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    floating point operations per cycle

    I already talked about single-cycle multiply-accumulate. Read the whole post next time. It's an operation mostly used by GPUs, but you can find some simulation that can use it as well - but I wouldn't automatically assume it's necessary for a server. Hence why I said single flop/cycle per...
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    Animal Crossing New Horizons PC Playable Via Yuzu Switch Emulator; Here’s How To

    I just don't care about Switch emulation. None of the exclusives are at all exciting! And as for it being an on-the-go Steam Port player, I can already play Steam games on-the-go with Steamlink on my phone. The only person I know who might be interested in this is The Wife, but she hates...
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    How to override software to get win10 to sleep?

    Did you try my suggestion yet? I'm not kidding when I said I will put the system to sleep even while gaming. I just played a game on Steam, left the audio on, and walked away for ten minutes. when I came back, the computer was Asleep, with no visible video, and no audible sound, and no lit...
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    Tearing when using Gsync on freesync monitor

    If you're running a 60hz Freesync monitor, it desn't have enough Freesuync Range to be usable under Gsync Compatible. If you're that bothered by the tearing, might I suggest that you turn on FastSync? It's lower input lag than Vsync, and will produce the same smooth output as if you were...
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    Intel Gen12 Xe GPU Could Match AMD's Vega-based GPUs

    I'm not surprised. AMD knew Tiger Lake was coming later this year, so they customised that Vega APU to be around 50% faster than Ice Lake. It wouldn't surprise me if 96 units / 64 units = 1.5x speedup. More importunately, there's nothing Intel can dio about those 4 missing CPU cores...
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    DRAM is stuck in a 10nm trap

    Right, and it's harder to shrink a capacitor (and still maintain any charge longevity). You also can't 3d-stack the silicon structure like flash. They're already running the largest wafers feasible. There's just no easy way to make DRAM any cheaper - they neeed to come up with a new method of...
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    How to override software to get win10 to sleep?

    In dunno man, I've had Windows 10 turn on a screensaver during a fullscreen game on my HTPC (It's an OLED TV, so I use black screensaver.) All I have to do is put down the controls to use the bathroom, and screen goes black (and game is no-longer fullscreen). As long as you have inactive...
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    WD quietly starts putting SMR in consumer Red drives

    I experienced this with my latest USB 2.5" 2TB drive from WD. Write speeds were under half what the previous drive could handle, but I put up with it because it's used for cold storage. I'm going to be pretty pissed when my always-on media drives have to be replaced, and we're back to the days...
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    Patch Tuesday is tomorrow. Get your system locked down.

    Upgraded all three home pcs last night, no issues. And as-is typical, my company will delay it rollout until tomorrow (for validation)
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    Like I said, I havn't played it. I'm just assuming they're ripping off Titanfall just like everyone else.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    After the success of Titanfall/Apex Legends, everything has to copy it. That includes Borderlands 3 (functional duck and slide, plus a dedicated climb). Jedi: Fallen Order is just TitanFall 2, mechless, in third-person (but that's to be expected, as they are both EA properties). I haven't...
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    How to override software to get win10 to sleep?

    Settings->Power and Sleep->Computer goes to sleep aftter X hours. This is the default functionality with a fresh install of Win 10 (I know, because I got tired of it asking for a login every time the computer went to sleep, and turned that off.
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    DRAM is stuck in a 10nm trap

    SRAM? I think even at 6T, it's going to be a density decrease. Even at 7nm process node, we're only fitting 32MB on the Chiplet. AMD's Chiplet is the same size as this 1GB DDR5 chip from Hynix: Even assuming the...
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    Western Digital Unveils WD Blue SN550 M.2 NVMe SSD

    Yeah, it's definitely my recommened 500gb drive. (still waiting to buy my first, but havn't runn out of storage yet.) The new 1TB drive is also nicely priced.
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    i7 4770K/ 4790K Owners what Ryzen did you upgrade to?

    Yeah, if you have Haswell overclocked to 4.4 ghz, then you're not going to see much single-threaded performance improvement going 3800X (they turbo to the exact same speeds.). At best, Zen 2 is 10% better than Haswell per-clock. Because I use emulators a lot, I'm waiting for Zen 3 to upgrade...