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    Are there any boutiques left?

    I've been pretty happy with my Anidees case - pretty well built and solid. I'd never heard of them before buying my Crystal XL 3 Lite. If I had it to do over I'd get the XL Pro Lite instead for more air flow. I'm really not a fan of all the tempered glass out there now, so damn heavy - just...
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    Current best browser recommendations?

    I've been a Chrome guy - since right after it came out... I've tried to switch to FF and other browsers multiple times but keep coming back. I had all sorts of issues with FF and ESXi for quite some time and haven't been back to it sense. This will probably be an unpopular opinion, I have...
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    Looking for a gaming chair.

    I'm a bigger person and have not liked any of the "gaming" chairs I've ever tried. They seem to "wear out" in no time, especially now that I work from home full time. I work for a MSP that provides services to an office furniture company, and got a great deal on a "mis ordered" Humanscale...
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    things covid has taught me... closed headphones save marriages? BT headphone adapters are kewl.

    I fully appreciate this issue. For a while I would just have one earcup off, but that starts to hurt my ears pretty quick and defeats the purpose of headphones. I ended up rearranging my entire room to have me facing the door as well, and now just deal with the sun glare from the window behind me.
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    Power supply shortage forced my hand...

    This PS shortage (and other components really) has been a giant PITA. I got super lucky and found my EVGA 650 P2 mis-titled on eBay and ending at an odd hour for $45 NIB.
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    iOS 14

    Beta 5 here on an 8 Plus - seems pretty solid. The new "this app wants to use your local network" popup is fairly annoying. Yes please let my UniFi app access my UniFi controller...
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    Time to Upgrade

    This is one of the reasons I stick with my iPhone. Having had many issues with Nexus/Pixel device quality over the years, and multiple software and lack of update issues with other manufacturers I just stick with iOS. Plus throwing the carriers into the mix, and their delays just makes it...
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    Is it smart to keep and old, backup smartphone?

    I recently broke my XS Max, and luckily (due to laziness in selling it) still had my old phone laying around. I'd have been really SOL as my VPN requires 2FA and I am WFH. Needless to say, I'll be keeping that phone around just in case since it's only worth around $120 ish anyway.
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    Thinking about building a NAS, have some questions.

    Have to 100% agree with Unraid here. Although it isn't free, it's super simple to set things up and the community support / applications is great. I used to run a full home lab with ESXi boxes and all sorts of gear, but since installing Unraid and it being so simple and reliable, I got rid of...
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    I had multiple Agility 3s die back in the day - those were the days! I've still got a Vertex (460 maybe) - on an external USB for my XBone games.
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    Res opinions

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the ideas. Well unfortunately after looking to go the caulk route I found multiple cracks through the threads on the bottom. The res isn't even that old, and Alphacool was of no help since I didn't buy it from them. They linked me to where I could buy a...
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    Res opinions

    Hey everyone, looking for some advise on a replacement reservoir. I've got an Alphacool 15192 Eisbecher 250mm res that keeps leaking from the bottom / threads area. I've tried draining and re-tightening multiple times and am quite frankly tired of messing with it. I don't see how it's...
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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    I've read X570 GB boards are much improved in the BIOS department. I can get an Asus X470 CH7 for about $140 and a X570 Aorus master for $220. Do I risk chancing it again with another GB board?
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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    Lol they’ve burned me twice now on boards (one literally caught fire), so I’ve got a super sour taste in my mouth from them.
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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    Looking to replace my X370 Gaming K7 with an X470/X570 board that's more stable with 3rd gen Ryzen and has a better BIOS / software. The fan and RGB controls are just unusable - and this is the 2nd time I've had bad luck with Gigasuck, so it's the last. Looking at either the Asus X470...
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    2.5" Drive Cages

    Are you looking for hot-swap cages? Only thing I've ever seen there is 2x 2.5 to 1x 3.5 bays (like Icy Docks). Otherwise something like this?
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    New PSU

    Many of EVGA power supplies Gx/Px series have a 10 year warranty - make sure you register or it doesn't count. My 750 G2 has been going strong for 6 years without an issue.
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    Linus throws some keyboards in the dishwasher

    I'd be afraid of corrosion or rust forming inside the switches from the use of tap water.
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    Portable keyboards?

    I've got the Jelly one linked and it works very well as long as you use it wired. For wireless I always fall back to my Logitech K400 though since it has the dongle and works in BIOS. It's just not mini / foldable. Guy I work with has one of these and swears by it...
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    Recommendations on new M.2 drive

    I've always had great luck with Samsung drives over the years, and would pay a bit extra for one personally. That said I think the Sabrent is probably the best value in a drive right now.
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    Which GPU brand generally has the best build quality?

