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    Good Cheap Fan Controller

    30 watts will run anything short of the bid Delta fans, more than enough for most case fans.
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    Google Sheltering $10B In Bermuda

    Considering on how the top guys at Google are Progressives, who verbally condemn anyone using offshore accounts I don't think the main issue is who or what they can sponsor with their money - they've been doing that all along, The moral to this story is that the rich fold who advocate for...
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    Moving from x58 to Ivy Bridge - recommendations please

    Let us know how it turns out :)
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    I need help OCing i7 920 for streaming.

    I have a couple EVGA Classified motherboards that I think I listed for sale :P Very good at overclocking :D About your chip, depending on which stepping it is, the 920 was one of the best fixed core clock CPUs around for OCing, especially the "D: stepping ones. You manipulate the BCLK in...
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    New to water cooling

    Too many links to go through, so I'll just add some 2 cents on top of what came previously :D You will not get the performance from any prefilled closed system (such as the Corsair H80) that you would out of a well conceived custom built loop. Ain't gonna happen. I've reviewed both the H80...
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    Weird Temperature Problem

    If the motherboard has a jumper or switch for sub-zero, make sure it's set to off. Reseat your CPU, you are probably not getting good contact between the CPU and heat sink / water block. Use a premium TIM recheck :D
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    Three monitors with ASUS GTX 680?

    Full system specs? ok Rampage III Extreme black Edition, water cooled Swiftech HD CPU water block Intel i7 980x hexcore 12GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000Mhz C8 ASUS GTX 680 TOP Edition Corsair AX1200 PSU Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Drivers most recent as of last week 3 x ASUS WW266H Monitors Still...
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    Three monitors with ASUS GTX 680?

    I'll keep putzing with it then :D thanks guys
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    Three monitors with ASUS GTX 680?

    I'm having trouble getting the NV Surround span working.
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    Three monitors with ASUS GTX 680?

    i've been trying, with no luck, in creating an Eyefiitiy type 3 monitor display several hours with no luck. Can anyone tell me how many monitors this card will driver? It's an ASUS GTX 680 TOP Edition... 2 x DVI, 1 x HDML, 1 x Display Port. anyone?
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    Best AntiVirus

    I have a friend who is Director of IT at a firm in the UK that provides equipment to movie studios and recording artists. He had his team do a study last year and they came away saying that Kasparksy was the best product. Since, I've read reports that the new Kasparsky PURE is far and away...
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    Best LGA 2011 air heat sink?

    Nice thing about the high end Thermaltake HSF is that they come NATIVE for 2011 sockets. Easy peasy to mount. The Frio OCK is great but loud, the Frio Extreme uses two 140mm PWM fans and is nice and quiet - will beat the noctua in cooling too. Note you'd need low profile ram for the Extreme...
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    Which Asus MB to get for my 3770K

    R.O.G. Gene is great for extreme overclocking, but too small for a gamer IMO. I'd look at either the formula or the extreme. But that's just me :P
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    Help me build a balling Ivy Bridge watercooled system in a TJ11 :-)

    I didn't read all 7 pages leading up to this, so I may be repeating someone... even myself perhaps :P Koolance makes a really cool 2 bay reservoir that can accommodate either one or two Lang D5 pumps. You can use one pump and combine the two resv's, or, you can use two pumps and have two...
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    Computer Won't Boot

    Any time a new video card causes system instability, the cause is almost always an insufficient power supply. Hopefully, you didn't destroy anything on your mobo or HDDs in the process. Either your PSU died, or something else did, or both. Never skimp on a power supply, it's the most...
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    UT 3 !!

    Yep, that would be me :D official team name is =TS=MaadDaawg :D oh man, just saw you're DazedandConfused !! You're a really good player Bro :)
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    UT 3 !!

    NO ARROWS in UT3.. think someone was confused :P
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    UT 3 !!

