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    iPod Nano 6th Gen 8 GB

    Female to Male 2 Prong?

    I have a Bose CD player/radio with the three CD dock below. I've recently put in a new home theater stand and need to put the dock and unit side by side since it's about 7" and shelf is 5" tall. I want to put it under the TV. Does anyone have a female to male 2 connector? If anything, please...

    Naked DSL?

    I've had DSL for quite a few years - Verizon (It's pretty much the only service I can get on the border of Chester and Lancaster counties here in PA). I lucked out with switching to all cell phones w/o telephony on the DSL line. Now, if there's no phone service, is it in good bounds to just run...

    Lust for the old

    I realize that the LGA775 is beyond obsolete, but I always would love to go back to a legacy build for the hell of it. That platform was my first and always worked well for me. Anyone have that type of nostalgia?

    My 500px Photography

    Some that I took mostly on an old Miranda Auto Sensorex EE (1971 Model). Some later photos are from a Moto G phone, I believe. The Cypress trees are from a Nikon faux SLR (Can't remember which model). Justin Jolly Enjoy!