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    Old time gaming machines, who has them and what are they?

    i have a 2 of them.. one version reads most discs, and the other one reads them all. plus who doesnt like captain quazar.
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    Old time gaming machines, who has them and what are they?

    every now and then i get a hankering for some doom, doom2, quake 1 and 2 for pc. one thing i really like about pc, is genereally it does keep backwards compatible for the most part, console wise: mario world and mario 3, mario 64, random mario kart games. get a turn every now and then.
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    Seasonic USA MSRP UPDATE for 2018

    Dont have to pay workers as much, dont have to have all the regulations, dont have to pay insurance, high taxes. there is quite a few reasons why some countries can simply produce stuff at cheaper cost and bring it back to the states cheaper then fully made here.
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    Seasonic USA MSRP UPDATE for 2018

    Yeah. even with power supplies, it could be the supplies that is used to make the thing, that is causing the issue. ie: steel, how about gloves for the workers in the factory, the metal bits used to cut the steel, etc.. all that adds up and causes the price increase itself. the problem with...
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    Smartphone Manufacturers Are Ready to Embrace the Fold-able Phone

    heh... 2 steps forward, one step back?
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    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Opposes EU Article 13 Copyright Legislation

    interesting considering that youtube in the states, treads on, in, and around the fair use rights as is.
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    Employee Criticizes Amazon's Facial Recognition Technology

    only 28? Sounds extremely buggy to me.
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    AMD Addresses 9900k Controversy and Outlines Benchmarking Practices

    Well that would be on an exponentially curved graph. The more bitchy the prom queen is the hotter the sister would look.
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    EVGA B-stock GeForce GTX 970 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 $90 plus shipping

    yeah.. this would have been perfect for me. my r9 390 went out. oh well.. just about jumped on the 1050 ti deal @ 129. hopefully ill run into something for a good price that's in the gtx1060/rx580 range or higher.
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    Biggest Battle Ever in Eve Online Claims Multiple Titans

    sooo kinda like the oasis in ready player one?
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    Microsoft Is Working on Two New Xbox Consoles, One of Which Is Streaming Only

    The one thing that causes the issue in the first place is not solved and wont be for a while, and that is the internet itself. even a simple ping test can show what this is up against. it wont fix matchmaking issues in games that don't give choice of server to play on. Nor will it help mp...
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    Microsoft Is Working on Two New Xbox Consoles, One of Which Is Streaming Only

    not so sure splitting resources like this is a good idea. MS looked like they were getting the xbox brand back on track to being the company they were in the early days of 360. PS4 didn't have a hard time selling compared to xbox, because sony focused on what a game console is suppose to do..
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    World of Warcraft Now Supports DirectX 12

    that to me is the key.. It can be fun when kept a little casual and don't let the time sink drown the fun factor. I also like the story. sure there is a hole or two in it, but overall its a pretty big and arching story line, with lots of little ones.
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    Scott Herkelman Confirms NVIDIA GPP Tactics

    Lol. People have forgotten about kyle and atI quake/quack fiasco. If kyle smells something stinky, he will try to locate the soure of the smell, and shine a light to fix it. I believe at one time or another practically every major manufacture has been mad at hardocp and blacklisted them...
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    Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14

    Basically you could say the initial release of an expansion is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the content the expansion is going to have.