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    Three monitors with ASUS GTX 680?

    i've been trying, with no luck, in creating an Eyefiitiy type 3 monitor display several hours with no luck. Can anyone tell me how many monitors this card will driver? It's an ASUS GTX 680 TOP Edition... 2 x DVI, 1 x HDML, 1 x Display Port. anyone?
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    UT 3 !!

    I'm still an addicted UT3 fan, and play daily... look for me online if you play :)
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    Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro Review

    MaadDaawg's Maad Review of ... THERMALTAKE Water2.0 Pro CPU Cooler I’ve been water cooling for a long time, so I took to these new self contained water cooling units with a little skepticism. Yeah, they looked nice and easy to install and maintain, but come on… cooling an over clocked...
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    Extreme Cooling ... Meh

    I've run both SS and LN2, and in the "old" days it was necessary to get optimal performance. Now, with the into of the 1155 sockets, the chips will run up to nearly 6Ghz on water if you get a good chip. Once you move into X79 territory, SS is mandatory if you want to run into the 5.5 range...