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    EVGA GTX 980 - $236.54 for Price Matching ONLY

    BB in my area doesn't price match on third party merchants, and they only sell the 04G-P4-2984-KR directly. Staples says they don't obligate themselves to price match non-stocked items. So, no luck here. Thanks for the heads up, though! If it's still around tomorrow maybe I'll take my...
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    Setting up QoS for Backblaze on a Trendnet router

    That's annoying, they should have the option of using a different port to make it easier to manage. Have you tried adjusting the throttle option? I don't see any way to set up the QoS the way you want with the stock firmware. DD-WRT supports that device, maybe you could get better results...
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    Quad G34 Supermicro 4P "Barebones" + 2U case + PSU's $450

    Note also that it's listed as "ECC Unbuffered", rather than ECC registered that's normally associated with larger memory capacity. The H8QGi supports 256GB of unbuffered memory in 32 DIMMs, (i.e., 8GB each) so that memory won't be supported. That said, I don't think anyone actually makes 8GB...
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    Setting up QoS for Backblaze on a Trendnet router

    Do the filtering based on the port of the traffic, rather than the IP.
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    Quad G34 Supermicro 4P "Barebones" + 2U case + PSU's $450

    It looks like that kit is a less-interesting 12GB. Either way, good luck, and definitely complain if you don't wind up with 128GB of memory.
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    High DPI Displays

    Neat-o. It's very similar to the Adafruit display, which is basically an Ipad display with the same display board, but a little bigger. Eh, I'm in for one. It's a convenient enough size, and I've wanted to own a high-DPI display since... sixth grade?
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    Sony Dualshock 4 (PS4) controller from Newegg, $39

    Nice. I picked one up, since it looks like it's a decent controller and works for PC and PS4.
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    Downloading Games Causes More Pollution Than Boxed Games

    Multiply by the proposed rate: So my router and other network equipment downloads 9 GB per hour, but consumes 0.3 kWh per gigabyte, so it takes 2.7kWh per hour to run it. That means I must have a 2700 watt average power consumption during that time. The Cisco 6000 series routers are...
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    Supermicro motherboard

    "File sharing" is a little unclear: it could apply to anything from a thousand-user data share down to one user streaming x264 over network at 10mbps. I have an E5-2620---which is just a little faster per core and has six cores instead of four---but like I said CPU usage is never a problem, even...
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    Benchmarking a vCPU on an EC2 instance ?

    Benchmark the app you care about. Who cares how fast it encodes video if you're doing fluid dynamics?
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    Corsair CS Modular 550W

    Who uses "pc" instead of "%"?
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    Supermicro motherboard

    The 2603 is certainly enough for general home/media file serving, but it really depends what you're doing with the machine. FWIW I have dual E5-2620s for running VMs on the same machine, and hardly ever touch full utilization. The X9SRL is a nice board. Intel is generally a little more...
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    Where are the Desktop PCIe SSDs?

    I dunno, they're pretty fast (I have two in my home box) but I don't think they're the fastest drives we as humanity can produce. They're only x4 pci express 1.1, which is only 1GB/s. I mean, that's pretty snappy, but the Micron P320H (on x8 pcie 2.0) does 3.2GB/s. I got my FusionIO drives...
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    HP Storage Server ASR Issue

    It looks like you should disable the ASR feature in the BIOS, and see if you get a BSOD or something. You should also try the IML (Integrated Management Log) viewer and see if that tells you anything useful.
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    Connecting battery cabinets to UPS

    I have a Liebert GXT3-2000RT230 UPS, and just got a battery cabinet for it off ebay. Simple question: do I need to remove the load to connect the external batteries, or can I do it live? The manual mentions you can hotswap the internal batteries, but as I read it says nothing about the order...
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    Can someone give this network IP setup a once over for me? is a perfectly valid subnet. It's a bit more extra space than you might need for a network that size, but it shouldn't be a problem. Can you ping the gateway from the client? Is DNS set up properly on the client?
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    LUNs dropping in Nexenta

    Does your FC card support Ethernet? I have an Emulex card which uses the oce driver and does 10gbe just fine. That might solve the problem. I used iSCSI for a while, but found NFS a lot more flexible. It might be worth investigating that.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    This sounds like the problem with the corn, the chicken, and the fox crossing the river. You can't evacuate data from a device like you want. This requires a feature called "bp-rewrite" which has been requested for years, but it's a hard problem and there's no sign it will be implemented any...
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    LUNs dropping in Nexenta

    What does "zpool status" report while things are working versus when they're not? How about "stmfdm list-lu -v", "stmfadm list-view $MYLU", and "stmfadm list-target -v"? Does "fmadm faulty" show anything?
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    Supermicro SC846 Model Confusion

    Not sure, actually. 846A = 6 SAS wide ports, SFF-8087, one path to each drive 846E16 = Single SAS expander chip, one SFF-8087 exposed to connect to HBA and two to daisy-chain to other enclosures. One path to each disk; sufficient for sata disks and single-port SAS drives. 846E26 = Two SAS...
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    Any mdadm gurus here?

