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    Mobile Web Version?

    As I sit here surfing the forum on my Treo 700w, I can't help but wonder if there is a mobile web version available? I've tried searching for something but haven't had any luck. Is there such a thing or will there be in the future? If not, is there a portal site out there I can go through...
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    DVD-R and Lightscribe

    Does DVD-R with Lightscribe even exist? I see CD-R and DVD+R everywhere but I can't find any -R?
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    1gb+1gb - add 512+512?

    Curently running (2) 1gb chips. There are 4 slots on the mobo (two blue, two black). The 1gb's are in the blue. I have two 512mb chips that I was thinking to put into the black slots to give me 3gb total. Is it worth it to do this for the extra memory or will I see any loss in speed? No...
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    IDE PCI Controller, SATA on Mobo

    My custom built died and I really didn't have time to wait for parts or fix it (don't know what's not working in it yet). I went out and bought an HP 1640n. It doesn't have IDE on the mobo, only SATA. Running a 250gb on that. I put a CMD-648 PCI Controller in to hook up my hard drives to...
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    Looking for a good scanner

    I found some great old baby photos of my wife that I want to scan and archive. Perhaps even have some larger prints made. And of course put them on our website ;) I'm not really sure what to look for in scanners. I haven't bought one since 2000, and I'm sure the technology has advanced...
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    Pictures From the Zoo

    The wifey and I took a trip to the NC Zoo this past Saturday. It ended up being overcast most of the day and rained a bit towards the end. I purchased a one year pass, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more shots under better weather. Here's a few I thought were decent:
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    Lens Hoods

    I need to get a few lens hoods and I would like your recomendations. They will go with the following: 1) Kit lense for the 350D (RebelXT) 2) 50mm f1.8 prime 3) 75-300mm USM IS Thanks for the tips!
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    Wifey was very giving last night!

    I dunno if its the pregnancy or I did something right for a change... but lookie what wifey let me buy last night: - Canon RebelXT with 18-55mm kit lense - Canon 420ex Speedlite Flash - 58mm UV filter - 58mm Circular Polarizer (on hold - out of stock) - 2gb CF card - Canon 75-300mm...
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    CSS Problem in Firefox, IE is OK

    I've been working on this for awhile and I've run into a browser compatibility problem (surprise!). Firefox is not centering my menu lines. IE doesn't seem to have problems. I'm new to css and I think the problem might be there. If someone could look at my .css file and the html and give me...
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    Printer: OK Under Admin. User Is No Go

    Printer: HP 1320n (using JetDirect Card for network configuration). 5 Computers running XP. Origionally the printers were configured under the administrator account, rebooted, tested and worked fine. However, when booted up using a 'user', they cannot print. If I give administrator rights...
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    Modem Tweak?

    At work I have to use dial up. However, it seems that every 30-45 minutes the connection seems to 'hang' and I cannot access anything. AOL says I'm still connected, but obviously no data goes through. I have to disconnect, and then reconnect. After doing so, speeds are OK. Here's the setup...
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    Kind of an odd question

    I think I remember a thread a LONG time ago about someone who went to Africa. They borrowed someone's Rebel SLR and took some AWESOME photos. Here's my question. Lets say someone from this board was going to another country half way around the world... they wanted to use an SLR to get some...
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    Win2000 not booting... suggestions?

    A friend of mine has a win2k issue. It gets to the point where the white bar across the bottom of the screen finishes, then it goes to the win2k loading screen with the blue bar and it just freezes there. He said that he has tried doing a recovery on it, last known good configuration, safe...
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    Video Camera For the New Addition

    As you can tell by my sig, I'm expecting a little one in a little while. I have an A80 right now which has pleased me for still pictures. But, I am interesting in getting a video camera to capture those moments where pictures can't. I've done a good bit of research about the different types...
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    Any way to connect to AOL without their software?

    I am forced to use AOL dial-up at work. Is there any way I can connect without having to use their software? I can connect fine... and it works 'ok'... then about 45 minutes later, the internet slows down until it just completely stops. So I have to 'sign off' or close down AOL. Well...
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    Sony HD TV

    I guess this is the right forum for this... I'm planning to purchase this TV: Thoughts? 32" is the max size we can go. 30" in widescreen. But, the 32" regular in 16:9 ration...
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    Network 1 printer to 5 computers via USB

    Here's the situation. I need to network 1 HP Laser printer to 5 PCs. The printer does not have a parent PC to hook up to. Currently we have a 'usb switch' that has the printer hooked into it, and 4 computers. When one of us wants to print, we have to yell over to the printer cube and ask...
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    What game is this... old arcade 4x4 offroad

    I used to have this game a long time ago... so i'm assuming they ported it to PC. In the arcade, it was a machine that had 3 steering wheels. One on the left, middle, right. You can see the whole track while you are racing, and its like your driving these RC offroad trucks. There's also a...
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    AcroPlot Alternatives??

