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    MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI owners - are 100deg c VRM temps an issue?

    MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI owners - are 100deg c VRM temps an issue? Hey folks Got a new OCUK build a month or so ago with a MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI motherboard and everything is going well. Thing is Ive now seen a lot of videos and a few reviews where the VRM temps on these boards sit...
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    New 3950x Build - Fans stop ramping up/down 2 mins after boot

    New 3950x Build - Fans stop ramping up/down 2 mins after boot Hey folks, got a query I was hoping someone could help with. Just got a new 3950x build from OCUK and it seems to be working fine apart from on initial boot up the CPU fan (on the water cooler) ramps up and down with CPU temp but...
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    Help with start streaming PC for youngster

    Hey there My sister is looking to get a PC for my nephew to game and livestream from but this is something I have no idea about at all. Unfortunately money is tight being Xmas so was wondering what the most basic while still functional spec would be. He plays Fortnite and Minecraft mainly but...
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    Will 2012 PC (i3770k / Win 7 64bit) - Accept 14TB internal SATA drive?

    Hey folks. Time to upgrade my 2x4TB drives with a 14TB unit (plus backups). Will my 2012 PC (i3770k / Win 7 64bit) - Accept this internal SATA drive ok giving me the full 14TB ? Thanks :)
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    Recommend reliable external drive (4tb) please

    Would love to get more HGST ones but can only see Seagate and WD out there and have not had great reliability with either brands over the past decade. Can I have some real world recommendations from owners on what they have thats worked out fine? Thank you :)
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    SMART errors - are these bad?

    Hey folks Been running a soak test on a new 10TB HGST He10 drive I bought last week. Ran h2test on it which wrote and verified the full disk which is spot on. I then ran smartctl to see what the drive was reporting and saw a few problems (in my eyes): The read recovery attempts and the...
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    Will my 2012 i3770K / Z77X Win7 PC take a 10TB HDD ?

    Pretty much as the subject says - Will my 2012 build i3770K / Z77X Windows 7 64bit PC take a 10TB HDD ok? Looking to switch the 2x 4TB drives for a 10TB (keeping the 4's for current backup) then adding a second 10 later on as needed. Thanks folks, Rikki
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    Building a LAN party style Minecraft system (20 PCs + server)

    Hi folks, Here's an odd one! Been asked to find out what it takes to put together a Minecraft LAN party style setup using 2nd hand lower spec PCs plus a server. Being honest never played it before but the kids its for all seem to be head over heels for it and looking around for what the basic...
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    What program to write/verify new 4TB drive?

    Hi guys just got 4 x 4 TB drives HGST NAS ones and want to test them all before putting them into use on my PC. What software should I use for this job in Windows? Ive tried H2testw on memory cards and it works fine but not sure its the right tool for this job. Thanks :) Rikki
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    What Chrome apps/plugings/exts do you use?

    Was just sorting out the other halfs laptop and throwing on some extensions for chrome and was wondering what ones people use. Looking at mine I've got: Adblock Plus Send to Kindle IMGUR instant capture LastPass ChromeCast Speakit / iSpeech Convert Text to Speech What you guys got...
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    Seagate 8tb Archive drive

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these new drives? I was thinking of using one for storage of old projects that I like to have online access to but never really update (old video archives, events, weddings etc). Thanks
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    Removing recovery partition on Win 10

    Hey folks Just got a new laptop and upgraded it from 8.1 to 10 which was fine. As it only has a 128gb SSD and no HDD I want to get as much space available as possible. Ive cleared off all the crapware using W10 reset but the different partitions are still there including an 11gb area I...
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    Best way to encrypt external hard drive backup (USB 4TB)

    Hey there, Just wondering what the best option is to encrypt an external hard drive to be used for backup and storing off site at a friends home. Im using Win 7 at the moment and would have probably looked to Truecrypt but with them going dark a year ago and tales of Windows 8 problems Im...
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    3 year old Packard Bell laptop HDD died - W7 reinstall from download?

