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    "Aquaman" Will Cross $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

    It is well deserved. Aquaman is, by far, the best DC movie created since Wonder Woman and it's definitely better than that.
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    You have to realize this man is coming from an emotional reaction to the article. I wouldn't really expect a whole lot of logic from some of the people posting here because they have a strong emotional response to this subject for some reason or the other. *shrug* We all obviously would like a...
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    Killer Instinct

    They released a patch today that fixes that > 60hz issue among other things.
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    Killer Instinct

    I co-sign everything that Domingo has said. He is right on the money about this game. I have been playing this since Dec 2013 back in the season 1 days. This game has advanced to actually be viable competitively. It really is underrated and should garner more interest in the major tournaments...
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    Netflix Releases Sneak Peek At New Voltron Series

    There was already a redo of this series a couple of years ago called Voltron Force. Wasn't too bad as far as kids cartoons go...
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    VR: The Time For Tech Demos Is Over

    Introducing the Games Coming to Oculus!
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    An Inside Look At YouTube’s Subscription Service

    I'd rather pay $15/year just to remove the ads. Fuck all that extra nonsense. I have been wishing for this for some time. But it didn't turn out the way I hoped. Oh well. Ad Block it is.
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    Microsoft Looking Into Windows 10 DVD Player App Problems

    You don't have to pay. Like always, you can utilize other options. Some people have already posted about such things before your post, haha.
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    Facebook Working On A Dislike Button

    Giving AK47's to monkey's... what could possibly go wrong?
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    Ashley Madison Insists It’s Not a Scam

    I call bullshit on that number of new signups being real women....
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    Official LawBreakers Announcement Trailer

    Yea, the premise is what got me interested in this game. I'm excited to see what gameplay they show on Friday. I dunno if you can read what you type. But sure give us more insight into a game that you never played before. /sarcasm
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    Edit: I agree with MrPotate
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    I'm not sure you know the difference between sports and gaming. But I agree. ESPN should stick to the traditional physical sports coverage.
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    Windows 10 Latest Preview Build Release Notes Leaked

    Does anyone have information on how the free upgrade works in the following situation: I use my Windows 8 machine to upgrade. I then change a significant amount of hardware and want to re-install windows after that first year. Since I don't have an actual windows 10 key, how would I upgrade?
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    Leaked Intel i7-6700K Benchmarks?

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm chilling right now!