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    Can someone make some changes to these pictures of my house

    I would like to have someone make some changes so I can see what it will look like. I would like black columns and gutters to match the shutters and one with just the columns black not the gutters. Also take the crepe myrtle tress out. I have no idea whats involved to do this so if its a big...
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    I have pictures of my daughters graduation I need something changed on

    hope this is the right place to post this. The company that took the pictures of the graduation use the same diploma for everyone. I would like someone to change the name on it to hers. I have pictures of her diploma with her name on it so if someone could use that to put her name on the one...
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    MacBook Air harddrive upgrade

    I have a 11-inch, Late 2010 Air Book and want to put in a bigger drive...has anyone ever done this if so what drive did you use...if you have any recommendations please post. thanx
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    Time to upgrade

    This has seen better days its time to upgrade...its connected to a SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0..most everything is wired but do have a few things wireless..we game, download heavy, stream movies....not worried about easy or price just want reliability, speed. thanx
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    Do I need a HTPC ???

    I have this all I am wanting to do is stream video. I need a easy way for the wife and daughter to stream videos. They shoot video and have most on usb drives if I could plug the drives right in to the TV that would be great, I know that cant happen, or can it?? So what is the easiest way...
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    What color laser printer

    I need a color laser printer for home use...this will be use mostly by my daughter mostly for school stuff...would like it to be network ready...also not looking to brake the bank but know they are more that a ink jet any input would be great thanx
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    What board for a Phenom II X4 965 that support SLI

    I have a Phenom II X4 965 still in the box and 2 Geforce GTX 260. thanx for the help
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    what should I get?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, Web Browsing, DVD ripping, HD video 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Can spend what I want but not going to go "all out" 3) Where do you live? New Orleans 4) What exact parts do you...
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    ASUS P5N32 - SLI - Premium System Wont Post

    I have changed out everything but the CPU (Q6600) things were fine then nothing... The usb keyboard and mouse dont even light up but the harddrive spins and the green light on the board comes I said I have changed everything even the power supply... any ideas??? thanx
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    What cable modem

    what would you say is the best modem on this list??? This will be used on Suddenlink. thanx Ambit: 60678EU U10C018 -------------------- Best Data: CMX110 CMX300 CMX300 v2 -------------------- Belkin: F5D5530-W -------------------- Broadxent: 8601 --------------------...
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    What MB for a Phenom II x4 965

    I have a Phenom II x4 965 and 2 GeForce GTX 260 video cards, what motherboard would you get??? This will be mostly for gaming and some lite overclocking :D link to CPU...
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    want a new motherboard, what do you think??

    I have the following q6600 Tower 120 CPU cooler G92 8800 GTS x 2 G.Skill 4gigs 2x2GB kits XP pro will be used for gaming would like to overclock have $200 to spend Im in the US right now I have all of this in a ASUS P5N32-SLI Permium (any reason to keep it??) thanx for...
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    what board should I get???

    I have a Q6600 and 2 8800 GTs what board would you get?? I may try some overclocking but its not that important thanx
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    warm, FSP powersupply
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    cpu cooling??? intel

    I have the following and need good air cpu cooling CPU (Engineering Sample) Motherboard Case will be mostly for gaming thanx for any replies
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    360 anyway to wipe it clean??

    just picked up a used 360 and would like to wipe it clean, kinda of like a reload of windows...I have formated the HD...anything I can do to get the 360 it self back to factory setting??? thanx
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    360 accessory's and forum??

    for buying accessory's and a good forum for the 360 thanx
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    wanting to make the 360 move

    My daughter and I have a modded xbox now and want to make the jump to a 360...I have done some reading but still have some questions.. This will be used just for gaming...I really dont know what bundle we should get and really dont know what the it just the hard drive thats the...
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    Missing 325 Gb from new Harddrive

    Just put in a 500Gb Maxtor, Model # 7H500F0 and loaded Windows XP Pro and the drive show up as only 175 Gb?? Bios see the drive as 500Gb But windows only sees 175Gb??? any Ideas where to start?? thanx
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    rework a pic, this the right place to ask someone??

    well a friend of mine is into BDSM and likes this pic but she would love it if the skull was gone and not as much blood :D maybe change the skull to something/take it out??? and maybe leave some of the blood making it blend in??? thanx
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    Verbatim 4GB USB Drive $17.98 @ OM

    Verbatim 4GB USB Drive @ OfficeMax No Rebates Required: Save $32 Instantly! Final Price After Instant Savings $17.98! Reg $49.98 Offer Valid: 12/31-1/6. link
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    What would you do??

    Friend is looking at getting a new box and is asking what would be better, no he cant do both :) upgrading from a 7900gt to a 7950gt $145 or upgrading from a Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz to a 2.4 $125 thanx
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    Question on SLI setup

    I have a XFX 7800PV-T70F-UND7 would this one PV-T70F-UNF7work with it?? MB is a MSI K8N pro/cons thanx
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    Help...short in adapter killed drive

    I got my dad a 100gig drive for his laptop and was going to ghost his old drive to it, well the adapter I was using to connect the laptop drive to my computer shorted out…now the drive is not recognized at all…it spins up but is not recognized in the bios…every time I do work for family it cost...
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    right place for this?? Need a 2 line phone system

    sorry if this is not the right place....we are in need of a 2 line phone system...we have 2 lines that roll....what we need is a good system that can run a hold message that is easy to change...need to take messages...have wireless handsets and wired...we tried cybergenie, like what it can do...
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    Anyone setup/use something like quickbooks point of sale??? right now we use a dos program but need something better...I am looking at this any help would be great thanx
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    What would you get??

    I have read the sticky but still have no idea what to get for cpu cooling. I am not going to overclock, yes I know a sin :) Looking for very good air cooling. Here is what I have 4000+ Clawhammer MSI K8N SLI-F thanx
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    Im using XP pro and have a ton of Processes running, how can I find out what they are and if I need then??? thanx
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    what do I have???

    or tell me where I can find out I have a AMD chip here that has the following ADA4000DEP5AS CAAZC0446CPMW 1002A33K40013 thanx
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    9100 to a XPS

    I remember reading about a guy that changed a few of the shell parts to make his 9100 look like a XPS, anyone remember this?? If you do can you post the link... It was how and where he got the parts to do it. I used the search and cant find anything :( Thanx
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    7200rpm for a Dell 9100, Opinions wanted

    I have this and want to upgrade the HD...I want a 7200rpm, what do you think??? and where would get it?? thanx
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    Breakfast at Midnight presented by

    its free thanx
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    Just got a BenQ DW1620-2C3..what media??

    I am looking for DL media, whats a good name at a good price...dont need the best just need a good price and where would you get it from? thanx
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    Opinions on memory for a Dell 9100

    I have this as you can see I need a memory upgrade. Thinking about 2 512 sticks... what brand would you get becides Dell?? thanx
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    What power supply??

    I need a Power supply and have no idea about these things... this is what I have: Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherboard AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+ CORSAIR XMS Extreme 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200 BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra AGP 256MB DDR3 2 WD 120gig drives LiteOn CDR/ DVD -+ LiteOn DVD going to...
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    25% off any purchase plus free shipping from

    promotional code IPOD04 thanx
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    What would you do??

    I have a 5950 Ultra and a Vanilla 6800, what one would you use?? Playing Doom3. thanx nash
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    Wife bugging me to get her a good printer and scaner...

    she is wanting some good stuff. any ideas that wont take an arm and leg?? willing to give a arm or a leg but not both :D :D mostly for printing and scanning pics thanx