    Hey folks. The better halves Packard Bell lappy just died, popped a new hard drive in and there are no backup Win 7 CDs or DVDs. Id heard there were downloadable ISOs from MS but when to : And put the product key from the bottom of the...
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    Photo to video slideshow software

    Hey there, Been asked to take a wad of photos and turn them into a decent looking slideshow - talking a good few hundred pics and they want the slide show to be just under an hour. Just wondering what people would recommend for something like that if they have done it before. Thanks :D
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    Packard Bell Win7 laptop - unmountable boot error

    Hello. A friend gave me their laptop to fix, it doesnt boot up. Just BSODs then reboots. Tried safe mode, nope. Tried recovery option, just reboots. Tried connecting the drive to a working PC as a slave and Windows either wont boot or takes ages to come up (from the working PC main...
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    Friend looking an SEO person/company - any recommendations?

    Hey folks, I know SEO is half common sense and half black magic so was wondering if anyone could recommend a place or person who could help a friend out with their new website as it seems to have been designed without much SEO thought (not even simple meta tags in there). Many thanks, Rik
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    ASUS EeePC 900A - Cant seem to install Ubuntu

    Hi folks. Im not a Linux guy but know my way around most PCs so a friend asked me to look at his daughters netbook after it stopped working. It was showing a Boot Error after POST so I tried to install Ubuntu from a USB drive as Ive done loads of times before but got this - tried 12.10 and...
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    Recommend a mouse to avoid RSI / CP (flat mouse?)

    Hey folks, Starting to get problems with my mouse hand (no sing at the back!) and before I get problems I want to try and head off any issues. Ive swapped to a wireless Logitech thing which has helped a bit as its flatter but its not the best so what would people recommend? My previous...
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    New PC for video editing - what do you think of this spec?

    Finally got the money through Ive been expecting for a couple of months. So now I have cash in the bank Im thinking of something new that will be overclocked to the max, edit videos at a good speed (AVCHD H264 MP4 1920x1080) and run my 3 x Dell 23" monitors - but also allow for 3 x 27" dual...
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    So the MHz/GHz war has been over for a decade now

    ... or so it seems when I clicked the "Ten Years Ago Today" link on the front page of HardOCP today : Thursday February 28, 2002 [H]ardNews 4th Edition A little P4 stuff for you. Intel says they have no plans to stick their P4's in the "super thin / tiny" laptop computers that require low...
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    Control device to put between soundcard and KRK Rokit monitors

    Hi there, Just getting round to upgrading my studio/workshop room and am doing away with the home hi fi Marantz amp and Pioneer speakers. Ive bought a set of KRK Rokit 5's as the room is quite small but was wondering what if anything would be recommended to go between my M-Audio 2496...
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    Help with BIOS settings for OC'd Q6600

    Hey there, Something weird has happened with my rig. Its been OC'd for the past 4 years and was running happily at 3.4GHz with a huge HSF combo but yesterday when it booted up I saw the BIOS screen reporting the CPU was running 2.1GHz. Its been 4 years since I was in the BIOS so looking at...
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    Any recommendations for 7" tablet ?

    Looking for something that isnt as big as an iPad / Transformer but will have decent facilities, can play 720p .MP4 files, nice screen that has good viewing angle etc. Any recommendations on whats good out there? Thanks :D
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    Any recommendations for 7" tablet ?

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    XP - Somehow reverted to new state but files/prgs still there

    Hey folks, One of the woman in the office brought her laptop in after one of her grand kids had been mucking around with it. It boots up but when Windows loads it goes to a factory standard looking desktop, Norton 2008 pops up saying lets activate and all the crapware shortcuts are on the...
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    2 factor custom authentication for $25

    Dont know how many people know of this but just bought myself one last week to use along with username/password for logging into admin areas of the websites I run/build. Takes minutes to incorporate into your PHP or whatever language code and works a treat...
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    Windows 7 - Folder sharing question

    Hi folks, Just a quicky about networking :) My office (small company) has 4 or 5 notebooks all running Vista or Windows 7 in various guises of Home, Home Premium etc. For the past while there has been a shared folder on one of the laptops where all the "stuff" is held and backed up from...
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    Looking for mail server / file server for small biz niz

    Hey there, A friend who runs his business from home is looking for a server that will basically house all the emails coming in plus be a network store for all the files he uses. He has 4 people working for him all using laptops and storing files locally at present and all using pop3 email...
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    Help! Seagate Momentus 5400.5 not spinning only beeping

    Hi folks The GFs netbook went funny a few days ago. She was on skype at the time to me and it BSOD'd, she rebooted and it came up with No Boot Disk error message and was beeping. I collected the unit today, Acer One Aspire with a Seagate 5400.5 160gb SATA 2.5" drive in it. After 21 removed...
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    Putting my freelance biz on Facebook - best way?

    Hi folks, Im wanting to put my freelance business on Facebook but am not sure how to go about this. Ive seen a lot of companies creating user accounts so that they appear like normal people, can send and receive messages and such like but Id also read that wasnt the best way to do things...
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    Massive banding issue in Photoshop with new monitors :(

    Hey folks, I bought a pair of BenQ LED backlit monitors about a month ago after everyone saying how amazing they are, but as soon as I started to use them in Photoshop I could see issues with the colour selector and a really bad banding issue in the gradients : BenQ monitor and the same...
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    LCD gradient issues - BENQ LED backlit monitor :(

    Hey folks, I bought a pair of these monitors about a month ago after everyone saying how amazing they are, but as soon as I started to use them in Photoshop I could see issues with the colour selector and a really bad banding issue in the gradients : BenQ monitor: Dell 19" 1907 which...
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    Software to restrict web access on work PC (Windows XP)

    Hey folks, Just wondering what people would recommend to restrict web access on an office PC. I know IE has inbuilt stuff but from memory its fairly crap. Ideally something that limits typing in URLs and clicking links would be great, IE used to throw a password prompt every time an IMG or...
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    Analysing/sniffing packets on my wireless LAN questions

    Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on a way to sniff/inspect packets on my wireless LAN. Eg: Run a program on my netbook that monitors wireless traffic and logs whats going in and out. I've downloaded Wireshark and run it and it seems to be working...
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    MSN Messenger file transfers - other side dont see file request

    Bit of an odd one this but its happening more and more across multiple PC's I use both at home and in the office. 50% or more time when I am chatting and go to send a file across the other person doesnt see the transfer request. I then have to close down MSN restart it and resend which...
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    Advice please - Q6600, OCX SSD - W7 64bit?

    Hey folks, Looking for some advice please. My current rig is as follows: Q6600 @ 3.4GHz Gigabyte P35C Mobo 4GB RAM OCZ Vertex 60GB 2x 1TB Samsung F1's LG BluRay Burner M-Audio Delta 2496 8800GT 512mb I've been using XP Home on it since I bought it with the following software I...
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    Had Win7 as dual boot on XP system - how do I remove boot menu?

    Hey there, Had W7 beta on my notebook as a dual boot (its was on the second partition). Im now selling the notebook so have wiped the partition with W7 leaving XP Home on it. The only problem is the dual boot loader / manager still pops up everytime the PC boots up. How do I remove this...
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    My old Q6600 OC'd to 3.4GHz compared to current CPUs

    Hi everyone, Had my quad core rig for about a year and a half now and was wondering what the state of play is with the new range of chips out there. My rig is air cooled and OC'd to 3.4GHz with 4gb of ram on XP Pro. I use it for HD video editing and rendering in Vegas plus FL Studio...
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    File copy with compare

    Hi folks, Looking to copy a load of files from one of my 1tb drives to abother 1tb for backup purposes (loads of HDV video and raw audio) but wanted to use something a bit more robust than Windows drag and drop (as it doesnt do any error checking or comparison afterwards). Is there a file...