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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    All, I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to figure out where to go with this. I recently setup a new cluster that's using a NETAPP LUN. When accessing the LUN as a mapped drive (before mapping as clustered storage) I get very fast performance. E.G. 900 MB/s xfer of files. Once I add the...
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    Wireless AC - Vendor says...

    All, I just want to get your input on something. I work with a vendor that installed a wireless network before I had started at this company I work for. I've complained many times that the wireless is not as advertised and that we also get lost packets 1-2% usually. The vendor has stated...
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    help please with pricing a computer

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    HOT? - ASUS ROG G750JS-TS71 - TigerDirect - $1299
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    7DTD (7 Days to Die)

    Anyone else playing? My friends and I are really enjoying it so far. It is in alpha but very enjoyable, at least for me.
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    Asus TF300 - Power Button Pressure Point/Soft Spot

    All, I'm writing this in hopes that it hits the search engines and helps out owners of the Asus TF300. I tried doing a lot of searching on Google recently with minor success. A lot of people are complaining about a Software issue which causes their tablet to restart. This particular issue is...
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    Disk to Image file - for VMware?

    Ok i'm the first to say it. I'm pretty ignorant to virtualization. I know what it is and why etc... I don't know how to do anything on VMware. I'm seeking a solution for remote servers that have crap connections. Here's the situation... I have remote sites with crappy connections that...
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    Secure Transfer

    All, I'm new into security as far as encrypting data. I have some servers with very sensitive data and I'm wondering if anyone has experience on how to securely transfer data onto a device (like an external usb) ... encrypted and transfer it back to HQ. I have a server at a remote site...
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    Help with identifying this

    CLIENT29-41FD54:2095 OK. So This morning I had someone trying to brute force their way into some of our company's system. Normally if I encounter this issue I'll block the ip subnet and/or create ACL's accordingly. What in the heck is the above? I know it's connecting from port 2095 but...
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    Network Flow help

    I have 2 networks. lets say 1 is and others is On the router I have a static route set for a subnet. i point all traffic for to ip I'm trying to have my remote facility that's on the subnet talk to...
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    Network/Cable Tester

    Ok so I did a search and the only viable option I came across so far that didn't break the bank was . I don't necessarily trust them though.. Anyone use this? If not besides fluke.. what are some goods options to test Network Cables...
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    ATI 4890 Cooling problem

    Before someone says it.. yes I did a search but I didn't find anything w/ the keywords I used.. If you have a link. Please enlighten me. Here's my situation. I have a 4890 with the default fan/heatsink that came with it.. YES, I know .. i was cheap and dumb. It was never a problem until...
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    CISCO problem: No debug on IPSEC/ISAKMP VPN setup?

    Anyone have a clue why I wouldn't be getting debug messages. I have debug crypto ipsec - on debug crypto isakmp - on debug crypto engine - on "Cryptographic Subsystem: Crypto ISAKMP debugging is on Crypto Engine debugging is on Crypto IPSEC debugging is on" I did receive a message...
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    Best business backup software?

    Hi all. I'm currently using Symantec backup exec and I'm sick of being price gouged. I wanted to get some other opinions on backup software to see if anyone has any good experiences with the software they use. I'm looking to backup 2 servers 1 "shared folder" from a pc and an SQL Database...
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    BF2 (battlefield 2) BlackScreen starting game crash to desktop

    I'm posting this in hopes it'll find other people having this problem. Specifically hardforum searches and google searches etc.. I "Kinda" had a hard time finding a very specific answer to my question. When installing battlefield 2 and trying to play w/ the 1.5 patch I was getting a black...
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    Warhammer online?

    Anyone still play? What's the current state of this game? My friends and I are bored to tears. TIA -Dill
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    E-mail Ehtics

    I figure this question should go along the lines of webmastering. Kind of fits security too since it hits filters etc... I was recently asked to setup a new mail server and setup a new domain to send out spam. (unsolicited e-mail). My boss and I both (the only 2 IT guys) showed our...
  18. D 2008 database to listview help please

    Hello all, I'm currently reading a book but I'm also tasked to writing the program as I go. However, I have no come accross the section yet that says how to read multiple rows and put them inside of a listbox or listview in .net. I come from Vb 6 (i know don't laugh) I used to...
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    Warhammaer Opinions poll

    First I want to state that I see the thread below about warhammer info. However, I simply want to get a poll of your impressions of the game. If you feel the need to please state why you feel the game is bad or good in your own words. I encourage everyone to accept other people's opinions...
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    Intel 915 chipset socket 775

    Anyone know if a core 2 duo processor will work w/ this chipset? Currently it has p4 on it at 3.4ghz. I'm trying to find out but finding very little information. My friend wants to go get a processor tonight but want to make sure it'll work before hand. Upgrading Motherboard isn't...
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    Symantec 8300?

