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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    I've been out of the game for awhile (checkout my signature for my current rig) and holy s**t a lot has changed. HardOCP only lives on in forum form and the last AMD CPU I owned was a Clawhammer FX-53 that I cooled with a Koolance Exos (remember those?). So I find myself back in HardForum to...
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    i7 930 HT on issue

    Windows and all the monitoring programs (CPU Z, real temp, core temp, prime 95) dont seem to recognize my processor as having 4 cores. When I enable Hyperthreading in BIOS i load in to show only two cores in real temp. I tried booting at different multipliers and Bclk but it still only...
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    Air Flow Pro kit.

    Just got it in today. The install, while not super easy, wasnt that bad. I had a little less room to work with than most though. Some notes I did have to remount it a few times to make sure it was on tight and ensure that none of the wires were poking out and possibly causing trouble for the...
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    And so it begins...480GTX SLI WC loop build

    Parts just came in from performance pc's today! Should have my 480's WC'ed and running by later tonight. Pics from the build and setup will be added here as time goes by. Parts list: EK - FC480 GTX acetal/nickel waterblocks x 2 EK - FC link SLI serial connector EK - FC link geforce GPU...
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    My H70 install log.

    EDIT: Initial test results i7 930 @ stock voltage/clocks. Testing done using prime 95 for 30minutes @ large FFT. Temps taken using Real Temp & Core Temp. Ambient room temp @ 79F (25c) Fans: Hi mode || 40c idle, 62c full load. (push/pull INTO case w/1 fan mounted external) Low mode...
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    Anyone use EK SLI connectors?

    I'm gonna be watercooling my new rig really soon and was curious about this: Seems pretty slick, but adds another 60 or so bucks to final cost since...
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    Corsair f120 SSD @ 239.99 after rebate at frys, ends today!

    I was randomly browsing for SSD's when i decided to check out the f120 at frys. Saw the rebate and it made the decision for me. grabbing one of these now! Unfortunately the rebate ends today and who knows if there will be another after this. Check it out:
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    Whats your 480GTX SLI performance on NV surround

    Just got my 480GTX cards in today and swapped out my 285 GTX's. At first I didnt think my enermax galaxy DXX 850watt wasnt gonna cut it, but she proved me wrong. (I ended up buying a corsair ax1200 anyway, so she'll be up for sale soon) Im running NV surround across three dell 2408 LCD's. In...
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    800D + H70 + WC'ed 480 SLI

    When the H70 comes out, if i install it as instructed by corsair, it will be push pull config with air coming INTO the case. I will be using some leftover WC gear along with two new Koolance 480 GTX waterblocks. I have a Swiftech MC655 pump along with a swiftech 2x120 radiator. If I set that up...
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    285GTX SLI to 480GTX SLI upgrade question.

    Been out of the hardware game for awhile so I thought I'd ask ya'll for some advice. Current setup i have an E6600 @ 3.2ghz with 8GB of ram and EVGA 285GTX FTW cards in SLI mode. I recently just picked up two additional dell 2408WFP's and am now sitting pretty with NV surround (3600x1920...
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    fx-55 SLI > alienware sli for gaming + video editing?

    Guy came in today looking for a 24 inch monitor or bigger, even asked if we had 30...but anyway he then told me he just ordered that 6000 bones alienware system...i couldnt believe it. So i told em alienwares are just overpriced DIY machines. And told him with the new nforce4 SLIs, i could...
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    Will a pcpower 510express be enough for SLI?

    Anyone think this could work? Only planning on running the dual 6800'gts with an OCed athlon 64 3200, a single dvd burner, koolance exos, 1 gig of ram and a single maxtor HD, 3 80mm fans and a cold cathode. I really cant stomach paying upwards of 300 or was it 400+ on the announced psu's...
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    A64 3200 mobile & DFI Lanparty UT NF3 w/Ballstix

    ok getting this with a DFI UT nf3. Anyone with experience using waterblocks on the mobile? gonna mount my koolance on it and i dont want to crush it. higher OC yields...mobiles or desktop plz
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    thinkin of goin 64 from my p4...

    Been mulling over the change but im still not sure if its worth it. Considering it because the thing i do the most is gaming on this thing. 64 obviously has the lead. was eyeing the abit AV8 third eye board and an athlon 3800+....fx53 is just a tad bit too much for me. Is the 3800+...
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    Want to stop my bootup folding console thingy

    Hey, i downloaded someones console no GUI enabled folding thing, but i dont want it running anymore and i cant figure out how to remove it completely. My fault for not knowing how to remove something i install =\
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    Post your CSS benchies here to start a reference!

    Ok post your complete system stats and driver versions plz thanks. P4 northwood @ 3.2 Visiontek x800 pro @ 569core 555mem 1gig adata vitesta pc4000 Catalyst 4.9 Driver settings are at application preference. dx9c Settings: Reflections ALL, high detail ALL FPS are averages given by...
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    Leadtek a400 6800 gt is here!

    Hey guys, just noticed at work today we got a small shipment of Leadtek Winfast A400 6800GT's. The MSRP on em is about 460 dollars, but it comes with 4 games. Splinter cell pandora tommorow, prince of persia, big mutha truckers, and gun i know. The thing that interested me was...
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    Im ready for D3, are you?

    Got my trusty 3.6 p4, x800pro, 5.1 surround z680's mx510 and I just bought a zboard and a Doom 3 board layout to go with it. I think its time to frag some pinky demons... Never used the Zboard before, anyone have experience with it? looks to be a pretty good peripheral.
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    Trying to friggin watercool my visiontek x800pro

    Hey guys just got my visiontek x800 in the mail today, took one day to get to me lol. Anyway, i OC'ed this thing to 563core 560mem....but, i know it can go more. My previous setup had a koolance GPU cooler on the 9700pro, but now its sitting inside my comp wasting away. Why? i cant get...
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    Videocard shortages!!!!

    Is this the first time theres been a shortage of new gen cards? or is it the same story every time a new card gets released. i was thinking that there was a shortage because these new cards were actually WORTH plunking down the couple hundred to get your hands on one...but then again i havent...
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    x800series waterblock support

    Hey, im gonna throw down the moolah for one of these puppies and im using my koolance to cool my 9700pro. Anyone fit waterblocks on these things yet? is there a list of compatible ones out there, although id like to keep the one i have (gpu-180 lo6)
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    Looking ahead: ATI's next gen

    ive been contemplating buying a new videocard now that the X800 series is out. We are all now seeing double the performance of the previous generations i.e 9800xt and 5960u. That is wonderful to see and great for all of us as consumers. But it gets me wondering. Are we gonna have a repeat of...
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    new bios chip for MSI k7n2 delta ILSR where?

    I have a dead or at least i THINK its dead, msi k7n2 delta ILSR mobo. Instead of scrapping a pretty darn good mobo, i wanna at least try to save it one more time, i could use a second box anyhow. Anyone know of a good reputable place for bios chips and all the things im gonna need to replace it?
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    koolance exos mods

    Anyone out there modded their exos? im happy with my exos AL but i was wondering if there was anyway we could squeeze some more performance out of it. Maybe some 120mm fans or find a way to run chilled water? heh.