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    Thoughts on the TU150?

    Just curious what people's thoughts are on the Lian LI TU150?
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    In Win A1 case?

    Any reviews for this case yet, what are people thoughts on it? You think it's too big for SFF PC?
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    Could someone help me I don't know what happened

    So I turned my monitor off (Benq G2400w) while my computer was still on and I come back an hour later turn my monitor back on and now my display is on a 4:3 ratio 1024 by 768 and my refresh rate is stuck on 64 hertz with no other options. Any idea what happened?
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    When if Gabe Newell doing his AMA ?

    I'm just curious when is Gabe doing his AMA? it's been a while since he announced he would do it. or did they not make the 500k charity goal.
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    NZXT T40 or Cooler master 212 evo?

    Was looking at buying the Cooler master 212 evo for $32.99 but I noticed they have the NZXT T40 on sale for $14.99. Would it be a good deal to get the T40 for less than half of the CM 212 EVO? Will be using it on my Q6600 (for now) but will be building a new PC down the road and would like to...
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    Strange problem...

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place to post this but I have a video file 5.6gb, when I tried to copy it to my USB flash drive (7.25Gb free) it says I don't have enough room?
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    What are the most graphic intensive games coming out?

    Just curious, what are the most graphic intensive games coming out.... BF4, Witcher 3?
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    Half-Life 3 coming 2014?

    Apparently (rumor) HL3 will be coming out late next year for almost all platforms Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be single player only and carry on where episode 2 left off. They are supposed to have a trailer and demo ready in time for E3 2014...
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    Zalman CNPS 5x?

    Just curious if this would be any better than the stock Heatsink and fan that came with my Q6600? Don't want to spend a lot of money on a H&F for such an old CPU but I seen it on sale for like $6.99 after rebate and was wondering if it would be worth it?
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    Is my LCD tv fixable?

    The screen was hit by accident an now the colors are all messed up. The glass itself isn't broken.
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    What will be the Next game that will take over the graphics crown?

    I know graphics aren't everything that makes a good game but I'm just curious if there are any games on the horizon the will be better looking than BF3/Crysis?
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    OCZ Vertex 3 120 any good? $87 new?

    Just ordered a OCZ Vertex 3 120GB after shipping, taxes and Rebate came to $87.00, is it descent deal? any problems with these drives?
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    The Disc in drive D is not formatted?

    I turned my computer on this morning went out of the room and when I came back it was frozen on a black screen, so I rebooted and now when I click on by 2Tb drive is says The disk in drive D has not been formatted Do you want to format now? The drive is only a week or two old. Virus?
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    New Battery won't charge

    I just replaced the battery for my brothers Aspire 8920g it says ( 0% available, plugged in charging) it will look like it wants to charge when I first turn it on but after a second it does nothing? It will shut off if I unplug the power chord. Could windows 7 have something to do with it...
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    Could someone recommend a pair of Wireless Headphones for PC

    My wired Sony Headphones are dying I think the wire has been run over by my computer chair and kids to many times. I'm looking for a decent set of wireless (Bluetooth?) headphones that are clear and that won't break the bank preferably Over the ear. I was looking at these...
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    SSD and XP

    Would I have any problems using an SSD on XP?
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    Is this drive any good?

    I noticed this drive for $109 just curious if it is any good? descent price?
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    Descent Video Card for Games/3d max?

    Could someone recommend a descent video card for games like BF3, Crysis 2 ..etc and i'm learning 3dsmax as a non professional. I was thinking of getting a AMD 6950 it's around my budget...good choice?
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    6850 powerful enough to play BF3?

    I'm upgrading on a budget, would this card be enough to play it on descent settings? Any preference to which brand is better XFX,Powercolor,Gigabyte,Sapphire..etc
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    Coolit Eco Water Cooling system...

    I was think about picking one of these up for my Q6600 and I'm wondering what peoples opinions are on it, worth the $40.00? would I be able to overclock my CPU with it? I don't have the money for a new system yet so I'm trying to get the most out of what I have for another year or so.
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    Google search

    Problem solved.
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    Has anyone else bought a Playbook?

    I just bought a BlackBerry playbook as a gift for my mother (finally) got it for $199 up here in Canada and will receive it at the end of the month... I'm curious of peoples opinions on it, has anyone had any problems with it?
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    Crucial M4 CCA?

    Never mind
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    How much is BF3 pushing PC graphics?

    I'm just curious Is the PC capable of putting out better graphics or is BF3 the best it can do with the latest hardware?
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    Cedar Trail chips powerful enough?

    Just curious if the new Cedar Trail chips like the Atom D2700 will be powerful enough for a HTPC to play ripped Blu Rays and some rom's in XBMC? Am I better off getting an I3 2100 instead?
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    Can a hacker Block Internet access?

    For the last month my Internet seems to get blocked or I lose connection just for a few minutes at time, it can't be my router because it will happen when it isn't hooked up. My computer seems to be going slower like it is try to process something but when I check task manager the CPU usage...
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    PS4 concept design?

    Is this a real concept design or fake?
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    3d animation software?

    I am thinking about getting into 3d animation as a hobby and I'm curious is there one better over the other and which is the most user friendly for a beginner Maya, Lightwave, 3dmax (most popular?), Softimage XSI, Cinema 4D, blender (free)..etc
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    Is this normal temps?

    Is this normal temps and mhz for a stock Q6600? 1867mhz?
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    How do I know what video card is installed?

    I installed XP on a friends computer and scrolling on web pages is slow and wavy like there is no video card driver installed when I looked to see properties/setting/advanced/adapter it says is an older acer PC. How do I know which/if a Video card is installed?
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    Youtube won't let me access my account?

    I went to youtube and got this message so I logged out and tried logging back in but it won't let me I get this message . Is there anyway around this? I don't want a Gmail account, I'm a bit surprised they would force this.
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    Stream Netflix to my TV?

    I am thinking about trying Netflix Canada 30 day trial and I'm curious what's the easiest way to stream Netflix to my TV (Samsung LN40A530) I don't think it supports Netflix nor does my Blue-ray player (Pioneer BDP-121)?. I have a 10/1 cable connection with a wireless G router (Linksys 5RT54G)
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    Motorola Xoom $799?

    I was getting really excited to get this product but apparently at $799 (rumor?) it will cost way out of my price range, what would be the best option for about $500 it will be a gift for my mother...I've been saving up my money for a while now and want to get her something nice and easy to use...
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    Ipod touch alternative?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I'm looking for a late gift for my mother and she likes to play games like solitaire on my brothers Ipod touch and I'm curious if there is anything in the same price range $150-$200 that does the same thing with maybe a bigger screen?
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    Valve cancel E3 Press conference

    It's over...:mad:
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    Powercolor 5770 a good budget upgrade?

    I'm looking to upgrade my Video card, right now I'm using a Visiontek 3850 256MB and I'm thinking of getting a Powercolor 5770 1GB for $159 Canadian.Would it be worth upgrading over my 3850MB,is the 5770 any good?
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    Intel and Micron Unveil 25nm NAND Flash Apparently they are working on an ever smaller process than 25nm as well.I guess we can only hope that the price shrinks as well.
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    Crysis 2 preview I think they listened to the fans and fixed everything that was wrong in the original game at least in my opinion,no more jungle,better environments(New York) cooler Aliens that look human,more emphasis on story,more death and destruction.
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    Crysis 2 and the Structure Procedural System?

    I was reading this article and they show a demonstration of the Structure Procedural System which was apparently developed by a guy from Crytek and I'm curious do you think they will implement this...
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    Is this the 5970's/5870x2 specs?