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    touch screen keyboard

    3part question: 1. Does a touch screen keyboard for pc exist? something like this concept-- 2. Can an android tablet be used as a pc keyboard? 3. Does predictive text keyboard software exist for pcs?
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    old comp

    I got an old copy collecting dust and I was thinking of using it to hook up to my tv to play videos/netflix etc. The old graphics card on it blew up a while ago and unfortunately its only supports AGP cards. anyone know a cheap agp card that would work for what I want to use the old comp for?.
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    Paying $50 dollars for simple program!

    someone will always do it cheaper :) programming has gotten easier and easier for people to learn
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    mac wifi

    anyone got a good recommendation on a usb Wireless Adapter for mac?
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    Portrait of GF

    1.2 Years hasn't been here long enough maybe because of the tough economic types [H] users are doing better
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    line filter

    I'm looking for some ideas I am using a projector to show an image so I can paint it. But I would like to make the images a bit easier for me to trace. What filters or techniques in photoshop do you think would help me ? i.e. if I wanted to draw fedor' while this looks easier to draw
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    check how many texts you used?

    L164: We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently conducting system maintenance that prevents us from retrieving your account information. Please try to log in again at a later time. opps gotta wait I guess ; 0
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    check how many texts you used?

    its the first of the month so its hard to tell wtf is going on. I am going call them also when I look on my number it doesnt show the texting plan it shows it on my other number and that shows 0/200 so this is confusing
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    check how many texts you used?

    I got an iphone on cingular or att' can you check how many texts you sent? I only got the $5 text plan I forget how many texts that is a month and how many I have done already.
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    image download

    nevermind did it with flash get build gallery
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    image download

    I want to be able to download automated 1,000 pictures from a website. They are simply posted in the format: and say the images go to number 3000 image1001.jpg image1002.jpg etc.. rather then open them all save each how would I do this?
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    wireless keyboard & mouse?

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    wireless keyboard & mouse?

    my parents for xmas got me like 1,000+ desk for my computer, but.... this thing is a pos looks super nice but no way I can fit a regular keyboard and mouse.. I have to get wireless keyboard + mouse;x is wireless keyboard + mouse work ok? my past experiences were like 10 + years ago and it...
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    I guess I am going stick with jalbum @ the moment. If I made the website wordpress I would use nextgen gallerys. But I don't think its worth it remaking the website in wordpress...
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    hmmm lol I am starting to like jalbum more why do people not like when u use iframe, bad for seo? its just images on the gallery(no text) so I don't think it would matter?