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    I just hit 7 years, could I get added to the club?
    Aloha there, Seen this and wanted to check it out. You guys from Hawaii ?
    Iam from the Big Island now on Oahu. Check me out I do some Computing,
    not a pro yet but have good results. If so maybe you got information on case's
    that people might have laying around. Iam looking for a used, dont have to be intacked
    2000-2001 ? .............Alienware case even if it is missing parts. Seen a picture of one,
    and liked it. All I need is the frame work and the front Bezel withthe name on it.
    I do my own Modding on a couple I had. If you come across one let me know, like to
    have one. Friend had one but junked it, so I lost out. Hesaid they are too ugly, I told him
    I liked it. ( Was to late )
    Email Me @ ......... [email protected] / Handle is ..... LongBike
    Aloha and thanks for a reply.

    I really want to thank you for the reply to my question. I'm going to reply to your post on the forum, because that way the knowledge is shared with everyone, and that is a great thing.

    But, but, most guys only "know what they know," :rolleyes: and can't see another side of a question. They can only answer in a way that reflects what THEY would do for themselves. That's OK, but different people have different goals. But, you have that perspective that allows you to answer with a range of options, according to the other person's goals. Good for you!!! :)

    That's all. I just want to express my appreciation to you.

    I preciate that my man, but 's okay - b'sides, they frown on too much active bumping going on
    One of my buddies on ere actually got warned by Oldie (mod) to stop doing so much of it,
    that they were tracking him and 5-6 others that they called a "circle of bumping conspirators" :p
    I wonder if the FS forum police have my phone bugged too, and them watching all my Twitter-ing Lol
    I was originally xmykel on here. November 2000. Registered back in 2000 when we were still able to use free email accounts, then when the rules changed, I never changed my email account. Lost the account in 04 when going through my divorce and changed my password. Never have been able to figure out what it was.
    zepher, click on the community dropdown, and select 'social groups'
    from there you can get at the 7+ club. You've got an invite pending.
    Old timers club?
    Well I'm been here since before 2001 back when the great crash that wipped the server pre 2001
    Offical count though is 8/2001 after the great server failure.
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