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    Need recommendation on SATA JBOD controller.

    I have an LSI 9240-8i and its not compatible with either an Asus 990 FX nor a Taichi x370. It works in my Gigabyte 970, but that board I have no confidence in. So please recommend me a controller card that is relatively cheap and relatively fast. No fewer than 4 SATA ports. This is for linux...
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Or am I just pissing in the wind? Yes, I get separate groups for each video card, but everything else (SATA, LAN, Audio, add-in cards) is thrown together with everything else. NOTHING EXCEPT VIDEO IS ISOLATED, which makes this nearly worthless. Is this an AMD problem? An x370 problem? An...
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    Ryzen Linux users. My 1700 won't go faster than 3000 MHz

    Currently using Ubuntu Mate 17.04. With 100% load using "stress --16" none of my cores ever go faster than 3000 MHz. In Windows 10 it works fine. Has anyone else observed this behavior and how did you fix it? Asrock Taichi with 2.0 bios, Ryzen 1700, EVGA ram @ 3200 and Corsair 115i AIO
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    Quick and dirty Asrock Taichi x370 review/experience.

    1) Bought a Taichi, Ryzen 1700 and 16 gigs of EVGA 3200 mhz ram from Microcenter. Why EVGA ram? It was the cheapest 3200 ram they had and it chaffes me that we are getting screwed on DDR4 ram prices right now. 2) The BIOS version from the factory my board shipped with doesn't have a built...
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    Taichi in stock at DFW Microcenter

    Just a heads up.
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    Web Cam Help. Looking for software...

    Looking for software, or some ability to let users control (pan/tilt) my new Creative Motion camera remotley. Ideally it would be all browser based. Anyone have any idea how this is done?
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    Is this normal? Or is the hard drive dead.

    This is a 3 week old 200 gig Maxtor diamondmax plus9 sata hard drive that was connected to an 11 drive sata raid 5 array on a 3ware controller card. I havent taken apart a hard drive in years, so I didnt know what to expect. The drive started "beeping" and making clicking sounds. Yes, I...
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    Another Doom 3 Sound Question

    I have an Audigy 2 ZS connected to a Sony 5.1 reciever. DVD's play in 5.1, but it seems Doom 3 doesnt. What could I be doing wront? Thank you hondaman
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    Dell P1110. Comments please.

    I need to replace my dying pos KDS 21vs I can pick up a Dell P1110 new and locally for 300.00. What is the good/bad/ugly about this monitor? hondaman