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    2 x SSD SAS drives in homePC

    You can pick up an IBM M1015 or Dell H200/H310 for $30-40 on ebay and flash it to regular LSI HBA - there are plenty of guides online on how to do this. Combine that with an SFF-8087 to SFF-8482 (should be SAS connectors) breakout cable and you should be golden.
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    2x M1015 controllers in same computer

    I've run 2x m1015s previously, and currently running 1x m1015 and 1x onboard HBA -- no issues with either setup.
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    Looking at network attached storage for about $1000-1200

    I would be hesitant to implement Raid0 on a NAS, especially given your flagging of data integrity as important. As far as bang/buck goes, 4-8tb drives are probably the sweet spot right now. What do you need the NAS to do? Just hold the data, or other functions as well? Want to build your own...
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    Fans for IBM M1015 and HP SAS Expander

    I've been running my m1015 without a dedicated fan for ~18mo now without issue. NAS case definitely gets a bit warm, especially when all my drives are spinning, but no untimely death yet. Guess I'll need to keep an eye on temps to see if that area of the case needs better airflow.
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    ZOTAC GTX 1080 Mini $469.99 on newegg

    I was tempted to buy this, but I have a freesync monitor and no real need. Seems like very good price, particularly given form factor.
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    Intel P3608 1.6TB vs. Amfeltec 4x 1TB 960 Pro

    Nice. I looked into the Amfeltec card, but never bit. Did you buy direct? Mind disclosing what you paid? Thanks. :)
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    You enjoy your moral high ground, I'll enjoy my $20 SSDs. The match was within the parameters of the card's price match program to the letter. All but 3 of my price matches have been approved at this point. :)
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    I ordered a bunch of these through Newegg that night, as well... my Citi price rewind requests starting to trickle in. Will post another update once they're all through. :)
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    Verizon unlimited plan (from way back)

    I think they did away with incentives to switch away. They used to offer the Maxx plans, but no longer available. There is a general promotion going on for an extra 2gb/mo with certain plans (I believe 8gb and up), but I'm not aware of any unlimited-specific promotions these days. If you give...
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    New HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, LFC, VA panel = $343 shipped

    If any [H] NYC folks missed out on this deal and want to buy one at cost, shoot me a PM in the next 12hrs or so. I picked up a couple from Costco that I'm going to send back (since I subsequently purchased from HP)... just as easy to pass along the savings.
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    New HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, LFC, VA panel = $343 shipped

    Wowza... If you qualify for PerksatWork (3rd party EPP-type program thru your employer email), they are currently offering 20x WOWPoints psuedo-cashback for If you have 5 star status from using the program, this bumps up to 30x, which is ~30% cashback, depending on how you value the...
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    [BestBuy@eBay] GTX 1080 FE - $449

    I didn't get any cards, but I got 7x $20 ebay GCs for my effort. Not the worst outcome. I also got an email that my order for instore pickup was ready today, but not sure I want to waste the time to go try to fight for a 1080 this late in the game. The pickup store already turned me down for a...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    me too!:)
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    If you qualify for Samsung EPP, you can get 10% off thru that and stack with the 10% new customer coupon. For me, Samsung charges tax (whereas Newegg does not), so net was ~12% discount instead of 20%, but still pretty hot for a brand new drive. It should come with the Watchdogs 2 code, but my...
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    New HP Omen 32" QHD Monitor - 2560x1440, 5ms, 75Hz freesync, LFC, VA panel = $343 shipped

    Quick delivery from Costco - ordered Friday, showed up today. Since the first one isn't for me, I may not be in a position to set up until this weekend. :oops: