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    Your favorite OS for mining?

    no one mentioned ethOS surprising, excellent mining OS
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    i use to love the dfi lan party motherboards lol 10+ years go brings back some good memories
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    I'm in love with a new kind of mouse!

    this is different, ive never seen a mouse like this before
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    What kind of hardware does a noob need?

    macs have proven to be industry standard like rec0d3 said go for a mac!
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    MacOS High Sierra Threat

    any success with hackintosh?
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    When will the miner wars be over?

    not only have gpu prices went up but so has network difficulty if thats what tacohunter52 was referencing
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    i paid $310 for a used evga 1070 sc from CL locally, you can still find decent deals on CL
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    the sf600 is in high demand
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    lian li pc-q25 server build input

    the gigabyte h97n socket 1150 has 6 sata connectors
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    if you are a small miner just starting you can try
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    I just made 25 bucks in burst!

    Zepher, maybe try & sell some like DuronClocker said, see if it works?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    looks expensive, really nice
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    is it possible to access plex content via the cloud outside your network?

    i was wondering today if it were possible to put a plex server in the cloud & access it outside your network? say from your phone, public computer, etc. possibly having different user accounts with passwords, things like that?
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    nice tubes
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    Teardown of New 4K 21.5-Inch iMac Reveals Removable RAM and Modular CPU

    Good read, thanks. Truly exciting times.
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    Sata nightmare

    Its the onboard sata for the dfi lan party ultra b board, I got everything to work. Did a fresh format of XP and just moved all files over manually. Thank you Tigerbiten.
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    Sata nightmare

    I used the drivers that came on a floppy with the motherboard but my current problem is this unknown Mass Storage Controller in device manager, the Silicon Image 3114 is no longer in the device manager for some odd reason.
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    Sata nightmare

    So I finally made the decision to get a sata drive. Got the Seagate ST3300831AS in friday and went to install it but have had problems trying to get the system to pickup the drive as master. I installed the Silicon Image 3114 SATA Raid Drivers on the DFI Lan Party Ultra B board and got the...
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    Hard Disk causes PC to freeze when attempting to read data

    No this is not the C:/ - it is a secondary drive. As for safe mode, no I havent tryed that yet. Will do today.
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    Hard Disk causes PC to freeze when attempting to read data

    I've got a Maxtor 160GB PATA 7200RPM drive and I've got alot of important business files on and when ever I try to access a file on the disk it causes the whole pc to freeze. I've tryed to ftp into the system and copy the files over via ftp but that also causes the pc to freeze, any idea why?
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    Seagate 300GB SATA Hard drive $99 @ Outpost

    thanks :) any idea if this is a special and if it expires soon or is this there regular price?
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    SI-97A, DFI Ultra B & Lian Li v1000 plus

    After installing the si-97a heatsink on the dfi nf2 ultra b mobo and then put in its new home (lian li v1000 plus) I came across a problem. The heatsink fits in there really snug but theres an even bigger problem, I had to take the 120mm fan out of the back so now there is no airflow on the back...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Looks weird with those monitors on the side but still cool
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    This case looks like balls...

    ugly pre-mod case
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    Removing Pocket PC Touch Screen LCD

    I was wondering if this is possable and somehow mount it in the front of a pc case? I've got a 6.5" touch screen lcd inside this HP Jornada 690 pocket pc, I hoped to sell it but if I can somehow take it out and mount it infront of my computer I would rather do that.
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    Computer Speakers VS Stereo Speakers

    Well I got sick of my computer speakers not being loud enough so I bought a cord from radio shack and hooked my computer up to my stereo system. So instead of 2 altec lansing speaking and a dinky sub, Its blastin on two 12" floor home speakers and a boss sub. SOOOO much louder :) As for...