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    Bing Keeps Growing As Google Declines YOY

    after what google did to ipad users, (forced lame mobile search when the screen is big enough for desktop) it means switching search engines, or switching to a browser with user agent spoofing. I'm guessing a few pussed off people opted for the former.
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    Real 272HP Hoverboard That Costs $20,000

    if only there was some kind of mechanical device that is compact directional, and requires no energy to suspend your vehicle while stationary. we could call it a "wheel"
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    Apple Rumored To Be Developing High-Resolution Audio Formats

    and then you play it on apple beats headphones? may as well stick with mp3
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    Goodbye Catalyst Control Center – Hello Radeon Software Crimson Edition!

    2010: AMD “Our **monthly** ATI Catalyst driver updates further illustrate that commitment as we focus on continually enabling greater performance, even more rock solid stability, and intuitive, innovative features.”
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    The ASUS ROG GX700 Has An Insane Liquid Cooling Dock

    it looks about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
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    YouTube Gamers Are Mad At Jimmy Kimmel

    he is just a big business entertainment shill for movies, tv, music, books etc. of course he will belittle people who do something that does not profit his sponsors.
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    Finally the rest of the Skylake line up

    TDP is how much power you can use, not how much it uses at default speed.
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Are the new "usb3.1" versions of x99 boards fixing the dead ports and flakey usb problems (without admitting there was anything wrong, of course)?
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    AMD HBM High Bandwidth Memory Technology Unveiled @ [H]

    remember when ATI would just make a graph that started above zero to emphasize a tiny advantage? even though they sucked in all other measures? well look no more AMD has improved the technology to, "just making shit up®"
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    It has booted fine with the hub attached several more times since i did the VIA firmware update. I think it is fixed!
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    People with the VIA USB hub chip "812" i went to ankers web site and they have a firmware update tool which updated my anker hub to firmware 8584 i believe it is a VIA tool so you can use it on any hub that has that chipset. it updates very...
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    Apple’s Trick for Using “As Little Gold As Possible” In Its $17k Watch

    My casio battery has so far lasted FIVE THOUSAND times longer than the apple watch battery, and the watch has not been crippled by any IOS updates a couple of years after release. And not only that but they managed to use even less gold than apple. (Zero)
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    Verizon Responds To Net Neutrality Vote

    Corporations are people, spiteful selfish little brats, by the sound of things.
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    Nivdia special SLI bridge are collectors items??

    This would go perfect with it and perform the exact same function.
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    Supermicro x10slv-q wrong voltage + hot.

    I got a supermicro x10slv-q itx motherboard and an i3 4330. It seems to work fine, but the cpu gets quite hot even monitoring in the BIOS (about 65c with intel cooler) and the monitor also says the cpu voltage is at 1.7v i couldn't find the proper voltage for that CPU, but arent they around...
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    The Case For 30fps PC Gaming

    Rogue runs fine at 30fps
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    Ferrari Sued For Taking Over Facebook Fan Page

    I used to have a web site of tips and tricks for Sony acid music software, yes lawsuit and spyware happy Sony. Even they did not do shit like that, but gave me fee licenses to give away in contests and their entire collection of sample CDs. Then someone bought the domain and ran it in to the...
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    NFL Bans Players from Wearing Beats Headphones on Camera

    What do you mean. Beats is an apple product. There were no such thing as headphones before apple invented them.
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    Windows 10 Technical Preview Using Real-Time Keylogger?

    It would be pretty easy to check with wireshark.
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    8 CPU Intel Motherboard with 1.5 terabyes of memory?
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Is the x99-PRO ever going to be released, or just the x99-A?
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    Man Sentenced to Prison for Excessive Calls and Texts

    Couldn't she just use the block feature?
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    AT&T And Verizon Say 10Mbps Is Too Fast For 'Broadband'

    I think american isps are applying part of moore's law. Every year what you get is smaller.
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    Synology said drive "crashed" now it seems fine?

    I got 3 WD RED 3TB drives from amazon. because last time i bought drives from NCIX they were just sitting on the bottom of a box with no padding and 2 of 3 had to be RMA'd Guess what. 2 of the ones from amazon were like that as well :confused: the other had bubble wrap. anyways i put the...
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    windows 8/8.1 scheduling disk degrag on ssds by default

    Is the SSD actually in the list of disks to be defragges? 1)Open Disk Defragmenter 2)Click the Configure schedule button 3)Click the Select disks button
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    Recommand me 8 bay storage enclosures ? I built one of those up for my friend, it just takes any old mini itx (with pcie slot) and you have to provide a card and sas/sata cables. I used a supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i software raid card. And he had drives to put in. Its a bit of a...
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    Intel Principle Engineer wants to Know if You would Buy 12-Core Extreme Processor

    If its going to cost the same as the DP 2600 v2 version then it should be dual-able as well, otherwise needing less QPI links and whatever else is needed for DP, it should be a bit less money. I would consider it, because there is not much improvement on new CPUs it would be good for a long time.
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    Intel Principle Engineer wants to Know if You would Buy 12-Core Extreme Processor

    Funny how people will spend tons on crossfire/sli gpus every year or 2 but rail at spending on a CPU which will not be improved much upon for years and years an the snails pace they are advancing at now.
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    What's the oldest game you keep going back to play?

    Descent 2 Trackmania nations Bf1942
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    Do AMD / ATI Drivers really suck??

    I had a 7970 and it flickered on a really old game i play sometimes (trackmania), apart from that i never really noticed anything. I had to switch though because i use octane render, and it only works on green cards.
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    Traditional/Standing Desk Hybrid Ideas

    You can buy one called "geekdesk" which raises and lowers electrically. Its a bit expensive though.
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    Mini heavy

    I replaced the puck with a copper one a while ago, here is the update. much cooler and faster as well. it must have been throttling.
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    2560x1440 or 2560x1080

    what you don't have a 30" 2560x1600 for free from your ex work where the office closed? i thought everyone had them.
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    Back to folding - advanced settings suggestions?

    don't fold on your laptop. its easy to fix and change things on a PC but laptops cant really take the serious heat. and are much more expensive to fix. (unless its sacrificial, then fold on!)
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    Major Nelson Suggests Reviving Futurama as Xbox Exclusive

    A good majority of the fans probably couldn't give a toss about game consoles and would buy neither.
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    please help me

    Try creating a new profile and log in to that one instead. See if it still happens.
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    A probably unlocked Ivy Bridge-EP chip

    That is all wrong. The amount of cache, cores etc is all bogus for a 2687w v2. Its 8 cores with 25 MB cache, 150w TDP. At least they coud have photoshopped a new CPU with a different number. I would love a "k" 8 or 10 core.
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    that should slow things down

    Ill be happy to get in the top 200 lol.
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    WD Gives Consumers a Cloud of Their Own

    Synology has had this for ages.
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    Do You Suffer From iPosture?

    They are holding it wrong.