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    Looking for a CMTS router.

    I have a friend who has been a fan of casa. They do have some smaller units.
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    Post Your Speedtest 2015 Using Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Managed to beat my last one.
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    Juniper switch for home use?

    The EX2200 will do static routing without a license, it's just dynamic routing (OSPF) and other advanced features that requires a license.
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    terminating fiber

    I've watched our field techs terminate fiber. I wouldn't say it's hard but I would suggest getting at least some training first if you really want to do it yourself.
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    48 port gigabit/8 port POE switch

    Juniper's EX3200 and EX4200 non-POE versions do include 8 PoE ports.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Nope that was from my house. CFU 1G/500M service. Mind you I work for them and have been testing from home. Also used a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite when I ran that test so it was behind a router and through NAT. I don't like it's interface much so I went back to my Soekris and OpenBSD for now. Also...
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    Router for gigabit WAN (Not NAT)

    I don't know if Juniper is out of the question, but the MX5 (license restricted MX80) might work. Includes 20 1G SFP port MIC and full scale L3 license. That said still going to be 10-20k.
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    Shoretel VOIP vs Digium vs DIY

    Anyone looked at Cudatel? It's based on freeswitch which was started by a developer that didn't like the asterisk development at the time (years ago) and started his own project. Barracuda hired the guy and made a product around the software.
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    Should 10gbe sfp+ 850nm be able to interface with 1gbe sfp 850nm?

    Like Nicklebon said Optical must match specs on both ends. While the two sides can talk auto-negotiation protocols, they can't run at different speeds or duplexes. You need to get a second matching optic of the type you want to use.
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    Cox ISP: Gateway changes when removing router

    They used a netblock from a different parent allocation to expand space in the DHCP pool. Nothing odd at all about it. A DHCP pool doesn't have to be contiguous.
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    weird patch panel punchdown question

    It's not 2 per port, the top is odd port and bottom is even port, at least that's how it's labeled. The punch down side is much wider then a single port, so it goes two for two. This is normal for the patch panels I've used.