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  • Hey Gorg,

    I would most definitely be interested if they are still available. I really need like 10 or 12 for the office and one for home but I would definitely be interested in what you have available. I'm just trying to stay away from office 365 and its subscription based system so thought I would see if anybody on here knew anything.
    Hi --

    I have a legit, but "not for resale" two computer license for office pro 2013 for 100USD, including backup DVD. This is basically bought through my school account for a nominal sum to the university. At the moment I just have two of these (so 2x2 = 4 computers total), but may be able to get more shortly. I will also list these on ebay at the 'grogtechcave' store if I don't hear from you, so you could get them there as well.

    Sorry, new to selling, hence the few posts, and I can't post in FS/FT yet.

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