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    Facebook Chase Deals

    I was checking out the new Chase group on facebook and getting my free wallet when I decided to comparison shop. It appears the shipping is free and if you link you chase card you'll get an extra $10 off. Most prices were running equal with amazon, with this exception that I found: Philips...
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    Memorex 2Gb Flash Drive $70 after $25MIR

    Amazon Link Memorex 2 GB 2nd Generation USB 2.0 Travel Drive 32509070 I found this while searching for a good one. It seems to be one of the best deals around right now. I just got one myself. (I saved an extra $30 because it was my first purchase on my Amazon card. lol)
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    How should I do this? (Network+Internet+VoIP for small non-tech business)

    Ok, I'm a computer tech at a photography business here in Auburn, AL. I've just been handed a project to research that, quite frankly, I think has probably been done, kid tested and mother approved. Truthfully, I haven't been kept up on everything a tech needs to since: A) I only fix computers...
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    25% off VizaWeb accounts and upgrades (webhosting) thru Dec 31.

    Just thought I would pass it along.
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    Delicious Monster equivalent for Windows found

    MediaMan Seems to work great so far. I've been cataloguing my CDs, Books, and DVDs. It uses's database to find your content, loads pics, etc. Catagories: Audio CD DVD Books Games Software VHS Tape You can also mark items as checked out...
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    "Finder under glass" issue

    Has anyone else had the problem where suddnely you cannot move, rearrange, or cut icons/files on the desktop, dock, or HDD explorer? My gf's having this problem, but I'm not able to find a solution that works. I treid removing all of the caches, but that only caused all of the Dock icons to...
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    Free email address image (prevent spam aggregators)

    Found this in the new Make mag: It's free and useful.
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    Papa Johns Promo Codes

    If you go to and play the "Click to win" game you get free promo codes. Here's the three I didn't use. Also, sign people up with email for an easy way to more codes. A8PWVQJJAA Free cheesesticks ADT0RNVWAA Free 2 20oz or 2 liter ADT0FWYWAA Same You have to...
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    Have to keep repairing connection in XP SP2

    I just built my father a new computer, and for some reason he has to keep repairing the connection while he is online. I didn't have a problem while I was downloading drivers and all here at my apartment on my routered cable connection. He's had them ever since he got it home. He's on DSL with...
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    FREE Cheese (AR)

    MIR makes a bag of that new Sargento cheese blend free. Mmmmm...tasty....
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    Q&A database conversion question...

    Are there any Q&A experts out there? The company I work for is looking at dropping Q&A for a newer database program. You know, one with a windows GUI. :) At any rate, have any of you had experience with this? If so, what would you recommend? ACT!? Access? Sesame? What's the best way to convert...
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    iPod file ID tags...

    Is there any program that will allow you to edit MP3 ID tags directly on the iPod, or update them? I REALLY don't want to have to transfer 20GB back onto this baby...
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    Charter Cable Classaction Lawsuit

    Charter settled a class action lawsuit and I happened to stumble upon it in the USA Today. You can pick one up today to get the form for submittal and claim. It's well worth it for those of us who use Charter. is the forwarding URL. Yay for free internet for...
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    Free Mr. Clean Eraser Sample Enjoy!
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    Luke Warm: 160GB Maxtor $99 + shipping

    never mind, this deal sucks. Newegg has it for $104.
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    Retake MS Test FREE if/when you fail Microsoft is having a sweet deal right now, if you sign up to take a test by Aug 31st and fail, you can retake the test for free by Sept 31st. Enjoy.
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    Beginners guide to PHP-Nuke?

    Is there a good site for noobs like me to PHP-Nuke? I need an outline of what to do after it's installed, lol. It's my first time ever using a content management system and I feel overwhelmed.
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    $15 to best PhotoShop Gawd who designs site banner...

    Contest over, CONGRATZ EZTEH! ygm & pm Hey guys, a site I help out with is looking for a good banner/logo for the site/forums. We're basically a University of Alabama fan site. I don't have the old logo, but it was pretty basic. We just want something that will look good on the site and...
  19. S 2 Dollar Posters! Last Day!

    I just got 3 LOTR posters for $6. Std shipping is $8, but that's expected. Google got me: 20% off entire order! SUMMERPC04 20% off entire order! SUMMER20 15% off entire order! GET15JUNE04 15% off entire order! GET15JUNE2004 I tried the 15% first and it worked, but only...
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    Are there any AMD mini-ITX mobo's?

    I have an AMD proc and am looking to put it in a mod I'm starting. The MAX space in my mod is 9x9 so this looks like the only form-factor I can use. Any suggestions? I'd hate to waste this proc and get one with an onboard proc. Thanks guys!
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    Subscription mail scheduling.

    Is it possible to be able to set the time that your recieve your subscrition mails?
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    Page numbers in User CP broke

    When I click on a page number of a multi-page thread in my User CP I get a [H]F templet page, but no data. However, if I navigate to the thread through the forums and click the page number the thread is displayed. WinXP FireFox 0.8 Same in IE.
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    Hi-Light text in post editor.

    The Hi-Light text doesn't change or go away unless you click away from the options. This is in FireFox on WinXP.
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    Dumpster Diving FAQ

    This is a general guide for newbies to the sport. Feel free to post or pm suggestions for me to consider/add. Please sticky SS. 1.) What is dumpster diving? This is the sport of climbing into dumpsters to retrieve objects of value. Most people here go for non-perishable items such as...
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    FREE Copy of Lindows!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT! lol Enter coupon code: LINDOWS Get it just to say you have it, lol. EDIT: This is a BitTorrent only download. You must have Bit Torrent to download. Sorry, I should have noted that. Grab it here:
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    24V to 12V AC step down converter??

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a small device that will convert 24V AC to 12V AC? The smaller the better! I appreciate any help at all, google's not yeilding much thus far.
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    VPN client for Windows Mobile 2003

    Anyone know of something besides Certicom's movianVPN? I can't afford to put out $75 for it and my trial is up. I wish there was an open source option, or something cheaper that worked. Damned university VPN'd wireless network....gah.
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    All folders open cmd.exe

    When I try to open a folder now it opens cmd.exe instead. I guess it happened somewhere between screwing with stardocks software. Dang skinware. Any clues?
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    St Pauli Girl Poster Time!

    I'm surprised I'm the first to post this! It's scary...
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    LCD monitor has horozontal lines...

    My monitor displays horozontal lines on every 3rd or 4th boot. It's brand new with Windows XP. Any suggestions?
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    VPN client for Pocket PC 2003?

    The only way to access the Wi-Fi network at Auburn is with a VPN client. They provide one for laptops, but not pocketPCs. I tried AdmitOne's, but it only works with PoicketPC 2002. Does anyone know of one that works on PocketPC 2003?
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    12 Issues of STUFF Magazine Free

    I got this card in the mail today. You either have to call or email to get them, and do it by the 16th of Jan. email: phone: 800 967 3363 There's no codes or anything, just says email or call to get it. It was from Reader Service - STF and said it was because I...
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    I think my monitor or video card is biting the dust...not sure which...

    I have a Gainward TI 4200 64MB video card and a ViewSonic G90f 19in monitor. Lately I have noticed the following quirks: 1. My IE windows will freeze randomly (only IE, I can still do anything else on my comp), then around 3-4 seconds later my screen flashes blank and returns, and IE it back...