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    Cisco Lab Assembly (don't get too excited)

    So I've mentioned I'm playing around with some older Cisco hardware; putting it together now. (Thanks Cisco Network Assistant!) This is a mini lab connected to my network. My goal here was to segment those two switches to their own networks, most likely done with VLANs. My test PCs...
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    Speaker Mounts that don't require drilling in the speakers

    I found these mounts that I was going to use for my Klipsch Synergy III B-2 speakers... any pros and cons? I thought they looked pretty decent and the fact that they clamp to the speakers instead of drill was a real plus. I just wanted to get them off my desk and slightly above me. Thoughts?
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    RIP Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 setup

    The right satellite speaker channel no longer works, a lot of testing and trial/error reveals it to be something inside the subwoofer cabinet. Honestly, this was its way of telling me it's time to move on. Worked great, though. For anyone looking for a 2.1 setup I would recommend no other...
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    I can't seem to reach any repos in Debian.

    So my DNS is resolving fine, I have no firewall enabled, I'm not using SELinux or anything, and of course I'm posting on the internet otherwise I wouldn't be here. But this has been an issue for a few weeks since I switched to Deiban 5.0 "Lenny" -- I just can't reach any online repositories...
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    Calling SCCM 2007 folks

    So the decision has finally been made to implement SCCM 2007 in our environment, so one of my techs have been working with me to set up a test environment, which has been done. We created a new AD environment, extended the schema, etc. So far, it's not bad - we seem to be having issues with...
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    Issues with aspect ratios on dual displays, 7900GTX

    So I remember in the past, setting up two montiors with dissimilar aspect ratios (Like a 4:3 and a 16:9) was reasonably easy, but ever since nvidia started using that lame control panel of theirs, this has become impossible - I just can't for the life of me set up these two displays the way I...
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    Acquiring cables with a C19 connector (as opposed to a C13)

    I acquired a bunch of servers that take C19 plugs -- does anyone have a few or know where I can get some in the Chicagoland area? Would prefer not to hit eBay or anything. I would prefer NEMA 5-15 ends (I checked the servers, they will be fine on their own 15A circuit) but if necessary I can...
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    Copying image of USB drive to hard drive

    I was given a USB drive which has a working, configured linux OS on it, and would like to copy that to the hard drive of a server I wanna run it off (Doesn't seem to support USB booting). How do I accomplish that? I was thinking of burning a Knoppix disk and with both the USB and SCSI RAID...
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    ScriptLogic's Desktop Authority Image Center?

    I've been asked to evaluate this product and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. Of course, this means anyone with a network running ScriptLogic. Looks like a PXE-based system, similar to Windows Deployment Services. NOTE: This was hard to decide between posting here or in...
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    Rack in Garage

    I know several people do this, put their rack in the garage -- in Chicago, our temperatures get pretty extreme during the peaks of summer/winter. I'm seriously considering this because of the space my rack occupies in my Recreation room. Fortunately, my walls are quite insulated but my actual...
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    Looking to replace my Adaptec 2400A

    So I have an Adaptec 2400A card, (it's pretty old but has been reliable until recently) and I need to replace it with something else because it's starting to fail -- I have four 400GB drives in a RAID-5 array. I'm just waiting for the card to die at this point, the array randomly mounts and...
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    Trixbox FTW.

    I signed up with Axvoice, got their unlimited dialing plan, plugged in a few Cisco 7940s, and after some configuration I now have a working VoIP system at my new house. Clarity seems even better than my cellphone. Just wanted to brag I suppose, don't mind me. I was especially excited to get...
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    Perfecting my SysPrep image

    So I'm now a local hero in my corporation's IT Department because I eliminated the need for 14 different images... We're pretty much an all-dell shop with relatively new hardware (5 years or less)... The majority of our desktops are the GX270, GX280 and GX620, and the bulk of our laptops include...
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    So Christmas came early for me...

    and my fiancee surprised me with a Pioneer VSX-816 Receiver. It's pretty sweet, although I would have probably gone with an Onkyo; at any rate, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth and she was really proud of herself, so I certainly wouldn't want to hurt her feelings! Although the...
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    Looking for recommendations for an XM-Ready receiver.

    I was about to get the Onkyo TX-8511 as I've heard great things about it, but realized it's missing one crucial feature that I wanted -- I'd like it to be XM Ready. Any recommendations? :) I'd like to keep the price under $300. Other than that, I have no real requirements (I'm not an AVID...
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    DNS Subdomain Delegation

    So I have a domain, we'll call it It points to a webhost, and the nameservers are those of the webhost company. I have access to my DNS records, so I can edit my zone. To fully understand terminology, those nameservers are authorative of the domain, correct? So...
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    My birthday present to myself...

    Another P4-D 805 rig. :) Get folding, people!
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    Sweet.... I'm now chosen too. :)

    I'm working on optimizing my folding -- how does the -advmethods argument affect the folding process, does it usually result in more PPD?
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    Working with heat... Advice needed :)

    So I've got 6 machines in my rack folding, with a 7th next to my desk (which is next to my rack), and my laptop folding 24x7 in a 11x11' room... My office's temperature has reached 80 degrees. I'm not too heat-tolerant, and I'm sure my machines aren't either. They've all got good cooling, so...
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    I think it's time to get back in the game.

