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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    is it only web browsers that have the issue? you could turn off hw rendering. a lot of nvidia people need to do that due to bsod issues, so your sort of in deep shit on either boat. suppose its a handy thing about keeping my 5870, the drivers are extremely stable?
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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    theres i remember two different ways to align the rgb cells of a monitor and microsofts cleartype assumes the common one, see if playing around with cleartype yields any results? Your 460's perhaps didnt do such a good job at doing the AA thing with dx10/11 titles as your current card, just a...
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    Is a Catalyst setting causing in-game text to appear grainy and blurry?

    try setting in CCC and games the 'worst' AA settings possible manually. try it in the games first, as theres no way in drivers to set zero AA. The dirty secret of AA is its really the equivalent of using the blur tool in photoshop all over the edges of geometry.I personally see no reason/point...
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    Smartphone to get?

    my galaxy s2 stock battery CM7 runs 2~3 days light use, ~4 hours playing games on it or 8 or so hours web browsing. just dont run the lcd at maximum brightness, theres a huge difference in power consumption at 100% compared to 60% but only very slight visual difference. I imagine there will be...
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    5870 - where to next?

    I run a 5870 and still have not even had a reason to overclock it yet and i have played most of the games out there, always 1920x1080 and always completely maxed out and highest DX level selectable in-game. I personally feel that until we start seeing truely next gen games come out such as...
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    Yea, they will call them higher resolution displays ;) the industry has been slacking. theres no way to seamless a monitor without weird optics which will equally drive me crazy *shrugs*
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    i personally dont dig the multi display deal at all unless you do it projector style, the separation between displays drives me apeshit, i run dual monitors for the 2d aspects not 3d
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    How many screens of output can be rendered froma video game?

    ati for eyefinity demo in the 5xxx series ran 24 displays. Displayport supports daisy chaining up to 4 displays per channel, obviously special hardware was used for the monitor hookups as displayport isnt even adopted fully yet, never mind daisy chaining
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    Considering a chilled loop, thoughts?

    if you want to do it cheaply as possible use a window unit AC and a icebox like you'd go camping with, take apart the AC, but dont cut any of the copper lines. mod the icebox so you can close it and also make holes at the top-ish and bottom-ish so you can run the pump through it. MCP655's can...
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    Need a laptop for university with 6+ hours battery life

    my T510 with standard high cap battery lasts 5 hrs at maximum brightness all radios on, i have got it to last 8 easly. and the battery extension module is rated for 12 hrs+ :eek: They are remarkably well thought out and built. things you begin to take for granted, silly things like being able...
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Actually, you would be surprised how many cards you can cool with generic gpu water blocks and a 80mm fan, i been doing it for almost 10 years now. you just cant do those multi gpu cards without serious modifications. Its a lot easier if you can locate gpus that have segmented/missing vreg...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Its actually my case he linked. It is a old photo and i fixed it up a little more. but this should get you a general idea yellow stuff is kapton tape(get asked that one all the time) if i do not find a better case...
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    It was red but to my disappointment it turned pink. Have been unfruitful thus far finding a case that I considered to be an improvement
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Finally got inspired to tinker around with the wire management with my new hardware. Anyone have any suggestions/comments? Dual Loops plus raid array is tricky to fit in this case, but i cant find any cases that i like better that would improve my situation. :(
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    Lapped my 2600k and got 5C improvement immediately. I have lapped every cpu and water block I have owned.
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    Auzentech Forte is dying

    DSP is indeed better, you use an open air mic? i havent played with noise canceling because it only works with two channel. i do like the fact that you can manually control the LFE crossover freq tho and you got a equalizer for messing around with your audio EAX emulation is somewhat a moot...
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    Auzentech Forte is dying

    Audioengine A5? thats what i found doing a google search at least. if so, class AB is pretty decent for built in amplifier and freq response is good. you probably want to go after analog signal quality like i did, but as you apparently are not concerned with more then two channels (?) the Xonar...
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    Auzentech Forte is dying

    you need to catch them when they are around, newegg seems to be getting stock every now and again. Given that its the highest quality analog 8 channel sound card you can get your hands on for consumer. like you said, only downside is its missing the headphone tuned output(think the stx is...
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    Intel E8400 running hot

