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    Supermicro x10slv-q wrong voltage + hot.

    I got a supermicro x10slv-q itx motherboard and an i3 4330. It seems to work fine, but the cpu gets quite hot even monitoring in the BIOS (about 65c with intel cooler) and the monitor also says the cpu voltage is at 1.7v i couldn't find the proper voltage for that CPU, but arent they around...
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    Synology said drive "crashed" now it seems fine?

    I got 3 WD RED 3TB drives from amazon. because last time i bought drives from NCIX they were just sitting on the bottom of a box with no padding and 2 of 3 had to be RMA'd Guess what. 2 of the ones from amazon were like that as well :confused: the other had bubble wrap. anyways i put the...
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    asus magnetic antenna. seems to screw up my mini pci network card.

    I am building a filter-sealed PC to control my CNC router, instead of bringing my laptop in the basement and getting it covered in sawdust, overspray, and swarf. Anyways it is a slightly older asus p8h67-i deluxe mini itx and it has a rather slow wireles n adapter on it. "atheros 9002wb-1ng"...
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    Never seen this, is it PSU dead, or motherboard.

    I got a new motherboard a while ago and a new power supply more recently, anyways, the power supply worked great on the first day, including multiple reboots. The next day (today) I see the motherboard power light is very dim, so I turned the physical switch off and waited (quite a long...
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    Asus Maximus gene v no rear analog audio

    I got this motherboard to replace a flakey gigabyte ga-z77m-ud3 everything went well, and the board seems a lot more solid to use. However the rear audio outputs do not seem to work. I can plug headphones or speakers in the front, and it asks what I plugged in, then it works fine. (And it...
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    anyone know how Gbyte dual bios works? (7970oc)

    I decided to try flashing the BIOS because i have the first version (F1) and sometimes the fan goes a bit crazy. anyways, the BIOS update failed for an unknown reason, and then it wouldn't boot. I cant find much information about graphics card dual BIOS, but from what i know of Gigabyte...
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    Mini heavy

    its a very small machine meant to be totally quiet and decently powerful and reasonably upgradeable. bits for this minimal project. heatsink is from 7.280" Wide x 10" Long Heatsink dell lol they have the same size power jack as intel used on this motherboard. ironically...
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    reciever does not detect multi channel HDMI sound.

    please delete. fixed
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    Little [H]eavy [H]eatpipe V2

    So i have been using this half finished silent HTPC project for quite a while now, and decided to upgrade the motherboard. (couldnt resist the asus p8z77 -i deluxe) anyways my rather ugly but well working cooler for the i3 no longer fit, Imgur album of old and new and now its an i5 ivy i...
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    can i do this with new + old ipad?

    i am not much of an apple expert, but i ordered a new ipad so i can use the old one (first gen) in my studio as a controller. i have some apps i want to keep on the old one, and some i want to put on the new one. (not jailbroken or anything) can i have split up apps i bought for the old...
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    Gigabyte 7970 OC fan freaked out

    So here i am just browsing digikey and mouser, looking at PDFs and editing a circuit board (which is not very GPU intensive) not really doing anything with my new 7970, and suddenly one of the fans shoots up to full jet engine mode from being inaudible. while it was doing that afterburner said...
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    trackmania incorrect server reply.

    i hardly ever play games, but i like to have a go playing trackmania on my projector. well today, when i try and connect to online servers i get "incorrect server reply" any other lame trackmania players having this trouble?
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    barely worth anything these days but who wants RAM?

    I have 6 sticks of corsair 2GB XMS will send in sets of 3. they were in a SR2 and folded last year. also 6 sticks of 2GB g-skill "ripjaws" also used in an SR2 that was folding last year. i believe they are all 1333 mhz officially, nothing special. any folder in canada or US who wants them, PM...
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    Unusual config, intel SRT on data drive.

    I have a system which is used as a DAW only (audio workstation) currently it is a i7 875k with 4 GB running windows 7 32 bit (because some of my gear did not have 64 bit drivers) now i am upgrading to a i7 2600k(happen to already have) with 16GB(2x8) win7x64 and a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO board. (all...
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    Back for a few projects.

    I am back at DC but dont expect what i did last year. most of those machines were sold to a render farm, i kept an SR2 with dual hex, It has been moved in to the small lian li PC-90B case (which is hptx compatible) but doesn't seem to mind that much. i have reduced the OC and enabled speedstep...
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    Mountain mods HTPX tray black.

    It had a folder on it for a while but was not put in a case. I had used one of these to modify a corsair case to fit one SR2, and was going to do do that with another one, but the much more compact Lian Li hammer arrived, so i do not need it. It does not have the PCI slot covers, but apart...
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    control apple tv from a mac.

    Someone i know has a retail store, and they bought a TV, a Mac(which they want to use as the store computer), and apple TV. (dont know why they decided on that combo, but they bought it already) they want to put the TV in the window and control what videos it is playing from the mac behind...
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    breaking up the band.

    Looks like all the machines are going to be separated and given new jobs. Dual hex core SR2 is going to a guy who i have known for ages, wants to buy a BOXX render workstation. this is the same but about 1/3 the price for him. he likes that price :) Dual quad SR2 has been earmarked since...
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    Filter, can you hear something?

