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    [Win7] Help setting up wireless ad hoc network for sharing an internet connection

    Hey All! I'm having trouble setting up a wireless ad hoc network for sharing an internet connection. Relevant Info: Lenovo X120e 1x1 11b/g/n Windows 7 Home Premium Huawei E1691 (Wind Infinite Laptop; HSPA+ Data Stick) I followed this very useful guide...
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    Budget Overclocking Solution....

    Hey Well my A64 is getting a little long in the tooth... so I'm thinking of doing a upgrade. I mainly do this: Photoshop, Bridge (browsing through hundreds of 4MP raw files). Not much else. Maybe light gaming once in a while. Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 $65.00 Western Digital...
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    80mm fans... even worth it?

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    Makeshift epoxy? Superglue...

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    Upgrade or Save?

    Hello. My computer is pretty fast but getting slightly long in the tooth. I don't have enough cash to buy a new system (I'd love a conroe system but I'd have to buy everything again.) I'm curious if I should spend ~$250 to upgrade my current system (what I'd do is make my 1GB of RAM into 3...
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    Viable backup solution?

    Hello, I am a photographer. I have a growing archive of (digital) negatives. Now they're all on one HDD, which goes completely against the mantra "never put all your eggs in one basket". So I intend to fix that. However, I'm lazy and don't like optical backup since DVDs "only" fit 4.3GB and...
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    Cheapest way to overclock (conroe)

    So I've been out of the overclocking scene for a long time. I'm thinking of a new system. I do photoshop so clockspeed is cruical. However, photographic equipment takes presidence over computer stuff ,so I need the cheapest way to get the fastest speed. I realize conroe is amazing and you...
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    Data Recovery (bad DVD+R)

    Hey, I was overseas with my laptop and the little 40GB HDD was full, so I hooked up an external burner and burnt 3-4 DVD+Rs with my stuff on it. I put those DVD+Rs back into the external burner to doublecheck all the files were ok, then I deleted the files on the computer. Now, back at...
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    802.11G signal "stronger" than B?

    Hey, I currently have my computer in the basement. My router (linksys 802.11b wifi) and cable modem is upstairs. Basically it is seperated by 2 floors. I want to stream ALAC through iTunes to my laptop (since it is hooked up to my mid/hi-fi system) to play in my room. However, recently...
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    Help me organize my storage space.

    I currently have a 120GB Seagate 7200.7 SATA HDD that houses everything. I think it's one big partition (haven't been home in ages so I don't know). I am planning to buy a 320GB Seagate 7200.9 (or 10, whatever). Also SATA. I use my computer for 2 primary things. 1: Photoshop. I know I...
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    MacBook Optical Digital Out (Audio)

    What kind is this? From what I can see, it's a "normal" 1/8th stereo.. .but I dunno anything about optical outs (need to buy a DAC). Is this TOSLINK or something?
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    Excuse me for being lazy (SATAII vs I)

    Hey, Just looking to buy a new HDD for music server and photo storage. I saw SATAII. I googled and found they were marginally faster, which is cool and all. But I am unsure if my motherboard supports SATAII. Will it automatically revert to SATAI speeds? Or can I not use it altogether? I'd...
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    Java issue with stock market program

    Hello, I am using a stock market program ( Java applet on my desktop and it is fine. I wish to use it on my laptop (for portability) but it will not load. I have installed the latest Java runtime. It asks something about Microsoft VM, i thought that was obsolete...
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    Thinking of MacBook to replace my Thinkpad

    So my Inspiron is having troubles and I need to replace it, therefore my Thinkpad is going back to my sister to use. Considering getting rid of the Dell and picking up a MacBook. Probably going to spring for the 2GHz since it's only $150 more and sports a SuperDrive which would be nice...
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    Macbook Users: Have you tried Aperture and/or Lightroom?

