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    Cheapest family plan, unlimited data

    we just signed up with Sprint. got 2 evos and 3 other phones for the kids. 1500 plan with unlimited data and mobile to mobile is $189, minus our 23% discount from work, it turned out to be a good deal over t-mobile.
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    Just ordered T-Mobile g1

    Seems the concensus is fairly positive on this phone, so I ordered one on a new contract. Now I see HardOcp has a mobile phone category(I just noticed it). Any G1 owners here? Whats your experience like?
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    Netbook and cellular card

    Aha! let me investigate that with Verizon. Thanks.
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    Netbook and cellular card

    I don't know enuff about netbooks, and a freind is asking if there is a netbook that can use her Verizon cellular pc card. I looked at some but they don't seem to have the slot needed. Does anyone use this combination?
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    Ordering in the Am 2/13/09

    never mind
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    3 way sli with 260?

    Maybe a stupid question...but can you do the above?
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    Does Far Cry 2 ever get interesting?

    It's off my hard drive and I could'nt be happier. I replaced it with COD 5, not a great game, but at least one that is interesting enuff to play for a while.
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    Does Far Cry 2 ever get interesting?

    I took it off my hard drive. The first hour was fun, then I realized that the rest of the time I had been playing really sucked. Lucky for me a freind let me borrow it while he was out of town. If I had paid money for this, I'd be hugely pissed. Absolutely nothing like the original FarCry.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

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    Blinking on and off

    I've had an Msi 260gtx card for about 2 weeks, and have been very happy with it. Just today I see my Monitor, a Westinghouse 24 inch l2410nm, blinking off and on at variable intervals. Gpuz says my temp is 46 idle, and it's doing it even as I type this. Any ideas?
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    ASUS Lion Square @ [H]

    I agree. Unless you have specific installation requirements, I don't see any reason to not get the price/performance leader, currentl $26.99 AR with free shipping.
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    Asus P5E CPU Cooler

    I have the p5e with a Xigmatek HDT-S1283, tight fit but it works.
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    Vigor Gaming TEC CPU cooler

    Had one when I built a dual core e6600. Cooled it effectively, but fell flat when I hooked up on my quad core. Overall, I did'nt see much difference between that and High end air cooling.
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    Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    just for grins I ordered this today.. When it comes I'll remove my s1283 , mount the orb and see if there's much difference.