    I play on Team_Stealth (=TS=) or (RIIP) servers. Tons of new maps out all the time. The Gdawg maps (not me) are prolific and the originals are still around too. I play mostly team deathmatch now, deathmatch if no teams available. Never played the campaign. Mostly a good crowd looking to...
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    Computer crashed with mem dump, now will not start

    to late now, but you should always go into windows and set it so that the blue screen stays visible until you're ready for it to go away, otherwise, there is no chance to read what the problem is. The blue screen actually gives you quite a bit of info of what caused the problem and that can...
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    GPU question

    That's my thought exactly. The entire system is too old to support that card, especially the mobo
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    Need quiet video card recommendation

    ASUS makes fanless video cards in either green or red flavors. I prefer green myself, but... :D
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    Does Gigabyte make good mice, I'm planning on upgrading mine?

    NO, very few things Gigabyte makes are good.
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    Where to find Beige Cherry MX Keycaps?

    Have you tried writing to your keyboards manufacturer? Never seen them as an aftermarket type of deal
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    Light, small gaming mouse

    I know a lot of people complain about fitting this mouse into their game (and hand), but I simply LOVE my RAT 7. Small, nice weight, good glides, GREAT lasers ... much better than the Razer Mamba I used to use :D
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    this is ridiculous

    YEP, pretty stupid if you ask me
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    I need a new mouse with a satisfying click

    I love my RAT 7 :)
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    Those Samsung 30nm suckers are awesome!

    yes, they are great sticks... just add voltage and they fly :) Why would you want to de-lid your CPU for a cheap water cooler. I've only seen that done before for LN2 over clocking??? what do you think you'll gain?
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    cable shortening

    Won't be long till you're paying an arm and a leg for extensions after you upgrade your vid cards next time ???
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    What Corsair PSU should I get?

    agreed, the gold standard is worth the extra bucks, and they 212... meh
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    Are 2006 PSUs still going to be okay for 2019?

    Newegg, ... no taxes either :) underpowered PSUs, or, old unreliable ones, can take out your system when they die. NOT WORTH THE RISK IMO.
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    Thermaltake Frio Advanced Cooler

    The advanced is kind of a bastard child of the Frio line. It's there but they never really promoted it. The Frio OCK is an awesome cooler, but with the fans on high it gets kind of loud. The Frio Extreme is huge and requires low profile ram, but the PMW fans are nice and quiet :)
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    Good low noise cooler for mild overclock of 3770K?

    Neither. Get yourself a Thermaltake Frio Extreme (if you have low profile ram). Both 140mm fans have 4 pin connectors so the speed is controlled by the mobo PMW. Nice and quiet and super cooling
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    Quick Help: Swiftech Apogee HD vs XSPC Raystorm Copper

    Swifty Apogee HD is an awesome block... unbeatable
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    Case Fan suggestions

    Front and side blows in. Top, back blow out. Ideally, you should have more CFM blowing out to create negative pressure. Yate Loon makes good fans. Might want to consider some good strong fans with a fan controller so you can have strong fans when you need them and quiet fans when you want...
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    2600K CPUVID Changing?

    software voltage reports are not overly dependable, use your DMM if you have one and test on the board
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    Abit IC7-MAX 3

    Time to move into the 21st century methinks
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    Radom freezes, dont know whats causing it

    Do a fresh windows install, sounds like your OS got tweaked somehow. timing not right for a PSU problem, or RAM for that matter.
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    Diamond RMA - my god

    Good to know. Customer service is an important part of any purchase decision
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    GTX 680 Poll !

    with the ASUS TOP you get a card that you KNOW the GPU has been binned for performance. The Lightning gives you all the bells and whistles (same as the ASUS) for overclocking, but I don't believe the GPUs are binned... could be wrong
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    Time for an upgrade...?

    GTX 670 card is a great card, but if you want full eye candy in BF3 go with a GTX 680, you'll be glad you did :)