    I'm a photographer and I really want a MacBook. The white one, NOT the MacBook Pro since I can't afford that one. I'm thinking of picking up the 1.83GHz or maybe the 2Ghz one, swapping out the HDD for a 7200RPM one, then maxxing out the RAM. Maybe later invest in a 21" widescreen DVI display...
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    STupid oblivion question... how do i get out of the prsion thing?!

    SO mister septim guy just died (emprorer, and i've been jumping up and down trying to get out of the thing... all the doors are locked and I can't equip Baris' key... what am i doing wrong ???
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    Should I bother upgrading?

    Hey guys, I currently have a S754 A64 @ 1.8Ghz, pretty slow... a gig of ram and a slow 5900XT. I was considering picking up a 6600/6800 AGP card and adding more memory... bumping her up to 2GB. The reason I ask this is, I just played Oblivion last night (and it looks like crap at...
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    So I need to start learning...

    I'm currently doing a undergrad physics degree, and really beginning to worry about my skillset. Yeah, I can market myself as being a fast learner and excellent problem-solver, but I believe having programming background is extremely EXTREMELY valuable in today's tech workplace. That said...
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    So what's the deal with Aperture?

    I really wanna buy a Mac, mainly because of Apple Aperture. But now I've heard it doesn't work as well on the intel Macs than on the G5 ones? Maybe I'll just build a A64 or Pentium D machine and wait till Lightroom comes out...
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    4200RPM internal vs 7200RPM USB2.0

    Hey, I've got a 30GB 4200RPM internal HDD. I was thinking of buying a 250GB HDD and slapping it into an USB2.0 enclosure. I'm a photographer so I work with 6MB RAW files that get decompressed to 40MB+ TIFFs. Obviously for maximum performance I use my desktop, but I'm going on a trip for...
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    Pentium D805 decent upgrade?

    I currently have an Athlon64 2800+. It's running stock right now, but it's been at 2.2GHz, 2.3GHz stable. I was poking around dual core processors and WOW AMD chips are expensive compared to Intel. I saw the Pentium D805, and it's cheap cheap cheap. Is this because this is the new celeron...
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    So what's slowing me down?

    I've got an Athlon64 2800+ (S754) nForce3 board 2x512MB PC3200 1x120GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 HDD I do major photoshop work, and things are SLOW. I currently work with 6.3MP RAW files which, un-compressed and 16-bit, can range up to 80MB TIFFs. I also work with more than one image at...
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    New 12" iBook (class) coming out soon?

    Hey, My friend is dying to get an iBook, she loves the size (would prefer it like a Powerbook but can't afford), loves the colour too. However, Apple is moving towards Intel and I don't doubt that they will release a new iBook-class laptop soon. The question is, is it worth the wait? She...
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    I want a 12" iBook... want to add memory/change HDD

    Hey, I want to buy a 12" iBook... can I just add any PC2700 DDR SO-DIMM (Kingmax PC2700 DDR333 1024MB 200-pin SO-DIMM) and any 2.5" notebook HDD (Hitachi Travelstar 80GB 7200RPM Laptop Hard Disk). How about setup of OS? Does it come with a installation CD that makes installing easy. I've...
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    Thinking of picking up a PDA...

    So I'm thinking of picking up a PDA. Yay, me spending money. AGAIN. I'm always spending money. ANYWAY, I'm eyeing the Palm TX. It has a 320x480 display with BOTH bluetooth and wifi integrated for $400CDN. Pretty good deal IMHO. So what would I do with such a thing? 1.Surf the 'net in...
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    Radeon 9000 to FX5900XT worth it?

    The 5900XT should play games decently (~30fps+) at 10x7 okay right? Battlefield 2?
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    6800NU still a good buy?

    I'm chugging around with a 5900XT (stock, haven't bothered with overclocking though I know this goes not too bad... has a good cooler on it). I have a chance to get a 6800NU for relatively cheap (card plus ~$50), I'm wondering if this is worth the swap. I don't really play that many...
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    PS2, component video worth it?

