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    Res opinions

    Hey everyone, looking for some advise on a replacement reservoir. I've got an Alphacool 15192 Eisbecher 250mm res that keeps leaking from the bottom / threads area. I've tried draining and re-tightening multiple times and am quite frankly tired of messing with it. I don't see how it's...
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    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    Looking to replace my X370 Gaming K7 with an X470/X570 board that's more stable with 3rd gen Ryzen and has a better BIOS / software. The fan and RGB controls are just unusable - and this is the 2nd time I've had bad luck with Gigasuck, so it's the last. Looking at either the Asus X470...
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    R5 3600 on X370 board

    So I bought a 1700 and Gigabyte X370 Gaming 7 board a year ago (among other parts) and never got around to building my new PC. I've started working on it and know the 1700 is a bit old now, but don't want to re-buy everything - probably not being able to get a whole lot out of those parts. I...
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    Color scheme opinions

    Hello everyone! I'm proud owner of a new Enthoo Primo SE Black/Green case and was looking for some opinions on colors. I'm going to re-do my loop when I switch over my components so now is an ideal time to color coordinate the tubing / coolant. Not exactly sure what colors would go along with...