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    Golden Shellback Electronics Waterproofing

    It's not that they aren't offering any warranties -- the disclaimer pretty much says they are not responsible for accuracy of their own test. Which I find it to be kinda ironic. Anyway I just thought it was worded somewhat differently than a standard disclaimer that at least says their own...
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    Golden Shellback Electronics Waterproofing

    I like the "Important Notice" at the bottom of their website: Important Notice Northeast Maritime Institute, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in this document. The information is supplied based...
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    Why Blizzard is a threat to ATI/Nvidia's high-end segment and high-end PC gaming

    lol @ "high-end PC gaming" :rolleyes: At the end of the day, all game is, to the 98.5% of the ppl that plays them, is a way to waste time - hopefully in an enjoyable manner. Does it matter if you spend 2hrs playing minesweeper on your 386sx, or you spend 2hrs being all "l33t" fragging away...
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    Blizzard still has one more game up sleeve

    Whatever it is, it's gotta be a pretty long-term project, as there's plenty of life left in WoW, and Bliz certainly don't want to take interest away from the games that they have announced. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be World of Lost Vikingcraft
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    Blizzard updates WC3:FT Patch 1.22

    I dunno I always had trouble with knights -- mostly with NE. Probably cuz if you let human live that long to get knights, it's usually GG for NE anyway... lol And Pally against UD... it's pretty rediculous... Which is why the nerf to tower is gonna hurt human -- I've lost many games...
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    Blizzard updates WC3:FT Patch 1.22

    heheh Orc doesn't need any updates -- blizz is altering all other classes AROUND the orc! I'm primarily an NE/UD player, dryad nerf kinda sucks. The nerf to scout tower is gonna hurt, but I don't know why they are beefing up knights to give them more dmg... cheers, yass
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    am i obsessing too much about plasma over lcd?

    I've had a samsung 42" 720p plasma since around this time in 2004(one of their first "long-life" plasma panels. I use it daily (anywhere from 4-8hrs). Most of the times for TV/video and very occasionally computer/game use. Countless sport programmes were viewed on this panel with many friends...
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    Playing the waiting game

    I'm also playing the waiting game too... I'm looking to build a moderately powerful machine arnd Q4 time frame. I'm looking to spend about $250 max on a graphics card as I think that's arnd the sweet spot in terms of price/performance. I also prefer a single card solution for heat/noise/power...
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    See-through Glass Keyboard

    perfect keyboard for our alien overlords with flat fingertips and haven't yet mastered the art of typing with more than 1 finger. but seriously, that looks painful to type on... lol yass
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    New [H] exclusive PC - from Velocity!

    And they do charge accordingly for it I think. :) yass
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    New [H] exclusive PC - from Velocity!

    I hope that most readers here knows the difference between a company like VM, who *assembles* the components for you, vs. TigerDirect or Newegg, who more or less just sell the parts. I would not be so presumptuous to assume that everyone who visits the [H] will only consider buying parts...
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    Icahn's Questions Attack Yahoo

    While I think them Yahooligans need to get their collective heads out of the ground, you have to remember that Carl Icahn isn't exactly the type who goes around "rescuing" companies... He made his fortune as a corp raider suckling on Mike Milken's junk (err, I mean, 'lol high-yield' ) bond...
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    New [H] exclusive PC - from Velocity!

    I think the system prices are reasonable, considering you get a built system and a warranty... I wouldn't get the HD or the graphics options thou -- those prices seems a bit high... A lot of ppl don't want to assemble a system from SCRATCH, but are perfectly happy with plugging in an extra...
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    Anyone disappointed with Xbox 360?

    The type of games that I really like on PC are RTS-ish kinda games (warcraft/starcraft AOE)... nothing like that exists on the console I guess -- probably cuz of the controller issue. However I'm truly hoping that xbox360 will have keyboard/mouse accesories... There was this vicious rumor...
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    Anyone disappointed with Xbox 360?

    I'm excited for it. I'm pretty sure I'll pick up one when it launches... It'll look awesome on my 42" HD-Plasma. :D If you don't like the game, don't buy it, simple as that. Will I mod it? Probably not, that sorta defeats my purpose of wanting a plug-n-play minimum hassle game machine...