    Anyone know much about these? We're taking a look at this for anti-spam and wondering if anyone had success stories or troublesome stories. -Dill
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    What should I expect. Opinions/Thoughts Please

    Ok So currently I"m running on the computer in my SIG. What type of performance increase do you all think I should get from this change. I purchased the following: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 LGA 775 EVGA 8800 GTS @ 650 core 512mb ram etc. OCZ 4gb ram 2x2gb sticks w/ cas...
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    ATI 3850 AGP help please

    Which agp version of the 3850 is the best? I'm looking for a good fan that isn't too loud but isn't a piece of junk. Anyone know the standard clock speed of a 3850? I saw powercolor has one for 668? Just need a little help at trying to find the best brand to buy w/ this vid card...
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    The "shut the hell up" lame developer thread

    I really wish these lame developer's would shut the hell up. They complain about piracy, world of warcraft, sims, etc... The only thing they have to blame is themselves. I'm constantly looking for next best title. Developer's need to stop creating these buggy rushed pieces of junk and make...
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    Need help 12/4/2007 by end of today ^_^

    So, last night my PSU bit the dust and I don't have the warranty information, the box, the receipt or anything.. It's 2 years old but I think it might of still be warrantied.. ANWYAYS... I'm heading to the store tonight to purchase a new PSU. I need something that is not over kill but I also...
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    ATI 1950xt driver crash?

    I don't know if anyone else is having issues but the system in my sig is crashing from the newest ATI drivers. I thought it would be a great idea to finally update my system to the newest drivers to hopefully get more speed out of my system. I should of listened to the IT knowledge of past...
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    Mechwarrior oh where are thou!

    So yeah, I'm bored of the same ole crap. I know Mechwarrior is "old" too but they need a mechwarrior 3 remake. I just recently re-installed mechwarrior 3 and compared it to mech 4 and i think mech 4 is a giant pile of crap doo doo. Mechwarrior needs to be re-made and whomever did mech 3...
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    best internet sharing for a company?

    I need a little help. Currently the company I work for uses some crappy proxy 3rd party programs. They suck in my opinion and I want to set this network up right. Right now I'm working on a windows 2003 server box that has DHCP enabled/DNS enabled. I can make my clients point to the DNS...
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    Nice 22"

    Well yesterday I came back to the forums and read more about the x22wg Gamer. I've been watching this monitor for a little while and finally I broke down last night and got one. I'm totally amazed. I upgraded from a 19" Sony Trinitron. The graphics on the Sony were great but this new LCD takes...
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    Video Playback Problem

    Hi guyz i'm lookn for some help here. I try to play back a video on my computer and it seems to lock up. I've tried playing the video with DIVX player and Windows Media player. The computer plays audio just fine (eg cd, mp3 etc) but when I try to playback a AVI, WMV etc... the flipping...
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    this is insane. A must read for all gamers!
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    The Next Big Gaming Failure

    I'm almost 100% positive the next big gaming failure will be Warhammer Online. Why do you ask? Not because it's based on Warhammer and not the Warhammer 40k.... not because the whole orc/dwarve thing is already being done. No no... the corruptions lies deeper than that. it will die a...
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    Business solution. Please help :(

    Hi everyone, before i ask I want to thank you for checking out this thread and thank you for any advice/information you provide. Okee. So my company is very cheap when it comes down to it. YOu may say.. hey most businesses are cheap and want to cut cost etc. I can't even get exchange...
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    WoW [H]ard Guild needed question?

    ok... so currently I'm playing on Bloodscalp. Recently the guild I was in/leading fell apart. Was in a long term guild for the past 2 yrs and the base of the guild totally fell out so I merged the guild into another guild. MC "capable" - by that i mean they have enough to do MC but it's a...
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    VB Printing Problem

    Hello everyone. I'm in the process of making a dynamic phone list and I did it in a funky way ^-^ But I'd like some help. When I print out my form in vb after it's populated from a database everything is fine if the resolution is high enough. however If i turn the resolution in windows...
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    Linux, Php & MySQL need I say more?

    Hi guyz, I checked a few pages in the forum to try and find some links but my search has failed. Can anyone point me in the direction to learn mainly PHP code? I have never programmed in PHP. I'm going to do a fedora box w/ mysql and php to host a website. Got any good links you live and die...
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    64bit xp for gamers?

    Any gamers here using windows 64bit edition? I have a copy of winxp pro 32bit at home.. thinkin about doing the trade in thing for 64bit.. is it worth it? I'm 100% gamer... BF2 ,CS:Source, SWG, and WoW are what i play.. anyone having any issues or should i just stick w/ 32 bit os for now till...
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    Help w/ a motherboard build

    Ok i'm building a pc and the mb / case are my last things to get. I have a san diego 3700+, 2 raptors sata 150, 850xtpe radeon, sb audigy zs, 2 gigz of ocz 2322 ram, and god knows what else.. so you can see what type of stuff i'm into .. my budget is wide.. i'm trying ot get a performance...
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    Yet another help new pc build question!

    Ok guyz sorry to do this. I see most of the posts on the front page are asking for help on new system etc. I'm in the market for a new processor but I'm not looking to overclock. Now i see there's a lot of talk about the new venice core etc.. So besides overclocking how would it match up vs...
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    VB File Help Please

    Ok here's what's going on. I'm reading in some log files to input into an access database. Yes i know access :( but still it's a temporary storage area so i can print reports and then delete all this information. These log files come from imail and looks like this client, -, -, N...