back to the mac side of things and try out OS X. I haven't had a mac since my LC580 way back when. I recently bought a dual 533 G4 at my universities surplus store for cheap. Upped the ram to 768 megs and I am think about maxing it out to 1.5 gigs. I have it...
  15. DeChache

    Using the Stock P4 550 heatsink on a OEM E8400

    Is there any reason I couldn't use the stock heat sink off my P4 550 on an OEM E8400. If that wouldn't work does anybody know where I could get a LGA 775 bracket for my Thermalright ULTRA 90. I have the K8 clips My Opty is starting to drive me batty I want to go back to Intel just because...
  16. DeChache

    300 for Mobo CPU and RAM

    If you had 300 to spend on a motherboard CPU and RAM what would you get and have a sizable upgrade over my current Opteron 170 with out overclocking. It would be nice to have to have that option when I get the funds together for better cooling. I want the proc to support Virtualization because...
  17. DeChache

    Corsair RMA Question

    I have to RMA my Corsair 520HX and I have a couple questions. First do I have to send back all the modular cables I'd rather not undo all the cableing in my case if I don't have to and second how long does it take to get a RMA number from them. I submitted my request Friday Night. I didn't...
  18. DeChache

    So Whats Wrong With My Computer

    I've been fighting with my system for the last couple months. First I was getting random reboots that went away on there own still don't know what was causing that. After that I started having major performance issues then eventually I couldn't boot into windows at all if my hard drive was...
  19. DeChache

    Anybody seen this issue with Firefox before

    My parents called me today and asked why that big bar was at the botum of the Firefox window and I have no clue. If you anybody has any ideas let me know so I can tell them. I'll let the pic do the talking for the problem.
  20. DeChache

    Am I Doing Something Wrong

    I had to replace the mobo on my main machine and now my CPU is running hotter than normal. I'm using the stock heatsink on my Opty 170(at stock) and the thermal paste is AS5.The AS5 was applied following the instructions from the AS website. The AS5 is probably about 3 years old but from a...
  21. DeChache

    How hot is to hot for Nforce 4

    My computer has been flaky for the last comple months I'm starting to wonder if the chipset isn't on the verge of overheating. I have a K8N SLi Pro from giga-byte. It just has a passive aluminum heat sink on the chipset that is all but covered by my 8800GTS and is burning hot to the touch. If...
  22. DeChache

    Something tells me this isn't good

    Does this mean my hard drive is failing or is NVRAID just screwing up. My comp just bsod and I had forgotten to uncheck automatically restart the only thing that I noticed was IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL but my event view shows that NVRAID has been messing up and upon rebooting windows tells me a...
  23. DeChache

    Is My UPS Going Bad

    I have an APC 1500VA UPS and its making a sound like an electrical whine. The only things that are plugged into the battery backup part of the UPS is my comp and one of my monitors, It seemed to be working fine this afternoon when a brownout hit. It was making the whining sound before the...
  24. DeChache

    My Notebook Shuts off When I touch the Palm Rests

    I have a Dell Insprion 5150 and as of late when I try to use it if I put any pressure at all on the palm rests the computer will shut down. I have had the comp apart and nothing seems to be touching or grounding out as far as I can tell. If anybody has any ideas at all on what could be...
  25. DeChache

    XPS Gen 4 PSU

    What are the exact specs of the PSU in the XPS Gen 4 (Amps rails and such) I have looked and all I can find is that is a 460 watt unit. My friend Gen 4 is acting up and I think he may of overloaded the PSU Extreme PSU calc says he was pull 3-440 watts depending on load. But amps and rails...
  26. DeChache

    Corsair 450VX Enough?