    Hey, I just bought a PS2... fiiiinaly. I'm buying these games: God of War Gran Turismo 4 Shadow of Colossus Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition (this was the main reason I bought the PS2 :D) The first 3 are 16:9, 480p games. Now, I don't know too much about TVs so that's why I'm...
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    Ok so I have both a shuffle and a 3G... how do I get iTunes to work properly?

    Shuffle's my dad's, 3G iPod's my own. I already have ~10GB of music on my 3G, all ~192kbps vbr aac. My dad's shuffle obviously can't hold 10G of music. I want to put select CDs in ~96kbps vbr aac on his 256 (or is it 512) shuffle. Is there a way to set up iTunes like that?
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    Cleaning up XP (without reformatting/reinstalling)

    I want to "clean up" my little sister's computer, she has XP on it and it's really freakin slow (256MB, 4200RPM laptop.. will add a 512 or somethin). I really want to reinstall it but she has no CDROM so I'm wondering what's the best way to "cleaning" it. Spyware stuff, Ccleaner, anything else?
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    Aroo? No replacement for 600m from dell?

    Just noticed that Dell doesn't have the 600m on their site anymore, but they now have the 630m. So I got super excited and looked up the specs. 1280x800 .... needs more resolution.. no idea what TrueLife is 5.47lbs .... did it get fatter? DDR2 .... kinda cool but what really surprises me...
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    What's slowing me down?

    So I've got a Newcastle 2800+ NF3 board 1gb PC3200 DDR (single channel) 120gb Seagate Barracuda SATA FX5900XT I do mostly Photoshop. I take all my photos in RAW, and when I browse them in Adobe Bridge, it takes forever. These are 6-8MB photos each, uncompressed to 16bit becomes...
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    Pseudo Macros

    First shots here! Finally putting my 70-300APO to good use, took out slapped it into (pseudo)macro mode and mounted her to a tripod and started snapping away. I loved how "close" I was able to get, and am definitely seeing a 70-200/2.8 and extension tubes in my future =) I'm always wanting to...
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    X31: No drives! Help installing Ubuntu!

    Hey, I have an IBM X31 and I want to put Ubuntu on it. I have an external enclosure (USB2.0) and a cdrom drive lying around. I also have a network setup. I've heard that you can use the network but for Hoary it's very difficult. Is there a way to use my external enclosure? But I'll need...
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    X800XL... good choice?

    Hey, I'm so out of the loop of video cards and such. I'm given 3 choices, 6600GT, X800XL, or 6800GT. I'm sure these are increasing in "goodness" but I'd rather spend as little as possible. Is the X800XL a good card? The difference between all these cards are $100 each (CDN). I have a 17"...
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    Ubuntu and school wifi, can't see/connect to the network

    Ubuntu's wifi works *great* at home. I have an 802.11b network here. At school I also have an 802.11b. But it's kinda different as in it doesn't broadcast the SSID. It *is* DHCP and I have the SSID and password right. However, it's set up such that I have to connect, *THEN* put in my ID...
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    Oops! Removed Trash from panel! Help! (Ubuntu)

    Hey, I don't know what I was doing and removed trash from panel instead of emptying it. Now I don't know how to access it, or get it back! Please help! Thanks! Running Hoarty Hedgehog (ubuntu)
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    w32codecs... aah..

    Hey, I can't seem to play WMV or ASF files on my ubuntu linux install. I tried sudo apt-get install w32codecs and I get... Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done E: Couldn't find package w32codecs *confused*.
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    Help me with WINE plz!

    Hey, I just used Synaptic to install WINE and I can't get anything to work. More specifically, I don't know wtf is going on =) If somebody could help me install Maple Story ( on my Ubuntu laptop, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Help me install Gaim.

    Hey I'm running Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog (love the name) I downloaded Gaim 1.5.0 and compiled it, (./configure and make) but now I can't figure out how to install it. I'm used to just doing "./setup" but it's not working. There's also an install command, but I'm completely new to...