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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    They are going fast. I'll tab over to newegg, refresh and see the asus tuf and the gigabyte in stock. I msg my friend on IRC and by the time he checks the link they are gone.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Newegg as had them in stock twice now in the past hour.
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RAM Experiences @ [H]

    I'm curious how well they'd work in x370/x470 boards.
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    AMD Dismisses NVIDIA's DLSS for Its "Image Artifacts" and "Harsh Scaling"

    I dislike NV. I want any reason to support my bias. This video doesn't do it. In fact DLSS looks better in the published video.
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    Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

    At that price, I'd only be interested in it if they threw in a little jem called SR-IOV
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    Ryan Shrout Goes to Intel

    I didn't expect this.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    NV makes good stuff, but NV is a shitty company and I don't mind if they get mad about this.
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    CORSAIR T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    Having sat in that chair, I'd sooner sit in a used free curbside pick up office chair than this Corsair chair. It's literally the worst chair I've ever sat in.
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    Hell no.
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    Magic Leap One Is Available to Creators Starting at $2,295

    I kind of don't understand these companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the hardware but won't also spend 50 +/- million on a dedicated, AAA app/game to go with the launch. Tech demos and crappy indie steam games simply aren't enough to get me to buy the hardware.
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    NVIDIA SlowMo Even Better than Real SloMo

    Oh I think I could have produced a waaaaaaay better slo-mo demo starting with better content.
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    The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield Teased

    Can't wait for more Elder Scrolls.
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    Teased Again by Bethesda on Fallout 76

    If that actually happens, I'm going to compose a strongly worded tweet to Bethesda >:|
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    Gaming in Windows under Virtualbox on Linux?

    Use KVM. You can get 90% of metal performance when you do pci-e passthrough. It's what I do. Ubuntu host, win10 guest.
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    Is it really worth going to Window 10 from Windows 7

    Windows 10 is a heaping pile of shit. The UI sucks. The telemetry/spying sucks. The "reset your preferences" sucks. I hate it. Literally hate it. It was Windows 10 that got me to move to linux as my daily desktop. When I want to game, I fire up the VM and endure the shitty win10 GUI long...
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    AMD Precision Boost 2 and Wraith Prism Deep Dive

    Well in my very specific workload on an asrock taichi, I have 4 cores/8 threads on a linux host dedicated to a win10 vm with a consistent moderately heavy load. Going from a early build 1700 that would only OC to 3600 to a 2700x gained me a 20% increase in cinebench score. The 2700x is running...
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    AMD May Release a Ryzen 7 2800X CPU “Someday”

    You got me entirely wrong. I own 3 Ryzen boxes right now. I've only bought AMD stuff for 20 years so calm down! What I'm saying is (again) that there doesn't seem to be much headroom left in Ryzen to compete with a FUTURE Intel "go-fast" part.
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    AMD May Release a Ryzen 7 2800X CPU “Someday”

    is there enough headroom left in Ryzen+ to release a competitive part to counter intel in the future? Call me skeptical.
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    There's little reason to hate on Apple stuff after this week, even for the most die hard Apple hater. Just today Tim Cook said he wouldn't ban the NRA channel from Apple TV because he believes a diversity in viewpoints is important, even if you disagree with them. Contrast that with Google...
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    Microsoft Releases New Tool For Inspecting Telemetry Data

    If you think MS is telling you all the data they are collecting, I've got some sweet ocean side villas to sell you in west Texas.
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    New Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) gets only 200 MHz boost according to a leak

    Wait, if it's not as good as you hoped, you're selling your old stuff because... ??? Your old stuff isn't getting slower because you are disappointed.
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    New reports: Ryzen 2 and 400 chipsets launching March 2018

    I have passed through a 1070, a sata controller, a sound card, NIC and a USB controller to a windows 10 guest from a linux host. Works perfect. Asrock Taichi/1800x
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    Need recommendation on SATA JBOD controller.

    I have an LSI 9240-8i and its not compatible with either an Asus 990 FX nor a Taichi x370. It works in my Gigabyte 970, but that board I have no confidence in. So please recommend me a controller card that is relatively cheap and relatively fast. No fewer than 4 SATA ports. This is for linux...
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    Fisker Claims it Will Build an Electric Car That Charges in 1 Minute

    File this headline under, "Shit car manufacturers say when they need venture capital because they make a car nobody wants and are about to file bankruptcy. Again."
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    It Takes Just $1000 to Track Someone's Location With Mobile Ads

    There's no such thing as free. Google is the worst company on the planet. Or maybe Facebook. Hard to rank them #1 or #2 to be honest.
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    X470 and B450 chipsets coming march 2018

    Maybe if fixes the disastrously broken IOMMU groups and NPT bug.
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Well I have "native" SATA, USB, sound and video now. Briefly played a few games at 1440p and it sure seemed good enough to me initially. I ended up passing through an add-on PCI-E 1x marvell sata controller, a PCI-E sound card (giving me 5.1 sound), an onboard USB controller and of course the...
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Yeah, I'm ok with degraded performance. As long as it's playable. And that's subjective too. Whatever it takes I suppose, I simply won't use win10 as my primary desktop whatever the cost.
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Is there a benchmark you'd like me to try? I haven't tried playing any steam games yet. I nearly broke out the champagne after running the heaven benchmark. As of right now I don't have NPT turned off. I'm reading into all the fine tuning stuff now. All I want in the end is a windows 10 KVM...
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    I installed my ASUS Crosshair IV and checked the IOMMU groups. It was still worthless, nearly (if not completely) the same as on my Taichi. Now I saw a guy on reddit post his groups (which is why I bought this board) and it was nothing like mine. So what's the answer? You have to add...
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Ive come to the conclusion that the Taichi is falling way behind in the IOMMU scene. I bought it initially because it has the features I want and was working with ram that other boards were having trouble with. I still love this board, but after seeing other IOMMU groups from gigabyle and...
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    Ryzen and IOMMU groups. Is this ever going to get fixed?

    Or am I just pissing in the wind? Yes, I get separate groups for each video card, but everything else (SATA, LAN, Audio, add-in cards) is thrown together with everything else. NOTHING EXCEPT VIDEO IS ISOLATED, which makes this nearly worthless. Is this an AMD problem? An x370 problem? An...
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    I knew that fag was from Utah just by his stupid haircut.
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    AMD Press Conference at Computex

    I'm a little surprised nobody here has tried to extrapolate or postulate on the handbrake demo. Threadripper vs Ryzen.
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    BIOS updates for AM4 motherboards

    For you daring types, there appears to be BETA bios updates for the Taichi that aren't posted on their website. Discussion of that is talked about here
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    Ryzen Linux users. My 1700 won't go faster than 3000 MHz

    On any core. One core. As observed in cpu-z
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    Ryzen Linux users. My 1700 won't go faster than 3000 MHz

    Why then do I get burst speed to 3700 under windows 10, but not in linux?
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    Ryzen Linux users. My 1700 won't go faster than 3000 MHz

    I'm not overclocking. I'm using (mostly) stock bios settings. Only things I've changed is turning on stuff like IOMMU, virtualization and such. All the power management and clock settings are stock.