    I use 240 all the way to 2000 grit, but 1000 should be plenty good. Make sure you do it wet
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    Water Cooling questions. [First time]

    i looked up the motherboard, no note of the nf200 chip, i checked for that, plus i suggested gulftown, which shows similar performance to sandy bridge at least stock vs stock. Does the nf200 coprocessor even support crossfire? thought it was a nvidia only deal either way, if it does have the...
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    Power supply possible problem

    know someone with a scope or multimeter? expensive way to go, buying a new psu for the sake of a suspicion
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    Intel E8400 running hot

    note the sand marks on the 'ES' that was only sanded until it was flat, not all the way through the nickel you dont see them in the pictures but i've also got an E8400, its been retired to 'server duty' still runs to this day, almost 4 years later when i was running it at 4.5 ghz, 533 bus (as...
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    Intel E8400 running hot

    Intel cpus are nortoriously concave. Sand both of them flat using well known lapping processes. Cpu heat spreaders are about half a cm thick, dont worry about "sanding through" I can take pics to prove if you need as I deihs'd a few in my years. Just please dont sand dry or without using a flat...
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    Overclocking help with 2600K

    intel burntest uses linpack. linpack is presently one of the most stressful benchmarks, nearly guaranteeing 100% load on all avail processing units. It looks to me like your seeing the effects of LLC by chance, are you overvoltaging by an offset voltage? you should really set a fixed voltage...
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    Water Cooling questions. [First time]

    i have two points to make here: 1.a cougar point will never need to be water cooled: from intel datasheet 1.b cougar point doesnt need overvoltage unless your doing extreme overclocking, likely nothing you can accomplish at water cooling 2. Sandy bridge only yields you two options: a: two 8x...
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    Voltage Creep on cpu?

    grounding out the tab on a mosfet will probably simply just bake the smps, not give transients through the outputs. anything is possible tho. For all we know his old power supply sagged under load and this one isnt so he's seeing LLC style boost i find it most likely tho that his 3.3v or 5v...
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    Voltage Creep on cpu?

    how about some real measurements all round with a multimeter/scope. idle vs load 12v, 5v and 3.3v rails would be a start. you can measure cpu vreg too, looking at it from the chokes usually gives you what you are looking for
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    All computers except my server(its the internet gateway) gets shut off when not going to be used for more then 2 hours. Definitely shut off my tube amp I use on my desktop too whenever I walk away for more then a few minutes
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    Has anyone modded a Thermaltake Armor?

    I have near perfect wire management with my thermaltake armor, haven't found a case I like better even tho I have tried. ignore the fan over the cpu, was there for 5 ghz fooling around "
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    Petition for Asus to allow swapping all P67 owners for Z68 if requested...

    i think i read somewhere that sleep issues were due to overclocking on sandy bridge. I personally have not used sleep mode in about 8 years on a desktop computer. if your storage solution is worth half a shit it takes just as long to wake up from standby as it does to boot your computer(at least...
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    Mid-Range 5.1... a barren wasteland?

    most people these days go after HTIB based setups. you could always pick up a nice reciever and mooch off your 5300e's satellites until you can afford something better (there 8 ohm nominal impedance FYI)
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    Which operating system for a home server

    No, but its really fast. I have a "prototype" of each machine and for instance it took 5 minutes to restore a image to my laptop quite literally, I think it was reporting 8 GB/minute. Its mostly limited by my gigabit
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    Which operating system for a home server

    If you don't mind booting clients to a cd, clonezilla works great for me. I personally have it setup to use pxe and my nfs servers but it supports netbios and livecd's. Does automation to
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    In a bit of a GPU pickle...

    You happen to be running in windowed mode? can't remember if crossfire needed vista or not, new abstraction framework might help tho
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    Sandy Server Build Critique

    I was more so comparing to ext4, but I guess you are sort of right on checksums, but any decent raid controller should have decent error correction built in, why add the cpu overhead
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    Sandy Server Build Critique "better then anything else*" *on random threaded small file writes only
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    looking for thermocouple amplifiers

    I'm using a microcontroller, so a ds18b20 is fine to interface with, I was considering thermocouples as they can be very flat and small
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    looking for thermocouple amplifiers

    i was somewhat planning on using a stainless steel tube to insert the thermocouple into and then use arctic silver epoxy to seal it all in, but sounds like the gain in accuracy is too minimal to be even worth assembing the opamp circuit or paying for a IC solution. so your thinking using...
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    any non cube style cases that can internal fit double 2x120

    not a big fan of that concept, but i suppose it indeed is an option that may broaden my case choices