    I've acculumated about 50GHz of computing power (and could borg more I suppose), and I folded for another team -- but I've decided that I spend more time here than anywhere else nowadays, and would love to show where my loyalties lie. :D My score's currently 42283, but I forgot how to switch...
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    Just wanted to give props to the ASUS M3N32-SLI Wireless Edition

    Without a doubt, this is the best damn board I've ever had the pleasure to work with. An insane amount of features, very robust overclocking... Well, Dan's review pretty much sums it up. And unlike the EVGA board I was considering, it's very nicely color-coordinated. :)
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    Alright, I'm being forced to upgrade

    The mobo in my gaming rig just bit the dust, which knocks me out of the Socket 754 club. May my Newcastle rest in peace; she served me well. The issue of whether I'm grabbing an Intel or AMD based system remains a debate, but that's for me to figure I suppose. Anyway, it's a blessing in...
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    The best low-profile PCIe x16 video card?

    So far, the best I've found is a Geforce 7300GS, but I was hoping for something more "midrange" like 7600-ish. Or, an ATI offering, I don't care either way. I've seen ATI x600 SE cards but I bet those are junk compared to the 7300GS. So what's the absolutely best low-profile PCIe x16 card I...
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    My mini-review of Broadvoice VoIP service.

    So I've been stepping into VoIP now and after getting Asterisk up and running for someone else, I decided to see how easy it would be to get my Cisco 7940 to work with VoIP service. So I signed up for Broadvoice to try it out, and since I imaged my phone with the SIP software, all I had to do...
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    PGP Full-disk encryption compatibility issues

    We've started a huge project here -- we're implementing PGP on all of our laptops, about 600 or so which are deployed, and a few hundred more on the way (Our comapny, combined with the others here, have about 19,000 employees) We took 14 laptops and used them as test beds; it seems it doesn't...
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    Organizing your computer parts.

    So I've gone through my inventory of computer parts and I have a lot of components I'm not willing to part with (Mostly server backup parts) -- what's a good, efficient way to store these all? I've considered those 4" yellow stackable bins that I have in my garage which I keep nuts, bolts and...
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    RCA 52" HDTV (D52W23) with a Windows Box

    So I finally got the bright idea to try playing World of Warcraft on my TV -- so I connected it to my smallest gaming rig using a DVI cable. So the display works, but not as I thought it would. Odds are my DVI cable isn't the best quality, cause I notice a very slight amount of distortion...
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    I need advice for a terminal server.

    For my Cisco Lab, I have three routers and three switches -- a 2611 and two 2501 routers, and a Catalyst 2950, 2924XL, and 1924 switch. I only have three available serial ports amongst the computers that are near the Cisco devices, but I have 6 console cables (2 of them have RS-232 plugs, the...
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    Poking around Exchange.

    I've implemented Exchange 2003 (Yes, a legal license! :p) in my house as a learning experience -- and have it set up so my fiancee and I can send each other messages, share each other's calendars, contact, etc. in Outlook 2003. Works great, and finally got some use out of a dual P3-800 server...
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    I have some questions about my HP NetServer...

    Alright, first off -- it's not a desktop system, but rather a NetServer LC2000r (Hey, it's OEM!). Anyone with this server ever use a NetRAID-4M with this? I have channel 0 connected to the hotswap bay (Which seems to be unique to this system, as opposed to their other Netservers). I have...
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    Trouble setting up the NetRAID-4M card.

    All six of my 18GB dirves are on a single channel since that's how the hotswap bay is set up in the NetServer LC2000r... But, documentation for the NetRAID 4m says one cannot make containers out of drives on a shared channel. So how the hell do I initialize these disks? lol Please, someone...
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    Received an interesting toy

    HP NetServer LC2000r with six 18.2GB U2W 10k RPM Seagate drives, and a NetRAID-4m card. My crippled fileserver's got two 120GB WD 7200RPM drives in a RAID-1... So tempting to switch over! What'd ya think guys?
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    Adaptec 5400S RAID card?

    A buddy of mine offered it to me for $50 -- it'd work great in my newly acquired HP NetServer LC2000r since it doesn't have a RAID adapter right now. Is there anything better I can get for that price? It'd be linking six 18GB 10k rpm Seagate U2W drives (Don't have the model number offhand)
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    Thinking of an LTO drive for backup

    I was given a DDS-3 drive (HP SureStore DAT24) but it doesn't hold a whole lot and frankly, it sucks. I'd like to invest in an LTO drive for my server, but eBay has shown some rather disencouraging prices. Would you guys recommend LTO over SDLT? (Seems like the most comparable technology) I...
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    I need an opinion on a SCSI drive.

    Are these drives a good choice? It's just going to be a general workstation boot/program disk; not a whole lot of storage is necessary. I'd be using it with a LSI21320 card.
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    Finally taking the plunge, but wanna play it safe!

    Someone's giving me a Cisco 2611 router since I mentioned I *might* be going for my CCNA, and I was told I can use it for my new apartment once I move in (July 23, woohoo!) I'm not keen on Cisco products. I'm glad I've got a 2611 cause we have a bunch at work and my IT Director appreciates...
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    Removing Active Directory from a network.

    I'm just trying to help out my friend here, but even with all of my dealings with managing a network with Active Directory, I've never completely removed it from a network infrastructure. My friend has to kill a domain controller and relegate a network to use Workgroups. So in other words...
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    Maybe a little tidbit to add to a FAQ?

    For testing port forwarding for your FTP server, or just testing FTP in general: I'm sure most of you knew this already, but thought it might be worth mentioning for everyone else.
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    Blah, I need more cage clips/nuts

    I've looked ALL over. But all I've seen were of the "G"-style but I need them to be like this style: M5 threading perferred.. but at this point I don't mind getting more screws!!
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    Need some help with the Baystack 350F-HD :)

    I saw a post a few months ago on how to reset it to factory settings, but I couldn't find it -- how can I do that without using the comm port?