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  • Oh damn, I'm sorry I didn't respond to this sooner. I just noticed today that I had a PM. First, you have to order a bracket that Silverstone makes to attach to the radiator. Just goole "radsupport09" and you'll find it. It's around 10 bucks. The radsupport 09 will have instructions on how to remove the old fans on the top. Then I attached the two fans in a push configuration. I'm using Gelid fans from newegg, and they come with rubber attachments that I used instead of screws. It was a pain to get them attached, but they do help some in making the fans more quiet. Hope this helps and again, sorry about not getting back.

    I noticed you have a TJ-09 with a CoolIT C240. I have a TJ09 and I'm considering the C240. How did you end up mounting it in the case? Did you need to do anything special?
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