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    Simple Backup NAS machine

    I'm looking to making a basic NAS for offsite backups. Something simple that I can leave at someone else's house and use it as backup for the NAS I keep at home. (They could also do the same with me and we'd be colo NAS buddies ;)) Anyways, I already have one of the Synology boxes with a few...
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    Mixed Mode CDs (audio+data)

    I'm posting some notes on creating mixed mode CDs since I wasn't easily able to find the information I was looking for and it seemed like most of the old CD burning articles from the web aren't around anymore (15 years is pretty long in internet time). Anyways I had some 74 year old records...
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    Lower profile air cooler on par with H80/Kuhler920?

    I'm building a SFF mini-ITX system and am debating between a Corsair H80/Antec Kuhler 920 or air cooler. I only have room in the case (custom) for a heat sink that is 145mm or shorter in height (board is ASRock Z77E-ITX so width is ~100mm depending on heatsink offsets). For airflow...
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    Ok, so today I try to run the Soldier of Fortune II demo and the executable is missing. No problem go to download installer again however, the for some strange reason the file cannot be saved when it is finished downloading. Strange, out of curiosity I create an empty text file and rename it...
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    This old switch (Linksys DSS x16)

    I have been looking for a 10/100 switch for a home network and I found a (Linksys DSS x16) at a local university surplus place for $10. I am curious if anyone here has had any experience with these (good, bad, ugly)? It is big and heavy with 16 ports as the model name states. I am also...
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    I am looking to get a protoboard for some of my electronics projects that I am currently doing. I was just wondering what other people's experinces were and any info you have on prices and such would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a small to medium size nothing special. This will...