    I'm working on spec'ing a build for my roommate. I have chosen the 450VX to power the system and I want to make sure that it is going to have enough juice for his system. Linky To System I would think it would be. But I just want to make sure. I'm basically running the same system on a...
  27. DeChache

    Will this Work

    I in my haste bought the Rhapsody version of of the Sandisk E280. Now I love my MP3 player but the Rhapsody stuff is annoying. Ok I have found out that there are two Firmware versions one for the Rhapsody version and one for the non. What I'm wondering if there are any differences besides...
  28. DeChache

    Traveling (Flying) with my Laptop

    I will be flying for the first time with my laptop on Thursday. Is there anything I need to know. I plan on carrying it in my backpack. Sorry this is rather vague but I don't really know what to expect if some of you guys fly with a laptop on a regular basis could give me a few hints or tips...
  29. DeChache

    $800 Gaming System for my friend.

    My roommate has enlisted my help to build a new gaming machine on a $800 dollar budget for the stack. We will prob start building when I get back from vacation on the 17th. He's not looking for a uber machine he just wants a competent machine that will play current games and will be able to be...
  30. DeChache

    Help me choose a TV turner

    I'm moving in a couple days and I'm not going have room for a TV in my room so I want to get a TV tuner for my computer to save some space. I'm looking at this one. For the main reason I can pick it up locally. Which is a big plus in my book. I can put it in either of my to Desktops because some...
  31. DeChache

    Fan Control on the 8800's in Vista Using 158.18

    How do you change the fan speed on a 8800GTS in Vista using the newest drivers. I have tried Ntune Rivatuner and Coolbits. None of them let me change the fan settings. My card is baking at 69C idle. There has to be a way to do this.
  32. DeChache

    The Case Of The Missing DVD Drives

    From time to time Windows won't see my DVD drives. They will be there at boot time but after a while they will be gone. A reboot will fix this problem and they have always been seen at boot in the bios. This seems like a Windows issue to me. But the one thing that gets me is that one of my...
  33. DeChache

    I don't think this is right

    I ran HDtach this morning on hard drives and well I think that is was a little off. Is it just me or does something look a little off in the results.
  34. DeChache

    Distro That Plays Nice With The Geforce 8800

    Is there a distro out that there that people have working with the 8800. Ive been trying for the last week to get Ubuntu going on my machine and I have failed miserably. I have been doing some reading on the subject and I have seen that many people have had problems getting things to run on...
  35. DeChache

    Looking For a Ergo Keyboard with a touch pad.

    My roommate is looking for a keyboard to use with his laptop when typing large amount's he likes the ergo keyboards but he wants a touch pad or something to use as a mouse so he doesn't have to reach for his mouse while typing. He found this but I think it looks fishy...
  36. DeChache

    Any body playing KOTOR 1 or 2 with a 8800

    I just found KOTOR 2 a couple months ago and I like the game but ever since I installed the 8800 I cant keep it running for more then a couple minutes with out crashing. Anybody having the same issue or maybe know what I can do. As of right now I think the 7800GT is going back in. Im in this...
  37. DeChache

    Fed Up and Underwelmed With 8800GTS

    I installed my EVGA 8800GTS today and after only having it in for about 6 hours I'm ready to take it out and put the 7800GT back in. I won this card otherwise I would be really quite disturbed right now. First complaint and this one is petty is that this thing is a space heater. I cranked the...
  38. DeChache

    No Video After Drivers Load

  39. DeChache

    Thread 120398385834 On The Topic of Heat

    Ok so it looks like Im getting an Opty 170 for Xmas and how much hotter is it going to be then my 3200+ Venice. It will be at stock threw the rest of the school year because stability is more important then raw speed in that case. Also do the Optys come with the good 4 heatpipe heatsinks.
  40. DeChache

    Opty 170 and 4 sticks of RAM (Sorry I know you guys are sick of these)

    Well Im toying with the Idea of updateing or more sidegrading I guess to the Opty 170. My question is though with ram prices the way they are what are the chances of getting the Opty to play nice with 4 sticks of ram, and get them to run at DDR400. I dont really care about 1t or 2t. Because I...