    My recollection is that you won't go wrong by trying to assemble things in the wrong order with mdadm. You'll want to try mounting the array read-only first, though: "mount -o ro /dev/md0 /mnt/foo"
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Compare which version of "find" you're running. Issue "which find" in your interactive shell, and then again as a napp-it job. Then add a full path to find in your command.
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    What's less trouble, CX4 or 10GBASE-SR?

    I've placed component orders for an SFP NIC, an XFP 10GBASE-SR transceiver, an LC/LC OM3 fiber, and an SFP transceiver. Got the whole shebang for $150 :)
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    What's less trouble, CX4 or 10GBASE-SR?

    I'm in the process of buying some 10GBe stuff to play around with, and I'm trying to get used gear off eBay so I don't have to spend a fortune to do so, but I'd like the option of buying recent equipment for some pieces. I bought a switch which has some 10G uplinks in the form of XFP slots, and...
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    Finding suitable ZIL and L2ARC drives

    My understanding is that all synchronous data is written to the ZIL device, though. So even streaming writes would be limited to 40 MB/s. OP: Check out zilstat and see if your workload takes advantage of the ZIL before worrying about it too much. (With sync turned off, you don't hit the ZIL...
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    Little help with 6 disk ZFS configuration

    Probably not. How many rows are in it? How many transactions per second are you expecting to process?
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    SmartOS experimentation, hardware and general ideas

    I'm also running SmartOS at home. The Dell P200 or P310, or IBM M1015 controllers are cheap and readily available. A hundred dollars or so gets you a known-working HBA. The P410 might Just Work, give it a try, but if you get stuck eBay has some good options. If you want to run some more VMs...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Very interesting. Do you have more details about what this is, where you got it from, that kind of thing? Are you using it with lead-acid batteries to provide backup? If so, what are you using to charge/float the batteries?
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    How Many Xbox 360's Have You Purchased?

    Four. I bought my first for $125 used, it RRODed about six months later. I bought the second for $200 on Ebay. It worked for about two years. About six months after buying the second, I figured, eh, let's see how much it'd cost to repair the first one. They wanted $99 (this was right...
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    Video Game Tropes vs. Women Part 2

    I'd be interested to see them. Link?
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    Tomb Raider - $13.60 at

    Great deal, but this site has major problems. It wouldn't accept either MasterCard or PayPal payments; it just says "Oops, we cannot compute! Can you please check your card details and enter them again? Thanks." in either case. Seems kinda scammy, I'm gonna be on the lookout for extra charges...
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    Verizon's Unlimited Data Stops At 77TB

    No, bandwidth is cheap. 77 TB a month is (7.7 * 10^13 * 8) / (30*24*60*60) = 237654320 bits per second on average ~= 237 megabits of traffic on average (bandwidth is priced at 95th percentile, usually, so that'd be a strictly smaller number, but whatever). That includes both in and out...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Why do you need to move off Nexenta? Support for Solaris 11 is 12% of hardware cost per year, so that's a big chunk of change to get support for hardware you already have. Maybe it'd make sense to purchase a smaller number of newer systems directly from Oracle? The upshot is Oracle only...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    What case were you going to use for the X9DAE? It's E-ATX, which isn't easy to find small cases for... The 4p box is still 4u, although it's 30kg, and the 4-node rackmount thing is 50kg. The 2p box in a reasonable case is likely to be 25kg. 4p might not be much more weight, and it's twice as...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    It seems that Sketchup and Maya both use V-Ray as their renderer. I'm not very experienced with this kind of software, but it seems nicely multi-threaded, and should deal well with NUMA, so dual-socket machines with four channels of memory should help. You could get a dual-socket machine for...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    I re-read your question, and I'd add to my answer as above. You could still get pretty good numbers by starting with a single processor and four dimms, and you could test how much going over the QPI interconnect hurts your particular application by adding a second processor and moving two DIMMs...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    No, you'll need four dimms per processor. Take a look at page 1-10 of the manual; the memory is connected directly to the processor, so each processor has a direct path to talk to its own four channels of memory, and can talk to the other processor to request things in its memory, for a total...
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    How do I get the maximum memory bandwidth from this board?

    Populate 1 or 2 DIMMs per channel with 1.5V single- or dual-rank x8 or x4 DIMMs. See page 2-10 of the manual for more details.
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    Xagesz 27TB Server Build

    What will you do with the blu-ray drives? For that matter, what do you need five of them for?