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    6990 WC or 6970CF WC

    So... i'm doing some math and i'm thinking if i will go the single card or dual card setup. What do you guys think it's best - 2 x Sapphire 6970 in Crossfire with 2 EK Waterblocks - 1 x Sapphire 6990 with EK Waterblock The card(s) is going to be overclocked. The catch is that i can...
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    Sold my GTX580 Direct CU II ... cof ... what now?

    So... i had a GTX580 Direct CU II in test... and well ... it's a great card of course, but ... i never got to "fall in love" with it so i had a guy that wanted to buy it and i sold it... What now? I don't want to spend much more... only if it's a great investment... i sold the card for 400...
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    Any way to increase gpu voltage above 1.15v on GTX580?

    Hey guys ... so today i've been benching the GTX580 Direct CU II in SLi. A friend of mine also bought the card so we are doing some experiments. At this point, we are using 1.15v at 976Mhz core. That's the max voltage Smart Doctor and Afterburner allow. Is there any way of increasing...
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    Worth going SLi @ 1920x1200 with GTX580?

    One question for those of you who have more experience on this than i have ... is it worth going SLI with GTX580 with a 1920x1200 resolution? Or... not really ? I have a GTX 580 Direct CU II from Asus. I have the possibility to buy one at a great price but ... "the great price" i say is...
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    Connect Speakers via analogue RCA to Titanium HD, any problem?

    Hey there... So i have the Razer Mako 2.1 and i'm buying the Titanium HD card. Just to be sure, i can use a 2 RCA to 2 RCA cable and connect my Mako's to the HD without problems correct? Regards Pedro
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    Xeon 3540 or i7 960?

    Hey, i'm searching for a new i7 cpu ... I sold my 930 and now i'm checking other solutions. I have the possibility to get a proven gold batch for the W3540 ... But i have a i7 960 at a lower price... Just not sure about batch... What do you think? I know the 3540 goes a little warmer...
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    Help me please: Canceled 2690WUXi-2 ... what to get now?

    Ok ... due to schedules and virtual "estimations" given me by NEC Iberia and the store i was going to buy this monitor, i ended up canceling the order. Well, i'm not getting another 24" since i already have a 2470WNX. It can't be the best but ... aside from the banding in the gradients its...
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    Choosing a display: GUI design tasks

    Hello everyone, I'm on the market for a new display. At this moment i have a Nec Multisync LDA2470WNX. It's a great monitor, mas but when working with graphics ( lots of soft, pastel colors, smooth gradients ... and strong black to dark gray gradients ) i notice that the transitions between...
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    Changing sound structure ... what do you think of these options. help me please

    Hello everyone! well, i've been thinking for some time now, on getting a new amp ... adding a subwofer to use with my 2 Mordaunt-Shorts ... though, i found something that call my attention + Studiophile BX-9 130-Watt Bi-Amplified Studio Reference Monitors + Studiophile BX-5...
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    Help me. Between these, what's the best case

    Ok, i'm going to buy a new case to start my new project These are the possibilities Coolmaster CM Stalker Lian Li V1000 Chieftec Uni Series BA Chieftec BG Ok, i'm more towards the coolermaster stalker. I'm going with watercooling and, i want to get the...
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    DVI to BNC cable for a 22"

    Hey there, Can i get a DVI to BNC cable for a 22" Diamontron display ( Philips ) ? Is it worth it? Will it work with no problems?
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    PHILIPS 202P40 SUCKS or BAD LUCK x 2 ?!?

    Well ... in the first hand i was amazed with Philips support ... my 202P40 was damaged ... and today they bring me another one! wow! in 2 work days! nice ... or not ... This monitor ... is total f***ed up! ... 1600 x 1200 @ 100Hz is totally unworkable ... i just can't get the screen to...
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    Good Headsets for 100-150$

    Well, i't smore 100-150€ but whatever :P What Headsets do you think are good bang for the buck with 100-150€ / $ ? I want soundquality, the best i can get...
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    Altec vs Logitech vs Creative on 2.1 ... the best i can get

    Well i must get the best 2.1 system i can get for my brother. I come across Altec MX5021 & FX6021 speakers with good review and then, Logitech Z-2300 and Creative 2.1 Megaworks. What's your advice on the best 2.1? Are there other good options? (i know Klipsch but it rates awfully high here...
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    Water Cooling Kit for new system, please help me

    Ok, i'm building a new rig and i've decided i'm going WC. For a case, i'll go for Coolermaster CM Stalker. The processor is a Athlon 64 FX 55, graphics a 6800Ultra, Corsair XMS ( or ballistic ) and 2 x WD Raptors. So i want to cool down the CPU, the graphic card and the harddrives. So what WC...
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    P4 vs Xeon ... A64 vs Opteron

    Hi there, i'm building a new system and i'm choosing the CPUs. Well, this system will be used for graphic design and multimedia ... and some games too ;) Between P4, Xeon, Athlon64 and Opteron what do you think would be the better choice? P4 3.6Ghz Xeon 3.0/3.2Ghz Athlon 64 3500+ ( or...
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    X800 vs 6800GT and 9800Pro vs 6600GT

    I there, i'm going to build a new system and i'm deciding on the graphics card. The 6800GT is a better performer all around than the X800 yes? what brand would you advice? Other question is that my friend is going to buy a new pc too, but he can get a 9800Pro or a 6600GT ... what it's your...
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    problem with a computer ... critical errors ... please HELP!

    well, my father's company bought a computer and since then, it has a problem ... time to time ( ... like, sometimes 10 in 10 minutes ... or 60 in 60 min ) i can listen a click inside the computer ... it freezes ... and a critical error appears ... i thought it was the motherboard and i sent it...
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    I'll go for 2.1 setup ... can you just give a couple of advices?

    Ok, i was going for 5.1, but after checking my computer room again, i understood that it's too small to get a decent 5.1 (or more) sound stage effect... So i'll keep the 2.1. Now, i have an amp, and 2 pairs of floorstand speakers ( Mordaunt-Short & Pioneer ). I was thinking if, it was a better...
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    Creative Gigaworks S750 vs Logitech Z-5500 vs Klipsch 5.1Ultras

    well, between these three, what do you think has the best ratio price / performance? In Portugal by price - Logitech Z-5500 - Creative Gigaworks S750 - Klipsch 5.1 ULTRA This is by price order, from the cheaper to the more expensive...
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    Anyone that helps me out getting new sound for my system ( Amp, hifispeakers, sub )

    I there, i have an amp and 4 speakers that's connected to my computer via a normal 3.5" jack. I want to get a new Audigy 2 ZS and i'm thinking on getting new amp, 2 hifispeakers and 1 sub. Do you have any thoughts of what would be a nice buy for amp, speakers and sub? i'm disconnected from...
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    help me out please. should i make the evolution to LCD or stick with CRT !URGENT!

    Hi there people ... I must make a very important decision ... I need to buy a new monitor but i really don't know if i should get a LCD or a CRT I'm a Multimedia Designer but also, a gamer in the free time and i really don't know if i should go for a 22" CRT or a 19" LCD. For one...