    100% agreed with sirmonky1985. EVGA has always done right by me in the past as far as RMAs on GPU issues, but the last time I RMAed was a few years ago. Lately there has been some chatter on their forums about that going down-hill. The only company that I'd avoid is Gigabyte - their customer...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    G602 - best budget gaming mouse ever IMO
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    Pcie sound card with coax audio out

    HT Omega Fenix is PCIe and will give you Coax output with Win 10 drivers.
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    Need a new Inexpensive wireless mouse?

    WOW that's expensive for a freaking mouse! $270 to get the charging mouse-pad with the mouse... Insane. Also from what I've seen the Logitech gaming stuff that comes with a "Lightspeed" receiver uses a different frequency than the standard "unifying" receivers with the orange star on them...
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    What is best set-up for Security Camera and Storage

    When I used to have my own camera setup, I ran Hikvision and HoSafe 1080p cameras. I ran Milestone XProtect Essential (free for up to 8 cameras). It supported Intel Quick Sync at the time as well as Nvidia for offloading. This was a few years ago, so I'd imagine a lot has changed by now, but...
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    EVGA 750 G2 - bought in 2014. Only ever had one issue - a wire pulled from a crimp on the PCIe connector cable, and EVGA promptly sent out a new cable - no questions. Had a TX750M in my server/NAS and it went up in smoke... twice over the course of a year. Swapped it out with an Enermax...
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    Need a new Inexpensive wireless mouse?

    I'll +3 the G602 mouse for the price. One of the best wireless mice I've used.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Azio MGK1 Mech keyboard with Blue Kailh switches - been going strong 4 years now, probably the best KB I've ever owned. Logitech G602 Wireless mouse after my EVGA Torq X5 died. Such an improvement - even with it being wireless.
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    R5 3600 on X370 board

    Thanks everyone! I haven't even built the new one yet. I'm still using the one in my sig - which isn't a bad system either, but it's been showing some slowness. The new one will have 16GB of Trident memory (B-Die), 1TB 970 Evo Plus, and a RX5700 XT for GPU. I actually managed to snag a 3600...
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    R5 3600 on X370 board

    So I bought a 1700 and Gigabyte X370 Gaming 7 board a year ago (among other parts) and never got around to building my new PC. I've started working on it and know the 1700 is a bit old now, but don't want to re-buy everything - probably not being able to get a whole lot out of those parts. I...
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    GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Launch Review Roundup

    Just as Apple ends the "S" phase, nVidia picks it up lol.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Still playing LoL - URF this week!
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    Interested in the 1080 Classifed.

    Interested in the 1080 Classifed.
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    First GPU was a S3 Virge DX which even new at the time was a turd, but it was cheap! I upgraded it to a Savage 4 Pro (Diamond Stealth III S540) because of the touted S3TC. S3TC was huge at the time to give higher details with a minimal hit in performance in games that actually supported it...
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    WC Noob: Need Some Clarification

    I would second the recommendation of 360mm total to start. I have a 4790k and 980ti with a 360 radiator and it's plenty to keep it cool (overclocked). Another option outside of the EK Predator kit would be something like a Swiftech H320-X2 (or whatever size) - they are expandable kits just...
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    Color scheme opinions

    This is actually what I was thinking - UV lights and yellow/orange tubing and coolant! With the case already being green like that you're almost pre-destined to make it retina burning. Plus I'm from the 80s so even better!
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    Looking for a NAS case - specific requirements

    The "New Next-Generation" H440 supports 11 drives total and looks like it has pretty good cooling pre-installed. NEW NZXT H440 STEEL Mid Tower Case. Next Generation 5.25-less Design. Include 4 x 2nd Gen FNv2 Fans, High-End WC support, USB3.0, PWM Fan hub, Matte BLK/Black, Closed Panel -
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    cheap but high speed fan

    Under $10 isn't gonna get you much in the way of quality that's for sure... CM SickleFlow? Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 - Sleeve Bearing 120mm Blue LED Silent Fan for Computer Cases, CPU Coolers, and Radiators -
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    EVGA DG-8 Gaming Case Series

    Was going to pre-order one of these because of the discount they are offering, but the shipping costs are extremely high ($40+) and eat up the discount. Plus there is a serious lack of detailed information on these even on their own sale page.
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    Who here would buy a XBOX One if it had mouse and keyboard as an input option?

    No way - the price paid for an Xbox could go towards the next upgrade on my PC which can do pretty much everything an Xbox can do and more. Plus with them making the XB controller more readily compatible with a PC makes it even less of a reason.