    Is there a free alternative to AcroPlot? In case anybody doesn't know what this program does... Basically I want to be able to 'print' to a pdf document. Then, go back and 'print' something else into the same file. But, instead of overwriting...
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    Force Outlook To Use Specific Net Connection

    While at work, I have a high speed account that I use for email and http access. However, there is a program that I must access by using a dial up account pretty frequently. When I dial into this service (leaving the high speed account still hooked up) the dial up account works fine. But, for...
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    DOS Command: create txt file that lists files in dir

    I need to print a list of all the files in a directory to a text file. I was pretty sure that you use the PRINT command but instead of specifying a printer, you specify a txt file. However this doesn't appear to be working. I think I'm just not using the correct syntax. Also, I know its...
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    FTP prog that will delete everything

    I'm currently using WSFTP just for the ease of use when transfering files to my webserver. But, I have a directory that has many sub-directories and sub-sub-directories and files and WSFTP refuses to delete these folders without emptying them first. Can someone recomend a good...
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    Wedding.. opinions on photographer or any takers?

    Alrighty... I'm getting married October 2, 2004 in Asheville, NC at the Biltmore Estate. Beautiful outdoor setting, perfect for photos. One of the photographers that we were recommended is Christine Hatfield. She shoots all digital and then uploads the pictures to a website for you and...
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    Has anybody used Digibuy?

    I was thinking about using Digibuy on a website for downloading ebooks. Has anybody used this before, or recommend another similar service?
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    Website: Purchase E-Books

    I friend of mine has written a few books that have recently been converted to e-book form. He wants to get a website set up to sell these. I know my server has a shopping cart feature and it seems pretty easy, but it would be fine if it was a regular shopping site... its not. He wants the...
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    Skype - voice P2P?

    Dunno if anybody here has heard of it... but it uses the double nat tech that kazaa does for voice chat. You basically have a buddy list and can chat with the person. No need to configure firewalls or anything like that. What I'm wondering though... I wonder how well this would work with...
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    Block ALL but 2 websites in IE

    I need to block all websites with the exception of two in IE. I've looked at all the options but I can't find anything that will block everything. Any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks!
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    Password Protected Directory(web) and style.css

    I'm working on building my website right now. I was hoping I could make it so that someone doesn't steal my style sheet. I figured if I put it inside a password protected website nobody could download it. But, by doing that will it disable the access to the pages pulling info from the style...
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    Need to enable/disable .wav

    I use a program called DScaler (open source) to watch TV. For some reason every time I use it, it mutes the .wav sound. I have to go into the volume control and untick the .wav mute to hear normal sounds. I couldn't find any options in the program to change this. Is there a simple batch...
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    Zmoz webhosting

    Does anybody here know about ? I remember hearing a long time ago that he was a member on [H]. I bookmarked his webhosting services... and I signed up a few days ago for it. I haven't received any information on my account from then. When I try to send emails to the accounts...
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    VB IP Configuration

    I'm thinking about trying to write a program in visual basic which will do the following: *Automatically detect the operating system (windows based only). *Accept an apartment number and bedroom number (1364 - 3) entered by user and look at a database (excel or access) to pull the appropriate...
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    Thumb Drive

    Man, when are the prices for these things gong to finally start coming down. They've been at the same price for a couple quarters. I've been wanting to get the 1gb variety and most seem to be in the $370 range. Since that's absolutley way too much to blow, I've been thinking to get a 256mb...
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    Making My Own Keyboard Drawer w/ PICS (WIP)

    When I bought my desk a few months ago, I decided not to add on the keyboard drawer. It cost about $60 bucks, and it was plastic and flimsy. The rails were very light and felt like it would fall apart. Well, I've been checking the office stores and online places... most under the desk...
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    Mouse + Teflon Tape = teh huh?

    I ripped my mouse feet off the other day playing some hardcore Halo and figured this would be a good time to try out putting some teflon tape on the bottom of my mouse. I headed down to the local Lowes home improvement center and found a employee. Asked him if they carried it and he took me to...