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    USB Sony Memory Stick Reader

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    Removing Spot Welds

    On a case of mine, that I'm trying to take apart, there seem to be a group of 3 spot welds attaching two pieces of metal. Is there any way to these pieces apart without totally destroying the area?
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    Lots of Computers Need a Use

    I've got a bunch of older computers that are just sitting around, because there's really no use for them. I was wondering how best to go about setting them up to fold. Should they all be networked, what OS, and what specs are really required to make even a little difference? I really don't...
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    Mini-ITX Cluster PSU

    I've got two of [these] motherboards and I want to cluster them up and either fold or make it a BT server. The only problem is that I don't have power supplies for them and I was wondering what you guys suggest. I guess that it matters a lot on if I use it as a server and need all of those...
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    Power Outlet Grounding

    I have an external hdd enclosure that has its own psu. The psu gets its power from the wall, of course and specificially through a 3 pronged outlet that you find on all kinds of stuff from printers to my computer. I'm working on a custom enclosure and was wondering if I have to ground the...
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    Doubles of my songs in iTunes

    I started using iTunes to edit the ID3 tags on my songs, just because it is so efficient at the task. I just noticed the other day, that whenever I import my music into the iTunes library, there are double entries of almost every song. I know for a fact that I don't have two of each song on my...
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    Power to Nickel Cadmium

    My sister has this cheapy lava lamp that she got from my dad. The problem is that it has a Nickel Cadmium battery like this one, but we don't have the cord to charge it up after it goes dead. I was thinking that all that I need is a wall wart, but I wanted to be sure to use the right one. On...
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    Cutting and Bending Aluminum

    I have a jigsaw, a dremel, and a hacksaw, which should I use to cut the aluminum? I'm thinking the jigsaw, but then what saw should I get for it? As for bending it, a bending brake might be good, but I'm not sure how often I will use it.
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    Electric Guitar to iPod

    I was thinking today that it would be great if I could plug my guitar into my iPod, play a few riffs, and have it recorded. The only thing that I could find that could even bring this into the spectrum of possibility was the Belkin Universal Microphone Adapter. I'm probably way off, but is...
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    USB Projection Clock

    I can't seem to find any sort of usb clock with a projector, like the one found [here], but with the capability of entering display values via your computer. Is there anyway to accomplish something like that inexpensively? This would be a great way to display track information from winamp and...
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    Which Sony Digi-Cam to Choose?

    Which of the following would you suggest? DSC-P41 DSC-P73 DSC-P100 DSC-T1 My dad has a certain amount of points via a casino to spend on items in a catalog and he is in need of a camera. In other words, that pretty much rules out the factor of price.
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    Need Ideas for Toaster Oven Mod

    Lately, I've realized there are a lot of different computer items that I would like to bring together so I'm not looking around for cables and memory card readers, etc. In comes the toaster oven. What I need from you guys/gals is some advice on what to cram into this little beast. It's not...
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    Multimeter or something else?

    I got this out of someone's trash and was wondering what it is and how to see if it works.
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    ADVUEU 723A 17" LCD Monitor with Speakers -RETAIL
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    Modding Meets Plumbing

    I have sort of a dilemma. I need to find a 90 degree pvc elbow that will connect flushly to pipe. Usually when elbows connect to a piece of pipe, the pipe fits inside of the elbow. In my case, I want to have it so that the elbow and pipe are the same diameter and are connected in some way. I...
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    iPod Battery Pack

    I'm new to electronics and have a few questions regarding this tutorial on making a battery pack for my ipod. My first question, is exactly what batteries to use for this project. It says in the tutorial to use pp9 9volt batteries, but from looking on the internet, they don't seem to be the...
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    How Good Is This PSU?

    Is it good, or am I gonna get what I paid for? []
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    Digital Camera Just Not Cuttin' It

    I have a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P20 1.3MP camera at the moment. The picture quality is kind of bad and I'm interested in getting a new camera. I have no idea at all what kind of camera to get, and was hoping for some guidance. I have no preference in brand or size, but just want a camera that...
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    Hardware Recommendations

    This will be my first time building a PC which would also mean my first time building a HTPC. I've been looking around the internet and have seen that the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 and the fanless ATI 9600 are the way to go. As for other components, I'm pretty lost. What does everyone suggest...
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    DD: The Official "Post What You've Found" Thread (pics!!)

    Please no comments, just a list of what you've managed to pull from the depths of a dumpster and even pictures if possible. Apt Complex [4] 1" binders someone had used for biochemistry class white fan (working!) blue fleece blanket (threw it in the wash and it was as good as new)...
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    Phone Rewiring

    My dad's girlfriend has this old Mickey Mouse phone that the cord from the phone to the wall is hardwired to the phone. So of course, the dog happened to bite off the end of the cord and now it's useless. I was wondering if I could just install a phone jack inside of the phone so that it...
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    Dumpster Diving Forum

    How about a whole section of Dumpster Diving instead of a thread? That way, it will be easier to find answers to DD questions and the like.
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    Firewire Card for iPod

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a firewire card that I can get so that I will be able to put music on my iPod? I would prefer that it has been tested with an iPod and be relatively inexpensive, but all suggestions are welcome. P.S. This will be for a desktop computer.
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    Free LEDs

    Check this out: [].
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    Old School Lappy

    Anyone know where I could purchase at least the shell of an oldschool laptop? I want one with the boxy look, like found on this ebay auction: P.S. Preferably one with a much larger lcd.
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    Guitar Amp Cable

    I can't seem to find my wall to amp cable, so I stole one from a computer's psu. How can I find out if they are compatible and I won't blow anything up :p ?
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    USB Sony Memory Stick Reader

    I've searched all over, but can't find one with the cable built in. Anyone know of a place that I can find this for relatively inexpensive?
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    Glossy Plastic Paint Job Can that be applied to plastic and achieve the same results?
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    HDD support for my Mobo

    Does this mobo support these harddrives?
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    Mozilla T-Rex Logo

    I was wondering if anyone has a lineart version of Mozilla logo. No color, just the black parts. I need it for a stencil.
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    Guitar Tuner Gets a [H]ard Makeover

    It may be simple, yet it should turn out to be quite kewl. Victim: Fender AT-3 Auto Guitar/Bass Tuner Project: Disembowel the tuner and place everything in an alternate container. Container of Choice: Altoid's Mints Tin Possible problems with using a metal case?
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    Project Burnt Toast

    Starting on my first homemade computer and decided to make the victim a toaster oven. So many things to do and so little time, haven't even gotten hardly any of the components yet. Since i'm more of software kinda guy, I don't know much about hardware. Suggestions are always open and you can...
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    Pay - Phone Moddage

    I got this pay phone from a friend of a friend and was wondering how the hell I can open the sucker. I know the opening of it isn't really an electronics questions, but eventually, when I do get it open, I'm gonna convert it into a working phone and will need some help in that area.
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    The Ultimate Refrigerator

    I wake up at 6 every morning, shower, and have some breakfast at 6:30 and head for school. An hour later and I'm thirsty for something a little more refreshing than water, and cheaper than what comes out of the vending machines. So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be sweet to have a fridge in...