    I never would have thought, but here i am :) by the way, as a synth geek i love your name :D
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    Stupid router.

    I have a DIR-665 because at the time it was supposed to be great, i has lasted much better than any linksys i had, they tend to die about a month or 2 after the warranty runs out. anyways cable connected box will either block everything else from using the internet while it is uploading, or...
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    @ theMTZ

    I think not mr lawnmowerman!
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    Slow internet connection +bigadv

    I am using the GPU Tracker and I accidentally stopped the client and the router right when it was trying to send work to the server and was sitting at 100%, anyways after i restarted it a new WU started right away, and it sent the old WU at the same time as it was running. (here i turned off...
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    Trackmania problem

    I hardly play any games, but i like to have a quick few rounds of trackmania now and again. I replaced my main computers motherboard with an EVGA SR-2 and dual 6 core xeons for folding and rendering. now the game will not run. all my other programs and games work fine. could this be...
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    GA-X58A-UD3R or PSU?

    I have a GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard with a Corsair 650W power supply, both are new. what happens, is i turn it on, and the power cycles infinitely. if i take out the 8 pin power, then it works (but i turn it off quick, to avoid damage)is this due to a defective power supply, or more likely the...
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    something strange with project 6900

    I left it running on i7 970@ 4Ghz overnight, and in the morning it was only at 2% yet there were no errors. I have been running other units on here with no trouble at all. the funny thing is FAH tracker says the last 1% only took 24 minutes, but I could clearly see it took 5 hours on the log...
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    A nice pair? looking for some 6 core xeons.

    I am looking at getting a SR2, but the hexacore xeons on ebay have kind of dried up, I would love to get a pair of them to go with it, or even a SR2 + CPU if someone wants to sell the whole shebang :) (if ram is in, because you dont need it, thats fine)
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    SLI link for Quadro 4600fx

    I have these 2 quadro cards im giving away, maybe to the same person, thing is i dont have a SLI link for them. I have an SLI link which came with a new gigabyte motherboard. are they all the same?
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    free i7 970

    almost anyways. Well, I have just recently started folding again, some slow computer somewhere has been ticking over keeping me active, but i do not even know which one it is, Anyways, i have gotten an i7 970 super cheap (6 core goodness, for $200!) and was going to put it in my current...
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    could P6T SE really handle a i7 970?

    I have this motherboard with an i7 920 on it, but it looks like i will get (given or very cheap anyways) an i7 970. The Asus website says that CPU is supported, but even the i7 920 i have does not overclock much past 3.3 with it, and I have a feeling it will "just about work, but dont expect...
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    iOS4.2 on iPad rotation lock is now mute

    I can't seem to find any way to get it back. Anyone else noticed that?
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    anyone use photobucket?

    All of a sudden when ever i try to go to photobucket it switches to mobile view. This is on my desktop PC(firefox) it is annoying and useless.
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    Little Heavy.

    I havent done one of these for a while. anyways here is "artists concept" of my minimal HTPC build. all it will contain is the motherboard CPU, RAM, Wireless N and a SSD, even the power supply is an external brick. I have bought most of the metals and heatsink has arrived, just waiting for...
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    Wireless print server.

    I was thinking of getting a wireless printer server for my printers, but i was wondering, when i install the printer software both printers (canon and hp) come to a point when it asks you to plug in the printer so it can be detected and installed. how do you get around that part, do you have...
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    Free gigabyte IRAM with 4 GB

    I have this thing and am not using it anymore. the only thing is the battery, although it works is a bit swollen up and i dont think it should be put in the mail. I would like the person who is getting it to have a reason to get it, not just because they want to accumulate something they wont...
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    Vertex firmware version

    Sorry if its a bit of a noob question but i have read that you can see the firmware version in the BIOS, my BIOS (P6T SE) just shows "OCX vertex" and no number after it. i just bought it a couple of weeks ago but i would like to ensure it has the latest firmware. any way to check it...
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    Was there a server glitch today?

    I have 16 assorted clients running and I had 4 time periods with no results today, usually there are at most 2 in a row, (especially since 3 of the clients are GPU) looking at the clients i can monitor here some of them definitely sent work without errors before those times.
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    X-03 SFF in an audio rack.

    Here is an almost fanless 2u audio rack unit. I am looking in to getting rid of that last fan as well. It it the only moving part in the whole machine. Only uses 34 watts at the plug when the DSP card is fully loaded. (66 watts when CPU is under full load as well) This is for a project i am...
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    can this be true? diamond dust compound. it looks like the diamond dust is way better than silver the temps on the final page look like a really good water cooling setup. it seems unlikely to me that it would make such a huge difference. any thoughts?
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    Strange i7 overclocking problem.

    So i got this i7 920 and i was doing some relatively mild overclocking on air,(Scythe Mugen 2) Anyways I can run prime and intelburn test till the cows come home, but if i leave my machine for a few hours idle or just downloading something it will get a BSOD after about 4 hours or so. (sometimes...
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    $200 SFF computer for mach3

    So i have been putting together a CNC mill very slowly over the last couple of years, I have gotten to the stage where it can help "build itself" so i needed a computer to run it. (its very annoying to try and mill manually with the servos attached, turning the pulleys is hard on the hands :)...