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    Going from a S3 to a Nexus5, what will I miss?

    The big changes from Touchwiz? Everything is 1000000000000x better. That's about it. My brother has an S3 and I wanted to gouge my eyes out on the few occasions I've used it.
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    We're talking about the light on the controller here, not the system itself. And I'd assume anyone with a PJ is trying to play in complete darkness, PJs look like absolute shit with any other ambient light present.
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    How serious are you about your projector setup (ambient light isolation and such)? I'm playing on a plasma and the stupid light on the controller is driving me nuts. Covering it with my hand makes a very noticeable difference in light projected onto my TV. I can only imagine how awful it would...
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    Am I missing something by NOT having a home NAS?

    I did the "jam everything in my gaming rig" solution for years and just recently switched to a dedicated NAS/media server/whatever buzz word you want to call it. Why? I wanted 24/7 access to my stuff without having to leave my power hungry gaming rig on (the "server" if you can call it that...
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    Looking for a hard drive

    Get a 128gb SSD and carry over your 6400AAKS for storage. SSD is the biggest/most noticeable computing upgrade since the advent of dual core processors.
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    CAUTION: Newegg Pricing 1TB SSD Above Retail

    CAUTION: Newegg is a business operating in a (semi) capitalistic economy
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping for their sake that they had some kind of catastrophic equipment failure, because otherwise this is downright pathetic at best.
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    i5 3570k $190 with $50 discount on Z77 boards at Microcenter

    When I ordered online it told me my order went through, and at the same time that my credit card info was invalid. I checked my account and there was a successful order for ONLY a motherboard (at full price). Removed the order, hopefully that cancels it? If I get a 150 dollar asrock turd in the...
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    What do you use your tablet for?

    The extent of my G Tablet use is checking IMDB/Facebook when laying in bed watching TV and I'm too lazy to get up to grab my laptop. Even then it's hardly better than using my phone. Unless these new quad core Tegra 3 tablets are boat loads faster I don't see how anyone could use these things...
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    Warm ? 8120 MC combo down another $ $189.99+tax, free 970, $30 990fx boards!

    can the asrock board handle overclocking?
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    Will you every pay full price for a PC game again?

    Of course I'll pay full price. But only for multiplayer games. BF3 for example I would have gladly paid more than 60 for considering the amount I've played and will continue to play. Most SP games I don't even get 5 dollars worth of fun out of. They're more of a chore than anything.
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    BF3 multicore support...suspicion of only up to 3cores..

    Agreed. Single player is worthless. I see 80-85% CPU use often in multiplayer, sometimes in the 90s on Caspian Border.
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    Microcenter - In store Only - Buy a FX6100/4100 and get $50 select MB's

    Is MC still running the 60 off with a 2500K deal?
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    On the Edge of Buying a PS3

    Killzone 2/3 Wipeout HD Little Big Planet
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    Playstation Move Mayhem pack (Liike Doomsday + Killzone3) for $120 at Best Buy

    Anyone play these games with the Move setup? Was mad I missed out on the $50 deal at Sony for the starter kit but that would have cost as much as this after buying the rest of the Move components and KZ3. Is it worth it?